Project Manager

You have been assigned to the job of Project Manager.  It is your duty to make sure that the project goes smoothly, and that your team has met all of the requirements.  You will keep a project notebook, with all necessary paperwork included, and this will be turned in to the chocolate executives on the day of your presentation.  The Project Manager is the link between your team and the Head Executive (the teacher).  If any team member has problems with his or her task, needs help finding information, or is not doing his or her task, the Project Manager is expected to meet with the Head Executive.  In order to do this job, you must stay organized, and assist your team members as needed.  

Here is a checklist to help you stay focused on your job.  Print it out, complete it, and place it in the notebook.

Did You Remember To... Yes No
Print out a copy of the final presentation rubric?    
Label your team notebook with your product name and the names of all group members?    
Meet with team members daily to make sure they are making progress on the requirements of their task?    
Assist team members as needed?    
Collect all completed  checklists from team members, and place them in the notebook?    
Complete the final presentation rubric with your team, and include it in the notebook?    
Organize the notebook in the appropriate order?    
Schedule your team's meeting with the Chocolate Executives?    

You have a very important task, and by staying organized, you will do fine.  If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, your team should be ready to face the chocolate executives.