Slogan and Jingle Development

You have been assigned the very important task of creating a slogan or jingle to advertise your new chocolate product.  Think about the songs and slogans you hear everyday on radio and TV commercials.  Also look at billboards and print advertisements in newspapers and magazines.  You will be creating something very similar!  Your slogan or jingle needs to name and describe the product.  It should also encourage people to buy the product.  In addition, try to make your slogan or jingle very "catchy", which means that people remember and repeat it often.  Finally, be sure to make it look good to people of many ages and interests.  Good luck, and get to work!

Take a look at some of the magazine and newspaper ads on display in the classroom.  Also, pay attention to TV and radio ads.  They might help you to get started.

Check out these websites for some additional ideas:
U.S. Patent Office, Activity #9
, 123 Slogans, Inc.  and  The History of Slogans.

Use this checklist below to make sure you have met all of the requirements of the picky chocolate executives.  Print out and complete the checklist, then give it to your Project Manager.

Did You Remember To ...



Include the name of  your chocolate product?    
Describe the type of product?    
Persuade or encourage people to buy your product?    
Make your slogan or jingle very catchy?    
Create a slogan or jingle that appeals to many different people?    

If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, you are just about finished.  Make sure that you share your slogan or jingle with your group members, so that they can share their ideas and opinions.  Remember, this is a team effort.