¡Viva España!

A WebQuest for Spanish II students

Created by:

Sherry Bradley & Kim-Kathie Knudsen

Hershey M.S. Palmyra Area H.S.


While walking along the street on Saturday, you and your three friends look down and see a black wallet lying in the gutter. After opening the wallet, you see that it belongs to the famous Spaniard Antonio Banderas! A phone call to Antonio reveals that he is ecstatic that you found his wallet and is offering you and your friends a huge reward. The reward is based on one condition! 


Antonio Banderas has given you and your three friends a trip to Spain to be taken two months from today. As a group, you will be given $8000 US. Your stay will be a minimum of 6 days, and you can stay a maximum of one month. During your trip, you will have to visit at least 3 cities and stay in each one for 2 nights. Given this information, how long could you and your group stay in beautiful Spain?

Your journey will begin in either of the two largest cities in Spain: Madrid and Barcelona. From there, you will be visiting other cities, including Sevilla, Salamanca, Leon, Granada, Toledo, and Valencia. After completing daily travel logs of your journey, your group will create a final presentation to be shared with the class.




Travel Agent Arrange airfare and transportation; check weather; create a packing list; book hotels
Culinary Expert Research typical dishes and customs of a specific area; plan and budget where and when your group eats; prepare a sample of a Spanish dish
Activity Coordinator Plan trips to museums, cultural events, athletic competitions, and musical performances.
Trip Manager Organize and manage the trip; buy souvenirs; handle crisis situations

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You will begin your journey in either Barcelona or Madrid. From there, you will choose to go to: Granada, Leon, Salamanca, Sevilla, Toledo, or Valencia.

General resources.


Introduction| Task| Process | Resources | Evaluation| Conclusion


Your group will be evaluated three ways on the WebQuest:

1. Each person will individually write a daily Travel Journal. The journal will contain a daily record of the trip (in past tense Spanish), how much was spent in one day, and a reflection on how the trip is going so far.

2. Your whole group will create an itinerary. The itinerary will include an outline of the trip, including activities, time, hotels, and travel allowances. There should also be a daily total of money spent. All group members will contribute equally to the itinerary.

3. The final product will be a group presentation. The presentation can either be created in a travel handbook or a Power Point presentation. The presentation, conducted in Spanish, will be a summary of your travel journey.

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How long have you stayed in Spain? During your journey, you have hopefully seen famous museums, attended Spanish sporting events, dined in fine restaurants, and experienced the joys of the metro. You have also learned to budget money, exchange currency, and plan an itinerary. With your new-found experience, you are certainly ready for a real trip to Spain! ¡Viva España!

Introduction | Task | Process | Resources | Evaluation | Conclusion