American Catholics: Roman Catholicism in Twentieth Century America

Class meets Tuesday 02:30-5:30pm, in 308 Willard


Philip Jenkins                                                                                         407 Weaver Building

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The Course

This course examines the place of Catholics and Catholicism in the making of modern America, its politics, society and culture.

Throughout the twentieth century, the Roman Catholic church was by far the largest single religious institution in the United States, affecting the lives of tens of millions of Americans at any given point. The story of Catholicism is integral to our understanding of such major themes in American life as ethnicity, immigration, urban history, race relations, and social welfare; social activism, labor movements, and civil rights campaigns; matters of sexuality, and shifting gender roles. Civil disobedience and anti-war activism have often been founded in Catholic ideas. Frequently, too, the church has been deeply involved in national and regional politics, and both Catholic loyalties and anti-Catholic sentiment have often shaped party allegiances. In fact, it is impossible to understand these themes without paying due regard to the religious dimension. Nor can we understand critical moments of the American experience like the New Deal, the McCarthy era, the activism of the 1960s, or the social revolutions of the 1970s. In recent years, Catholic history has been a very lively scholarly field, with major writings on issues like gender and ethnicity.

American writers, artists, and film-makers have been shaped by Catholic perspectives. Major examples include such writers as Flannery O'Connor, Allen Tate, Walker Percy, and J. F. Powers, key directors like Alfred Hitchcock, John Ford, and Francis Ford Coppola. We will also study such major figures of the Catholic tradition as Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton and Fulton J. Sheen. In turn, Catholic attitudes have done much to shape the presentation of popular culture, notably through decades-long debates over the censorship of books and movies.

The importance of this topic is all the greater as the United States becomes ever more diverse ethnically. Within a few decades, a quarter of Americans will claim Latino roots, and many Asian-American immigrants come from strongly Catholic backgrounds. The story of US Catholicism will be opening a whole new chapter.

This seminar encourages students to apply interdisciplinary perspectives on the study of modern Catholic history. Throughout, we will be using popular culture, particularly literary and cinematic representations to understand social, cultural and political developments.

No previous knowledge of Catholic history or indeed any form of religious history is expected.


Course Requirements

The course will take the format of a reading and discussion seminar. I expect that each week, students will come to class having read a common set of chapters. In addition, I will be allotting particular books to people, either as individuals or small groups, so that they can be responsible for leading discussion about those particular issues. Each student should come to class with at least two open-ended questions around which the discussion of the readings should be organized.

Each student will write a major paper on a topic related to problems and controversies raised in the readings. The paper (about 20-25 typed pages, fully referenced) will analyze some issue related to the Roman Catholic Church in twentieth century America, within the very general model outlined above. Social, political, cultural, literary and cinematic topics are all permissible. There are substantial opportunities to make an original contribution to knowledge, so choose a topic in which you can make substantial use of primary sources and particularly popular culture materials. My earnest (and quite realistic) hope is that your written work will be good enough to be submitted to a journal for publication. I will be asking each participant to make a presentation based on the paper to the whole group during April. Each student will have half an hour to present his/her research and the questions raised.

In addition, I want you to write a paper of about 1,200 words on any one recent book within the general scope of the class. FILM reviews would also be quite acceptable.

Regular class attendance and participation are of course expected as a necessary element of the final grade.

In summary, the grade will be derived as follows:

paper                                                                                         - 60%

book review                                                                                - 20%

attendance and participation                                                           - 10%

presentation                                                                                - 10%




Gregory D. Black,  The Catholic Crusade Against the Movies Cambridge University Press 1998.

ISBN: 0521629055 ;

Dorothy Day,  The Long Loneliness: The Autobiography of Dorothy Day Harper San Francisco 1997; ISBN: 0060617519

Kenneth J. Heineman, A Catholic New Deal. Pennsylvania State University Press  1999. 

ISBN: 0271018968

Philip Jenkins, Pedophiles and Priests (Oxford University Press 2001)

ISBN: 0195145976

Mark Stephen Massa, Catholics and American Culture (Crossroad/Herder & Herder 1999).

