Package Designer

It is your job to design a package for your new chocolate product.  The package should be eye-catching to the customers, so that they will want to buy your product.  It should also include the name of your product, and a picture or description as well.  The package should be just the right size for your product...not too big, but not too small!  Remember, you need to design something that will appeal to customers of all ages and interests.  Get busy! 

Take a look at some of the chocolate products your teacher has on display in the classroom.  They may help you to get started.

Look at some of these chocolate websites, which can also give you ideas about packaging.  
Hershey's Chocolate
, Designer Chocolates, or The Chicago Chocolate Company

Follow this checklist, so that you are sure to include everything that is expected by the chocolate panel.  Print out and complete the checklist, and give it to your Project Manager for the folder.

Did You Remember To... Yes No
Design an eye-catching package?    
Include the name of your product?    
Place a picture or description on the package?    
Make the package just the right size?    
Create a design that will appeal to many different people?