IST 311 Object-Oriented Design and Software Applications
Fall 2003

Project 3

This project is designed to help you practice graphical user interface (GUI) programming. It is due on Nov. 4, 2003.

Compute Test Average
Design a GUI program to find the weighted average of four test scores. The four test scores and their respective weights are given in the following format:

75 0.20
95 0.35
85 0.15
65 0.30

The user will enter the data and press a Calculate button. The program must display the weighted average for the user.

All methods will require a pre- and postcondition comment.

The prompts and input fields for the test scores and weights should be created as arrays.

Your window must be nicely formatted and use JPanels and the BorderLayout Manager.

Please remember to include the needed comments at the top of your .java file which will identify this assignment. Please refer to Project Format and Grading Policy on the Syllabus regarding programming project expectations for the semester.

//File Name: ??????.java
//INFSY 311.X Fall 2003
//Assignment: Project 3
//Description: Program to determine ...

Hand in:

  1. a typed copy of the algorithm,
  2. the printed copy of your UML Class Diagram,
  3. the printed copy of your working source code,
  4. and a diskette containing the folder holding your .java and .class files from your project.

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