These Web sites will show you a variety of different building styles and types.  The entire team should look through them.

This is a great place for a guided tour of house types from prehistoric to modern.

For a breakdown of different architectural periods in history.

For an overview on styles of homes used in America since the late 17th century try this site by an architect.

Restoring and preserving old buildings is the specialty of these non-profit groups.

    American Landmarks        

    The Preservation Group of Boston

    The National Trust for Historic Preservation

    The Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities

          Some ideas of the different kinds of houses

        The Oatlands in Virginia is in the Greek Revival style.

        The Molly Brown house is an example of a Victorian home.

        The Allen House in New York is an example with Dutch influence. It is also known as Bacon's Castle.

        Frank Lloyd Wright designed many different styles. He was one of the most influential architects of all time.

        Old Sturbridge Village was built by the Quakers.

        Plymouth Plantation was an English settlement built in 1627. Notice how it was spelled back then.

The following areas are places to research specific parts of houses.

        The roof   

            Roof types and materials for houses throughout history.


         Bricks and brick styles

Great pictures and explanations of many of the brick styles are found on this site about 

    old Canterbury, England



There are several places to view types of chimneys. These are by a chimney manufacturer. Take note of the name of the company and why it is important.

        The history of chimneys on houses Take note of the name of this company and see if you can find 

                out  its importance.

        More on the history of the chimney with pictures

        Here are several different styles of chimneys

        This is a 'beehive oven' made of brick

       Windows and  Doors

        Types of windows and how they are arranged on different building styles.

        Different styles and when they are used.


        Exterior materials and uses.

        Paints and sidings

    Miscellaneous stuff

       How about a history on Plumbing fixtures

       The Old House Chronicle is an online magazine with links to many more great sites.


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