 ISBN: 0824519558

John T. McGreevy  Parish Boundaries (University of Chicago Press 1998).

ISBN: 0226558746    

Thomas Merton The Seven Storey Mountain (Harvest Books 1999)

ISBN: 0156010860

Charles Morris American Catholic (Vintage Books 1998).

ISBN: 0679742212

Robert Anthony Orsi, Thank You St. Jude (Yale University Press 1998)

ISBN: 0300076592

J. F. Powers, Wheat That Springeth Green (New York Review of Books, 2000).

ISBN: 0940322242




Please note - Morris's American Catholic is a substantial book, and rather than tackling the whole book in one session, we will be reading chapters of this as relevant to particular classes. I will let you have more details of these readings as the course progresses.


1. January 8.

 Why we cannot understand American history without understanding Catholicism: introduction to key issues. An overview of American Catholicism 1900-1960.


2. January 15

The immigrant experience. Catholic education.

DISCUSS Morris's American Catholic, selected chapters


3. January 22

Catholics and national politics 1920-1960. The labor movement. Anti-Communism

DISCUSS Heineman, A Catholic New Deal


4. January 29

The heart of the matter. Parish life.

DISCUSS Orsi, Thank You Saint Jude




5. February 5

The matter of race. Catholics and African-Americans.

DISCUSS McGreevy, Parish Boundaries


6. February 12

Out of the ghetto - the Americanization of the church 1940-1965. The era of suburbanization: "Protestant, Catholic and Jew"..

DISCUSS Massa, Catholics and American Culture




7. February 19

Catholic social activism: pacifism and civil rights.

DISCUSS Dorothy Day, Long Loneliness


8. February 26

Converts and apostates.

DISCUSS Merton, Seven Storey Mountain




9. March 12

The era of Vatican II. The crisis in clergy numbers.

DISCUSS Powers, Wheat That Springeth Green


10. March 19

A Catholic Civil War? Liberals and conservatives. The politics of morality.

DISCUSS Jenkins, Pedophiles and Priests


11. March 26

"Angry Catholic Women": surging feminism




12. April 2

The Anti-Catholic tradition.


13. April 9

Catholics and popular culture. Issues of censorship and social control

DISCUSS Black,  The Catholic Crusade Against the Movies, 1940-1975


14. April 16



15. April 23







The following bibliography makes no attempt at comprehensiveness, but rather just offers some suggestions that you might find useful in your research papers. Please also note that many of these books are highly partisan and/or polemical, and should be used only with care!


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You can find a lot of valuable material in novels and short stories. Some places to start include:

Rudolfo Anaya, Bless Me, Ultima (1972)

Willa Cather, Death Comes For the Archbishop (1927).

John Gregory Dunne, (1977) True Confessions New York: Dutton

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J. F. Powers, Morte D'Urban (New York Review of Books 2000).

Wilfrid Sheed, The Hack (1963).


Plus, of course, many things by authors like Walker Percy, et al.



Just as a general reference, which might be of help in some of your projects, I offer the following very unscientific selection of major films with Catholic themes and prominent clergy characters.


From The “Golden Age” 1930-60

Angels With Dirty Faces                           Bells of Saint Mary’s

Boys Town                                            Fighting Father Dunne

The Fugitive                                           I Confess

Going My Way                                       Keys of the Kingdom

Men of Boys Town                                  The Prisoner

Roaring Twenties                                    Song of Bernadette

Captains Courageous (minor but interesting Catholic element!)


The Later Years, 1960-present

Agnes of God                                         Boys of St. Vincent

The Cardinal                                           Dogma

The Exorcist                                           Godfather III

Household Saints                                    Jeffrey

Monsignor                                             The Pope Must Diet

Priest                                                    Primal Fear

Shoes of the Fisherman                            Sister Mary Explains It All

Stigmata                                                            The Third Miracle

The Verdict

Also minor themes in eg Saturday Night Fever.


If you don’t mind, I’m not even going to MENTION nun films, like The Singing Nun, Sister Act, or anything featuring Elvis.



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