History 546 - Spring 2000


Red Scare or Red Menace?

Communism and Anti-Communism in American life



Class meets Tuesdays 6.30-9.30 in 415 WEAVER


Philip Jenkins                                                                          Office: 407 Weaver Building

Please note: I check my e-mail regularly (obsessively?) and this is an excellent way to get in touch with me if you have a quick question or if you want to make an appointment for a more substantial discussion.


The Course

This course discusses the role of Communism in American life, politics and culture, chiefly in the context of the so-called McCarthy period of the early 1950s, but also emphasizing anti-Communism as a perennial theme which erupted in other periods, like 1919-20 and 1939-41. We will address the historical controversies which have developed in recent years over the reality of the Communist threat: was there really a red menace, or should we rather speak of a baseless "red scare"? Was it all a witch-hunt, or was this one instance where there really were witches?


Texts for Purchase (all are required, all are in paperback)

1. Philip Jenkins The Cold War At Home University of North Carolina Press, 1999. ISBN: 0-8078-4781-X

2. Sherman Labovitz, Being Red in Philadelphia Camino Press, 1997 ISBN: 0940159422

3. Richard Gid Powers, Not Without Honor Yale Univ Press, 1998. ISBN: 0300074700

4. Ellen Schrecker, Many Are the Crimes Princeton Univ Press, 1999 ISBN: 0691048703

5. Sam Tanenhaus, Whittaker Chambers Modern Library 1998. ISBN: 0375751459


Course Requirements

The course will take the format of a reading and discussion seminar. I expect that each week, students will come to class having read a common set of chapters. In addition, I will be allotting particular books to people, either as individuals or small groups, so that they can be responsible for leading discussion about those particular issues. Each student should come to class with at least two open-ended questions around which the discussion of the readings should be organized.

Each student will write a major paper on a topic related to problems and controversies raised in the readings. The paper (about 20-25 typed pages, fully referenced) will analyze some issue related to the basic controversy of "red scare or red menace". Please note that this general area is remarkably underworked, and there are vast opportunities to maker an original contribution to knowledge, so choose a topic in which you can make substantial use of primary sources. I would suggest, though do not require, that your work should apply a local focus, eg to Communism and/or anti-Communist issues in a specific region or community, but it would be perfectly acceptable to address instead some institution or movement in a national rather than a local context (one vastly under-researched topic to which I do want to draw your attention is the Henry Wallace Progressive Party campaign of 1948.) Be aware that Pattee library has a number of excellent archival collections, including the records of both the Steelworkers and Mineworkers unions, and the Joshua Gitt papers. My earnest (and quite realistic) hope is that your written work will be good enough to be submitted to a journal for publication. I will be asking each participant to make a presentation based on your paper to the whole group during April. Each student will have half an hour to present his/her research and the questions raised.

In addition, I want you to write a book review of any work relating to the course topic OTHER THAN those which are required for the course, or one of the books on reserve. You might for example choose any of the books from the bibliography below, so long as it does not fall into one of the prohibited categories (an item from the blacklist, so to speak). Incidentally, works of fiction are quite acceptable in this context, so long as you review them from the point of view of a historian. Your review should describe the content of the work, and discuss it critically as a source for the period in question: imagine that it is a review for one of the flagship journals, like the Journal of American History. Your review should run to about 1200 words.

Regular class attendance and participation are of course expected as a necessary element of the final grade. In summary, the grade will be derived as follows:

paper                                                                                       - 60%

book review                                                                             - 20%

attendance and participation                                                    - 10%

presentation                                                                             - 10%






1. Jan 11.

Introducing the course. The historiography of the red scare/red menace. A witch-hunt?


2. Jan 18.

Communism comes to America; Foster and Browder; The appeal of Communism 1920-1950.

FILM: Seeing Red

*Books to be discussed include:

Fried, Communism in America.

Johanningsmeier, Forging American communism

Ryan, Earl Browder

Schrecker, Many Are the Crimes chapters 1-3

Jenkins The Cold War At Home, chapters 1-2


3. Jan 25.

The Party and the USSR; Spies and Saboteurs.

How to do research in this area: using library resources (eg RLIN); finding archival materials; using newspapers and magazines. Understanding provocateurs and disinformation.

*Books to be discussed include:

Haynes and Klehr, Venona.

Klehr, Haynes, and Anderson, The Soviet world of American communism

Klehr, Haynes, and Firsov; The secret world of American communism

Weinstein and Vassiliev. The haunted wood


4. Feb 1.

The Anti-Communist tradition; the Popular Front; Roosevelt and the Communists.

*Books to be discussed include:

Powers, Not Without Honor

Lieberman, "My song is my weapon"

Lyons. Philadelphia communists

Shuldiner, Aging political activists



5. Feb 8.

The Truman Era; the linkage of foreign and domestic policy; the war threats and civil defense. Hiss and the Rosenbergs.


*Books to be discussed include:

O'Brien, McCarthy and McCarthyism in Wisconsin

Jenkins The Cold War At Home, chapters 3-4

Tanenhaus, Whittaker Chambers

Schrecker, Many Are the Crimes chapters 4-6


6. Feb 15.

HUAC AND SISS; Dies and McCarthy; the sedition trials

FILM: Hollywood on Trial (1979),

*Books to be discussed include:

Belfrage, The American Inquisition

Fried, McCarthyism

Sherman Labovitz, Being Red in Philadelphia



7. Feb 22.

Communism and the mainstream political parties; the anti-Communist purge and the American political system. Fighting back against McCarthyism

FILM: The American Experience 4: Love in the Cold War (61458, VH)

*Books to be discussed include:

Digest of the public record of communism in the United States

Lewy, The cause that failed

Schrecker, Many Are the Crimes chapters 7-10


8. Feb 29.

The Cold War and the Labor Movement.

How to write work for this class that is not just acceptable, but publishable. How to transform papers into articles, and dissertations into books.

*Books to be discussed include:

Heale, McCarthy's Americans.

Nelson et al, Steve Nelson, American radical

McCormick, Seeing Reds

Jenkins The Cold War At Home, chapter 5



9. March 14.

Red Channels: Hollywood and the media.

FILM:  Legacy of the Hollywood Blacklist (F60355)

*Books to be discussed include:

Fariello, Red scare.

Navasky, Naming names


10. March 21.

Constituencies: ethnic and religious; Communism and African-Americans; CRC and NAACP.

FILM:  The American Experience 6: Eisenhower (91049 VH) 

*Books to be discussed include:

Jenkins The Cold War At Home, chapters 6-10


11. March 28.

Schools and Universities. Inverted nativism. The red scare at Penn State.

FILM: The Edward R. Murrow Collection: The McCarthy Years (91011 VH)



12. April 4.

After the scare was over - the domestic Communist issue c.1956-64.

FILM: Children of the Left: A Story About Family and Politics in Cold-War America (62372 VH)


13. April 11.

Class presentations


14. April 18.

Class presentations


15. April 25.








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