A Chocolate Emergency!

This Just in.....     Big News Release...     XYZ Chocolate Company's Sales Drop...     Experts Needed...     Chocolate Emergency...     Sweet Rewards for Those Who Help...    Help is Needed...     Chocolate Emergency...     Hot Off The Press...     Big News...     Experts Needed !

Help!  The XYZ Chocolate Company is in big trouble!  Their chocolate sales have dropped and they are looking for chocolate experts.  Your immediate help is needed to save the company!

The Quest
You and a team of expert researchers have been selected to find out some information about the problem.  XYZ must find out the types of chocolate products their customers want, what chocolate products are selling for the competitors, and how XYZ can boost their sales to save the company! 
After these questions are answered, your team of experts will be challenged to develop, market and present a new chocolate product to the XYZ Chocolate Executives.  Are you up to the challenge?

The Process

  1. To organize your notes and data collection, begin a group folder.  Print out this form and use it as a checklist for all activities.  Print one copy of the webquest rubric to use later!  

  2. Discover how chocolate is made, beginning with the cocoa bean!  Take a virtual tour of a chocolate factory.  As a group, test your chocolate knowledge!

  1. Each group member must conduct a survey to determine chocolate choices of the public.  As a group, count and graph the final group results.  

  1. To assist you in creating your own chocolate product, take notes on other chocolate products & prices located in your own classroom!  Print this sheet.  Review grocery store prices here! 

  1. Choose and test a variety of chocolate recipes.  Decide on additions or changes to make and develop a new chocolate product. Look here for some great recipes!

  1. Now that you have an idea of what your product might look like, assign each person an expert role to develop the idea!

Package Designer

Slogan & Jingle Development


Project Manager 

  1. Present your final product to the chocolate executives.  Choose from the following types of advertisements!  



Teacher Page
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Teacher Lesson Page.

For the final group rubric, please go to the
evaluation page.  

Let's wrap it up with some final thoughts, extension activities and additional resources for chocolate. 
Look here! 

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