INFSY 440 Object Oriented Design
Spring 2004

Project 4

In the information technology environment teams must be able to collaborate to produce quality products for planned costs and on aggressive schedules. The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to work with C++ commands and classes, to develop project management skills, to enhance system analysis and design skills, while collaborating with members of a team.

The roles that govern the team project are as follows:

In addition, each team member is responsible for programming assignments within the project. Each programmer will submit function prototypes with comments and function definitions to the Development Manager who will incorporate then into a working application. Be sure to include your name as part of the comments.

void setScore(double s);
//Precondition: A double is needed as a score or grade.
//Postcondition: The value passed in s is assigned to
//    score.
//    Author: Jane Kochanov

End-Users:  This project will have two distinct parts. The first part of the project requires each team to develop an idea for a programming project which could be completed using C++. During this part of the project, you must put yourself in the role of an end-user requesting a new computer application be developed. You must be able to articulate the system requirements to the development team assigned to the project.

When proposing possible applications for development look for applications which several members of the team might have expertise in. It is not a good idea to pick a project from one person's work for instance since that person is the only member of the team who understands the issues. It is better to look for a project which solves a common problem which everyone will understand. For example, develop an interface for a soda machine or candy machine. Remember, all end-users must be able to provide requirements to the development team.

Establish with the development team what will constitute acceptance of the completed application. A signed memo of acceptance from the end-users must be included with each project.

Development Team:  The second part of the project requires each team to interact with a group of end-users to solicit their system requirements and then develop a working application according to the project schedule agreed to.

Meeting Minutes:  Each team is expected to record meeting minutes documenting the actions and discussions of each face-to-face meeting. The meeting minutes should be distributed by the Planning Manager within 48 hours of the meeting. The meeting minutes should note who attended and who did not. The meeting minutes should also record what was discussed and any actions taken by the group.

Management Update:  Each team is required to schedule one team meeting to update management (me) on the status of their project. Each team should schedule a 10 minute meeting on the evening of March 25th.

Presentations:  Present your team's project to the class. This presentation is part of the assignment and will be included in the team grade. Each team member must participate in this presentation. The project presentation may take no longer than 15 minutes and should:

Be sure to include your team, your individual names and the Project Number as comments in your files. Print out your final files.

Hand in for the team:

  1. a typed algorithm for this problem,
  2. project management schedule,
  3. acceptance agreement signed by end-user team,
  4. the printed copies of your files,
  5. an UML model,
  6. and a diskette containing the data files, .cpp, .h, and .exe files from your project.
DO NOT provide the other files created as part of your project workspace.

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