You have been given the important task of preparing your team's chocolate product.  After deciding on a product, you must actually create it.  You will be expected to create a product that tastes good and  looks good.  Also, you need to provide a list of ingredients, as well as a typed recipe and instructions for making your product.  You should make the product, and have your group "taste-test" it.  Based on their opinions and ideas, you may need to revise the original recipe.  Happy baking!

Look through the cookbooks on display in the classroom.  You may get ideas about ingredients and recipes from these books.

Check out these chocolate cooking websites for even more ideas, which you can use for your product.  Recipe Page

Look around at the grocery store or bakery for ideas about making your product look and taste good! 

The checklist below will help you to stay on track. Print out and complete the checklist.  When you have completed the steps, give it to your Project Manager for the folder.

Did You Remember To.... Yes No
Make the product?    
Create a product that tastes good?    
Make the product look good?    
Have your group "taste-test" the product?    
Include a typed list of ingredients, a recipe, and instructions?    

If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, you've done your job well.  If not, go back and complete any steps that you might have missed.  Your team members can give you their ideas and opinions too, which will help you to complete your job.