School of Business Administration
MIS 204 Section 002- Introduction to Management Information Systems

Spring 2014 - 3 Credit Hours

Class Meeting Times: Tuesday / Thursday, 1:30 pm - 2:45 pm
Olmsted, Room C-015
Instructor Contact Information: Jane S. Kochanov
  Office: Olmsted E-355, (717) 948-6342
  Office Hours: M, 3:30 - 5:00; T/Th, 11:00 - Noon; and by appointment

Course Description
MIS 204 is an introduction to the use of information systems in business organizations. Well-know companies, such as Wal-Mart and Amazon, have enjoyed phenomenal success in their use of information systems to rewrite traditional business rules. Tomorrow's business leaders are expected to have skills, knowledge, and capabilities to work effectively in business environments that integrate people, business processes, and information systems. The responsibility to exploit existing and emerging information systems expands beyond information systems specialists to encompass all managers in the organization.

Course Objectives
This course is designed for students with little or no knowledge of information systems. Students who do have some experience in this area, however, should find that the course complements that experience. Students will achieve basic information systems literacy, learn how managers are using information systems to compete in the marketplace, and develop skills for applying spreadsheet and database tools to business problems. Upon completion of this course, students should:

Course Prerequisites:   None.

Required Text:
  1. Experiencing MIS 4th Ed., by David M. Kroenke, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2014.
  2. Microsoft Office Excel 2010- Illustrated Brief, by Elizabeth Reding, Thomson Course Technology, 2011
  3. Microsoft Office Access 2010- Illustrated Brief, by Lisa Friedrichsen, Thomson Course Technology, 2011

Software Used in Class:    Microsoft Office 2010.

Software Available for use at Home:    WebApps - the next generation of remote application access. Access software like Office 2013, SolidWorks, or Mathematica from any device from any location (including iPads).

Grading Policy
Evaluation of knowledge and understanding of materials will be by examination, quizzes, skill building homework, a project, and participation in discussion forums on Angel. The following grade distribution will be used to determine course grades:

Assignments Percentage of Grade Letter Grades
Exam I 20% 93 and above = A
Exam II 20% 90 - 92 = A-
Final Exam 20% 87 - 89 = B+
Skill Building Assignments 20% 83 - 86 = B
Discussion Forum 5% 80 - 82 = B-
Semester Project 15% 77 - 79 = C+
    70 - 76 = C
    60 - 69 = D
    Below 60 = F

Grading Spectrum for MIS 204

Your on-time attendance in class is required. Students should read and be prepared to discuss materials assigned from the text for each class.

I will discuss your work and grades with you at any time. Grades will be posted using the Gradebook in Angel as work is completed to allow you to monitor your progress in the course.

All assignments are due at the beginning of class on the assigned date. Points will be deducted from assignments that are not turned in on time.

A hard copy is required for all written assignments unless directly otherwise by the teacher. Assignments should be computer-printed, double-spaced, on 8.5" x 11" paper. The pages should have 1" margins. Your name, course number, date, and e-mail address should be on the first page of every assignment. Do not use report covers or folders.

Your work should be properly referenced and adhere to standards of both academic integrity and proper form. Please use the APA style This style may also be found in a professional journal. Students will be required to submit papers to to perform originality checks. You are encouraged to use the Writing Lab/Learning Center on campus.

Each student should retain a copy of all materials turned into the instructor throughout the semester.

All assignments must be submitted before a final grade will be assigned.

Attendance Policy
Attendance will be taken each class in accordance of University policy. If a student misses class, it is the student's responsibility to find out what work was missed, make up the missed work, and be responsible for any course announcements. Assignments can be found on Angel or by asking a fellow classmate.

Examination Policy
No makeup exams will be given without prior, legitimate excuse and accompanied by documentary evidence.

Classroom Etiquette
Spend quality time in class. Focus on the class not on everything else. Please be considerate of your classmates during our class. Cell phones should not be used during class. It might be tempting to use your computer to finish an assignment, surf the net, check e-mail, or even play a game. This is not appropriate behavior during class.

Class Cancellation
In case of class cancellation due to weather or other conditions, the class will be notified by Angel or via eMail at least two hours before the start of class. Please review the Inclement Weather Policy for detailed information.

Academic Integrity Policy
Academic integrity is the pursuit of scholarly activity free from fraud and deception and is an education objective of this institution. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to: cheating, plagiarizing, fabricating of information or citation, facilitating acts of dishonest by others, having unauthorized possession of examinations, submitting work of another person or work from another class without informing the instructor, or tampering with the academic work of other students. See Penn State's Academic Integrity Policy. Engaging in any of these activities will result in a final grade of "F" for the assignment or exam, the course and possibly dismissal from the Program.

Disability Access Statement
It is Penn State's policy not to discriminate against qualified students with documented disabilities in its educational programs. If you have a disability-related need for modifications in this course, contact the Disability Service Coordinator in the Student Assistance Center (Swatara Building) at 948-6025.

Russell E. Horn Sr. Learning Center Information
General Tutoring Information
The Russell E. Horn Sr. Learning Center website is The Learning Center may have a peer tutor who can assist you in this course. Go to and choose the Specialty Tutor schedule to see what courses are supported. You can request an individual appointment or an appointment for a study group. If your course is not listed, email . The Learning Center will try to find a tutor and to match your schedule, though a tutor is not guaranteed. Drop in to the Learning Center offices, W-117 Olmsted or 106 EAB, or call 948-6475 for additional information.

Writing Support
The Russell E. Horn Sr. Learning Center provides tutoring support for writing assignments in this class in either face-to-face or synchronous online appointments. The writing tutors are experts in improving student writing skills. Do you need to develop your thesis and ideas? Do you need objective feedback during the drafting process or advice on revising completed drafts? Do you have questions about MLA or APA documentation formats? Several tutors also specialize in working with writers who are learning English as a second language. Tutors do not do line-by-line correction; instead they can teach you how to find and correct your writing errors. To make a face-to-face appointment, go to the online scheduling system at To inquire about an online appointment or for other questions, call 948-6475 or drop in to W-117 Olmsted.

Writing handouts are available in the ANGEL group, Writing Resources - Harrisburg Learning Center (use Find a Group in ANGEL to enroll); print copies are available in W-117 Olmsted. For more information, visit the Learning Center's website at

MATH Support:
The Russell E. Horn Sr. Learning Center website is Additional information is provided on the math department's website: