Philip Jenkins


My most recent book is The Great and Holy War: How World War I Became a Religious Crusade (San Francisco: HarperOne, 2014).


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Publishers Weekly discussed The Great and Holy War as part of a general piece on The Great War and Religion: A Neglected History.

Science Daily did an article on the book’s arguments, under the title Favored by God in warfare? How WWI sowed seeds for future international conflicts.

This story also appeared at
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I did an interview about the book for Australian radio. I'm on at about 18 minutes in.

There was a major article about the book in the
Christian Post.

I did one interview on the book at Religion News Service, and another with Tommy Kidd at the Anxious Bench blog.

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I wrote a column for the On Faith blog, on Was the Great War a Holy War?

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Religion News Service
did an interview with me as part of a major article on “New books examine the battle of beliefs behind the Great War.”

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I have also written a couple of recent blogs and columns about the book’s subject matter. One is at Realclearreligion, another couple at the Anxious Bench.

I continue to post blogs and columns related to religion and the war, on the work of authors like H. G. Wells,
John Buchan, Arthur Machen and George Moore.

This column of mine describes the war’s impact on the making of modern Islam.

On a related theme, the Boston Globe interviewed me about the idea of the fall and restoration of the Islamic Caliphate.

Great and Holy War won a 2015 Award of Merit from Christianity Today.
Elesha Coffman wrote that “This sweeping yet carefully researched book makes sense of a global conflict too often recalled as some intrigue about empires that we Yanks eventually barreled into and won. Jenkins persuasively argues that the Great War is better understood as a holy war in which several crusading nations competed to advance their millennial goals. The ensuing collision, and its unfathomable destruction, redrew the global map and reshaped all the major faiths involved.”