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Do you like to read stories? Write stories? Draw pictures? Work together with friends? Use the computer? Would you like to use the Internet? Then you will have a fun year doing all those things in Second Grade!

This year your class will be presenting a special gift to the library for all the children in school to read. The class will be working in groups to write, illustrate, edit and publish a book.

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This will be done in three parts

Learn to use the net:

After exploring Web Tips for Children to become familiar with the Internet, you will visit some author/illustrator home pages.



Write, illustrate, and edit a STORY:



Working as partners, you will visit writing workshop sites and decide on a story form to write a story (shared writing).

WRITERS: As you pretend to be writers, you will write, draft, edit and revise your story.

ILLUSTRATOR: As you pretend to be illustrators, you will decide what pictures will be made for the story. You may draw with crayons, colored pencils, markers, or you may use KidsPix or another program you know

PUBLISHERS: As you pretend to be publishers, you are responsible for the final form of the STORY for others to read and enjoy. Older students and/or adults will help with this part of the project


Learn how to "publish" a book:

Students will return to their groups and with the help of older students and/or parents will layout, edit, and publish the book.

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Easy Web sites to teach children:

Author web sites

Arthur homepage

Judy Blume homepage

Joan Holub

Dav Pilkey

;Hans Wilhelm

Chris Van Allsburg

Writing Web sites

Arthur homepage




Writers and Editors Web Sites

Arthur homepage




Illustrators Web Sites

Joan Holub Dav Pilkey

Eric Carle

Publishers Web Site



Spellings Aides such as Words We Use When We Write, and classroom dictionaries.

How a Book is Published by Aliki

Eric Carle books

Hans Wilhelm books

Dav Pilkey books

Chris Van Allsburg books

Various classroom books Arthur books

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1. First you will explore

Easy Web Sites to Teach Children:

  1. Second you will visit at least three author/illustrator web sites to read what they have to say about writing, illustrating and publishing books.
  2. Arthur homepage

    Judy Blume homepage

    Joan Holub

    Dav Pilkey

    Chris Van Allsburg

    Hans Wilhelm


  3. Next you will visit the following web sites and decide together which story map you want to use
  4. Kid-space

    This site has stories written by second graders. Read at least four.

    Arthur homepage

    This site has Arthur and his friends. You will find pictures others have drawn, stories others have written and other fun activities


    Meet a new friend. Go through Toonacat’s door to explore this site. There is another story form here you may use.

  5. You will then brainstorm story ideas, pictures to start the project.


5. You then begin assigned roles: remember you both play the role together.

6. You will present the final story to the class.

7. The last part of the project begins. The layout and format of the story must be planned and then published with help from older students and or/ adults

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These factors will be considered during evaluation:

1. Story Structure:

The title relates to the story.

The story has a beginning, middle and end.

Details are used to develop the characters and events.

2. Spelling

3. Illustrations



Story Structure

Story Structure





Strong title, beginning, middle, and end.

Details. Interesting characters and plot.

Creative and appropriate for story.

Uses spelling aides on own.

The group works effectively.


Story follows a sequence. May need a stronger beginning, middle or end or title.

Sufficient details to develop character and plot.

Simple but appropriate


Uses spelling aides with supervision

Group works effectively 50% of the time.


Story follows a sequence may need a title, a beginning, middle or end.

Need more details.

Not appropriate to story.

Needs much supervision with spelling.

Group rarely works effectively.


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When you have finished this project you will have a beginning knowledge of the Internet. You will have written, illustrated and edited a group story to be presented to the class. You will have worked with older students and/ or adults to finish publishing "The Wonderful Book" project before presenting it to the library

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Time Frame: The introduction to the Internet can be done any time at the beginning of the year, but could take several computer labs. The story would be written later in the year after story structure had been learned and practiced. The last part of the project would have to be done in collaboration with an older fifth grade class or parent volunteers in order to finish the project in May.

Readers: One of the partners will need to be an excellent student reader in order to do this project. Depending on the reading ability of the class parents may have to come in during computer time to help with this project.

Extensions: The more advanced students may want to explore these sites:

Chickadee Net

Fun for Kids

Nikolai’s Web Site

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