Fully Informed Jury Distributions of June 21, 2011
    I reached the U. S. District Courthouse in White Plains, NY on June 21, 2011 at 11:45 am.  It was a warm and sunny day.  I passed out the American Jury Institute pamphlet entitled “A Primer for Prospective Jurors” with my insert on the courthouse courtyard.  There was very little pedestrian traffic.

    At 12:30 pm, I signed up a juror as a Tyranny Fighter.  No federal officer appeared until 12:59 pm when an officer exited the courthouse approached me, asked for pamphlet and then returned to the courthouse.  By now there was no pedestrian traffic at all, so I left at 1:04 pm.  I had distributed about 30 pamphlets.

Fully Informed Jury Information of June 22, 2011
    It was raining heavily all morning as I drove to Albany, NY.  I arrived at the U. S. District Courthouse at 11:46 am.  It was sprinkling lightly.  Bernie Continelli was waiting for me.  He was talking to a Homeland Security Officer.  As I joined them, the officer asked for our identifications.  Bernie showed them his, but I did not have any ID and did not give my name. The officer took a pamphlet and left.

    I proceeded to distribute pamphlets.  Almost immediately the rain stopped.  It was still a cool (for June) and overcast day.  At 12:04 pm, a Homeland Security officer walked by me, but did not stop to talk.  There was not much pedestrian traffic.  I passed out about 30 pamphlets.  At 1:04 pm the rain returned.  We quit for the day.

    I drove on about halfway to Burlington, VT and rented a hotel room in a Super 8.  It rained very heavily all the way.  It rained heavily all day except between about 11:45 am and 1:10 pm.  It is nice to have someone upstairs facilitate our work.

Fully Informed Jury Information of June 23, 2011
    It was raining heavily all morning as I drove to Burlington, VT.  I arrived at the U. S. District Courthouse at 11:55 am.  It was overcast and raining slightly.  I used an umbrella as I started distributing the American Jury Institute pamphlet “A Primer for Potential Jurors” with my insert.

    At 12:02 pm, a U. S. marshal told me to leave, that there was a jury trial  in process.  I refused to leave.  At 12:15 pm a few men in plain clothes, who obviously were court employees came out and told me that a jury trial was in process. and that the judge wanted me to move.  I informed them that I never discuss a specific case with anyone.  I declined their invitation to leave.  They returned to inside  the courthouse.  By now the raining stopped.

    At 12:40 pm, a passerby took 2 pamphlets, and said that he would give one to the local newspaper.  At 12:45 pm a federal protective service officer in plainclothes drove up in an unmarked car.  Soon thereafter a police car parked in front of me, but the officers never left the car. 

    The plainclothes officer identified himself as the officer who arrested me in Springfield, MA last summer on my war to PorcFest.  H knew who I was, of course, but he asked for identity, which I refused to give.  He asked if there was a warrant out for my arrest, because I did not pay last year’s fine nor appear at the court hearing.  I responded that I did not have the faintest idea.

     I told him that it would be foolish to arrest me here and have to drag me all the way to Springfield, since I will be distributing literature at the Springfield courthouse on next Tuesday.  If he is going to arrest me, it will be more convenient for both of us if he waited until then.  He left me and went into the courthouse.  A few minutes later, the police car left the scene at 12:51 pm.

    During my stay there was always a court officer outside the building keeping an eye on things, but not near me.  Several officers rotated in this observation.  At about 12:50 pm it started raining again.  I left the scene at 1:05 pm.  I had distributed 36 pamphlets.  Several of these were passed to people who identified themselves as jurors.

    As I left the scene, it started to rain heavily and continued as I traveled to Lancaster, NH, where the PorcFest is held.  Again, as it did on Wednesday,  it rained all day, except between noon and 1:00 pm.  We really are getting assistance from the guy upstairs.

PorcFest, June 23–26,2011
    I spent the weekend at PorcFest.  Over 1000 people attended compared to about 600 last year.  More and more free-staters are moving to New Hampshire.  I participated in a question and answer session, where I answered questions on Friday. On Saturday I delivered a one hour talk on the importance of persistence in the freedom movement.  Also I was interviewed by Tour for Liberty.

    There were many activities for people of all persuasions and ages.  The crowd was composed of anarchists, agorists, and minarchists.  I was the token fascist.  There were peddlers of food and all sorts of freedom items.  There were sports events, picnics, talks, dances, etc.  A good time was had by all (at least everyone that I met).  I made many contacts and signed up 46 new Tyranny Fighters.  We now have 825 Tyranny Fighters on the BCC list and 74 on the open list plus me.  That makes 900 registered Tyranny Fighters.

