Philip Jenkins

Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of History and Religious Studies

Pennsylvania State University


Distinguished Senior Fellow, Institute for Studies of Religion

Baylor University



Class handouts and other materials:

Materials for the early classes

"Restoration" as a theme in sectarian movements

Why religious traditions tend to split into lots of diverse movements.

The Apocalypse and the Last Days

The Antichrist

The separatist and cult-like aspects of early Christianity

William Hogarth's savage cartoon on religious fanaticism (click on the picture to enlarge)

The amazing images of the Martyrs' Mirror (click on the pictures to enlarge)

UFO cults and contactees.

A film about modern-day polygamist sects.

"The Satanic menace"

The response of the psychiatric profession to the Satanic scare.

Common themes in esoteric and occult sects and movements.

One of the classic English witchcraft trials.

How people imagine "dangerous outsiders" in various cultures.

Tim Guest's My Life in Orange.

Dorothy Allred Solomon, Daughter of the Saints.

Deborah Layton's Seductive Poison.

The official website for Prophet's Daughter

Sites of some specific groups and traditions that have attracted controversy

The Summit Lighthouse (followers of Elizabeth Clare Prophet)

St Germain Foundation - Ascended Masters

David Berg of the Children of God

Materials about the Children of God/Family
    Warning - this is a useful site, but some of these materials and images are upsetting and/or controversial.

The Family as it exists today

Tony Alamo Ministries

Rev. Sun M. Moon

The Los Angeles International Church of Christ

Church of Scientology

Nation of Islam

Chabad Lubavich

Jews for Jesus

Kabbalah Centre

Temple of Set

Church of Satan

I'm also including some links for groups that are undoubtedly new religious movements or churches, but I make no suggestion whatever that these are cultish or controversial

The Vineyard

Calvary Chapel

Some general links on new religious movements, sects and cults:

Obviously what follows is a very partial list of launch sites!

Religion Resources on the Web

World Religion Resources

New Religious Movements

CESNUR, the Center for the Study of New Religions.

Hartford Institute

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

Christian apologetics and anti-cult materials

Some major anti-cult organizations


Pagan and indigenous religions

Rick Ross's Institute

REVEAL (directed against International Churches of Christ)

Rob Nanninga's excellent bibliography

Misc links - including material on alternative Christianities

Some unpublished papers of mine:

To What Green Altar?

The anti-cult scare of the 1940s

Horror, the media and cult scares in the 1940s

The Jesus of the Cults

And finally, two humor items. Take them in the spirit intended!

Useful hints for evil cult members

Pagan Humor