Advertisement Requirements

Now that your team has developed a product, its name, its package, and a slogan or jingle, it is time to put together an advertisement.  This is what you will be presenting to the Chocolate Executives at your final meeting with them.  Of course, each of your team members has completed all of their job requirements already, so it is just a matter of getting creative, and putting it all together.  The final presentation rubric will let you know what is expected of your team at the final meeting. 

Before you get started, your team should:

  1. Read through the advertising information page. 
  2. Decide whether to do a TV or Print advertisement.
  3. Look at some sample advertisements.  There are magazines and newspapers, as well as a videotape of TV advertisements available in your classroom.
  4. Give everyone on the team a job or jobs to complete.

Here is a checklist to keep you focused as you create your product advertisement for television or print.  Print it out, and include it in the final notebook.

Does your advertisement... Yes No
include your chocolate product, in its package?    
name the product?    
give a description of the product?    
tell the price of the product?    
include your slogan or jingle?    
let customers know where to buy the product?    
look attractive, neat, and organized?