Extension Activities      

Take a trip to a local chocolate factory to see and smell the making of chocolate! If this cannot be completed, have students generate a business-style letter or e-mail to a chocolate company representative.  Have them ask at least one question generated from the webquest.  Another alternative-invite someone into the classroom!    

Research the origins & history of the cocoa bean, the founders of chocolate, or how advertising and packaging of chocolate has changed over the years.

Conduct several science experiments by observing the properties of chocolate. Use white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate to observe the weight, shape, texture, and melting points (temp) of each.  Incorporate a health lesson by looking at product nutrition labels.
Host a "Celebrate Chocolate Night" for other classes or students' families.  Showcase student work and have samples of student-created products available.
Create and showcase poems, journal entries, and songs that reflect the experiences of the webquest.  If possible, take photos of students completing their activities.  Post them beside the final products.