    While at PorcFest I learned that Thomas Bell immolated himself between 5:15 and 6:15 pm on June 15, 2011, on the steps of the Cheshire County Superior Courthouse in Keene, NH.  A memorial service was held for him at that site at 12:30 pm  on Monday, June 27, 2010.  David Cruz gave a short speech.  When persons immolate themselves, armed rebellion is soon to come.

Fully Informed Jury Distribution of June 27, 2011
    I reached the  Cheshire County Superior Courthouse in Keene, NH on June 27, 2011 at 11:45 am.  It was a warm and sunny day.  There was no pedestrian traffic, so I went across the street to the County District Courthouse where there was more shade and pedestrian traffic. I passed out the American Jury Institute pamphlet entitled “A Primer for Prospective Jurors” with my insert on the courthouse steps.

    At 12:30 pm, 25 Tyranny Fighters had congregated with me.  Many had their pictures taken with me.  At 12:45 pm, we returned to the County Superior Court for the memorial service, but it had just been completed.  A few people were laying flowers on the spot where Thomas Bell had perished.

    At 12:53 pm, we returned to the County District Courthouse.  At that time I learned that Beau, the newest member of Liberty on Tour, had been arrested for contempt of court for not removing his hat in the courtroom.  He was imprisoned when I left Keene.  We quit at 1:15 pm.  With all the action, I only passed out a few pamphlets.  Too much else going on.

Fully Informed Jury Distribution of June 28, 2011
    I reached the U. S District Courthouse in Springfield, MA on June 28, 2011 at 12:05 pm.  It was a very hot and sunny day.  A federal guard was at the courthouse door.  I stood on the courthouse courtyard and proceeded to distribute the American Jury Institute pamphlet “A Primer for Prospective Jurors”  with my insert.

    There was moderate pedestrian traffic, unlike June, 2010, when there was almost no pedestrian traffic.  Almost everyone who passed accepted the pamphlet even a woman using her cellphone and two people on bicycles.  This was unusual.  Rarely do telephone users or bicyclists take pamphlets.

    By 12:37 pm the guard at the courthouse entrance had vanished.  However a lady guard was pacing up and down bout 40 feet from me.  At 12:46 pm she left.

    A worker in the area took a pamphlet and said that he was a Libertarian.  We chatted for a bit.  Then he went off for lunch.  He invited me to join him.  However I did not leave my post for fear of being fired from my distributing job.  I already had been fired by the American Jury Institute, but I am a scab laborer.

    Soon a young man stopped by, took a pamphlet and then gave me his pamphlet with Bible verses and the importance of God in my life.  We chatted for a bit.  I suspect that neither of us made a conversion, but it was a pleasant chat.

    At 1:16 pm 2 federal officers passed me as they were returning from lunch.  They each took a pamphlet and proceed to go into the courthouse.

    At 1:27 pm, I quit for the day.  I had passed out about 100 pamphlets.

    The most interesting development was that I was never approached by a guard.  Last year on my visit to this courthouse, I was arrested and cited for violating the Department of Homeland Security regulation against distributing literature on federal property, and taken to a hospital where I was tortured.  I did not pay the fine nor appear for my court appearance.  Surely there was a warrant for my arrest.  However nothing happened.  I was not even approached by a guard.  Undoubtedly, the Department of Homeland Security has been informed to stop harassing literature distributors (or at least me).

Fully Informed Jury Distribution of June 29, 2011
    I reached the U. S. District Court in Hartford, CT on June 29, 2011 at 11:43 am.  It was a pleasant and sunny day.  There was steady pedestrian traffic. I passed out the American Jury Institute pamphlet entitled “A Primer for Prospective Jurors”  and “Your Jury rights: True of False” with my insert on the sidewalk in front of the  courthouse.

    Two guards walked by me.  Another guard came and took a pamphlet.  He read the pamphlet and returned to the courthouse.  At 12:05 pm, it became slightly windy. 

    At 12:13 a person gave me some bible gospel literature in return for my pamphlet.  Another guard approached me and took one of each pamphlet.  A fellow came by and asked where Eric and his dog were.  He explained that they usually distribute these pamphlets.  I had no knowledge of this.  There are four Erics who are Tyranny Fighters.  I would appreciate it if the appropriate Eric or his dog would identify himself.

    At 12:38 pm, I had passed out all of my 80 pamphlets and returned to my car to find a $25.00 parking ticket.  I had not seen the parking meter which was some distance away and serviced several parking spots.