THE WORLD AT WAR: 1939-1945


Philip Jenkins





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Gštz Aly, Hitler's Beneficiaries (2008)

Hugh Ambrose, The Pacific (2010)

Anonymous, A Woman In Berlin (2005)

Rick Atkinson, The Day of Battle (2007)

Alan Axelrod, Bradley (2007)

Nicholson Baker, Human Smoke (2008)

John Barber, ed., Life and Death in Besieged Leningrad (2005)

Niall Barr, Pendulum of War (2005)

Dixee Bartholomew-Feis, The OSS and Ho Chi Minh (2006)

Colin Beavan, Operation Jedburgh (2006)

Anthony Beevor, D-Day: The Battle for Normandy (2009)

Chris Bellamy, Absolute War (2007)

Michael Bess, Choices Under Fire (2006)

Richard Bessel, Germany 1945: From War to Peace (2009)

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George J. Billy and Christine M. Billy, Merchant Mariners at War (2008)

Marcus Binney, Secret War Heroes (2005)

Rodric Braithwaite, Moscow 1941 (2006)

Robert S. Burrell, The Ghosts of Iwo Jima (2006)

Dick Camp, Last Man Standing (2009)

Thomas Childers, Soldiers From The Wars Returning  (2009)

Robert Citino, Death of the Wehrmacht (2007)

Lloyd Clark, Anzio (2006)

B. Jack Copeland, Colossus (2006)

Norman Davies, No Simple Victory (2007)

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Robert Dorr and Thomas Jones, Hell Hawks (2008)

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Max Hastings, Winston's War (2010)

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