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Joseph Bauman - PhD candidate (ABD) in Spanish Linguistics

Contact: / 814.865.0035 (341 Burrowes Building)

Research interests: Language variation and change, grammaticalization, historical linguistics, the evolution of modal verb constructions

CV: pdf



I was born and raised among the hills, forests, and fields of eastern Pennsylvania. I spent my undergraduate years
at Penn State University and graduated with a BA in Spanish and a BA in Integrative Arts. For several years following
graduation, I apprenticed and worked as a goldsmith and then returned to Penn State as a graduate student. I am currently
a PhD candidate in Spanish Linguistics, and my dissertation research involves the grammaticalization of modal verb
constructions that express obligation in the history of Spanish.



Course syllabi

Linguistics 100 (Foundations of Linguistics): pdf

Spanish 215 (Introduction to Spanish Linguistics): pdf

Spanish 414 (Spanish Phonology): pdf

Spanish 418 (The Evolution of Spanish): pdf

Spanish 440 (Teaching of Romance Languages): pdf


Torres Cacoullos, Rena and Joseph Bauman. (forthcoming, 2013). Preposiciones III: Por, pora, para. Sintaxis histórica de la
lengua española
, parte III: Adverbios, preposiciones y conjunciones, Concepción Company Company (directora).
México: Fondo de Cultura Económica y Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.