FIJA demonstration of June 14, 2010

    I arrived at Foley Square in Manhattan at about 11:20 am.  It was a warm, but cloudy day.  Soon thereafter I was met by four activists from the Philadelphia, PA, area; one activist from New Jersey; and one activist from Suffolk County at the end of Long Island.

    At 11:55 am we proceeded to the U. S. District Courtyard.  I was met by several Homeland Security police officers. Before, I even took a pamphlet or the JURY INFO sign from my tote bag, Deputy Federal Marshal Hernando (or something like that) placed me under arrest.  I immediately fell to the ground.

    I was cuffed very tightly behind my back and dragged into the courthouse. It was painful, and the capillaries in my wrists were broken. I was continually handcuffed, mostly in front.  Sometimes when I was in a cell (always alone), the cuffs were  removed.

    My property in the tote bag and in my pockets , as well as my glasses,sweater, cap, belt, and shoelaces, were taken away.

    During this time, I did not move a muscle or make a sound, except once when they really inflicted pain, I moaned.  The guards asked a lot of questions, including if they could take my picture of get fingerprints.  I never answered.  The guards considered this a refusal.

    I was moved from cell to cell, since the guards kept changing their minds as to whether I should see a judge or go to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation. My pants kept falling down, since I had no belt.  Finally, I was put into a wheel chair and taken to a paddy wagon to be delivered to Bellevue Hospital. While there the nurse took my blood pressure, my temperature, and blood to test for sugar.  She then discharged me, and I was returned to the federal court house and put into a small cell facing the wall.  By then, I had to urinate badly, so I urinated on the floor.  The guard came rushing in, said that if I did that again, he would beat me into shit and break my bones.  He then wheeled me into the urine.

    The federal guards were more articulate than those in the New York police and correctional systems.  They had a 3-word, rather than a 2-word vocabulary.  They said,  “fuck, shit, and faggot” in all sequences and meanings.

    While I was in the urinated cell, Robert Baum, an Assistant Federal Defender, and Lindsey, his assistant, came to see me. He agreed to be my temporary stand-by counsel.  After talking to me, he talked to the prosecuting attorney.  She agreed to let me be released on my own recognizance without bail, if I would have my fingerprints and picture taken.  I agreed.  This was done, and I went to court handcuffed.  The magistrate set a court date for July 20, 2010.  Mr. Baum had all of my  property. I was taken to the Judge Magistrate Clerk’s office to sign and receive some papers.   I was released at 5:20 pm.

    Not until I was about to enter the court room, was I given my Miranda warning that I could remain silent.  Until that time, the guards tried to get all sorts of information from me, but I was mute.
    The court date of July 20, 2010, is just to set the conditions for trial. I will plead not guilty and ask for a jury trial.  It is not clear that I will be able to get a jury trial.

    After I was released I went to the NY City police headquarters at 1 Plaza place to reclaim the property seized from me on May 25, 2010.  The property office was closed, and I was told to come back tomorrow.

    I left for home and arrived home at 7:45 pm.

    Thanks for the support today of my associates in freedom.  They inquired about me at the courthouse, and called my wife to tell her that I had been arrested.