Print Ad

 Print Advertising is a paid message in newspapers, magazines, the Yellow Pages or outdoors.   Remember, an ad campaign is just one part of selling your product. Examples are listed below:

Newspapers are a cheap way to reach a large audience every day.  However, newspapers carry many product ads, so there is a risk that your ad can get lost in the clutter.

Magazines offer a better opportunity to catch a reader's attention than newspapers do, but these ads cost more.  Because different people choose different magazines, this is one way a way to reach a specific type of consumer, such as a chocolate lover.

Yellow Page advertising isn’t cheap, but it finds the consumer who is ready to buy.  Remember, the yellow pages group products and services together, so you will be listed with your competitors.

Outdoor advertising, such as a billboard, can immediately show the consumer your product.  The cost is low if you think about how many consumers will see it.  But outdoor ads are best used with at least one other form of advertising.

Print Ad Checklist