FIJA demonstration of 8–4-10

    I arrived at the U. S. District Courthouse in Manhattan at 11:30 am. It was a warm and sunny day.  At the outskirts of federal property I met Adam Mueller and Peter Eyre from Liberty on Tour. Also there were bile and Darren Wolfe.  All four were there to videotape the proceedings.

    After some preliminary discussion we moved to the courtyard of the District Courthouse at 11:45 am.  I distributed  the American Jury Institute pamphlet “True or False: Factual Information about Jury Service” along with my flyer.  Adam Mueller also distributed some of these.  Officers Sargent Sullivan and another Federal Service Marshall were there when we arrived.  Altogether we distributed about 35 pamphlets.

    At 12:06 pm, there were 3 police officers present.  At 12:15 pm Sergent Sullivan and officer Valentin approached me and asked me to move off federal property.  I refused.  Each of them grabbed one of my arms and took my Jury Info sign and remaining pamphlets.  I was not placed under arrest nor given a citation.  It was an undisguised assault.  I lay still, did not move a muscle, or utter a sound.  None of the other of my four accomplices were forced off the property, and none were given citations.

    The police called Emergency Medical Service of the NY City Fire Department to send an ambulance.  I was placed on a stretcher at 12:25 pm and put into the ambulance.  On the way to the hospital, two medics examined me, but I gave no response.  We arrived at the NY City Downtown Hospital at 12:35 pm, and I was carried on a stretcher into the emergency ward.

    I still uttered no sound nor moved a muscle.  The hospital staff applied painful pressure to my chest in order to get me talk.  Also a large object was place in my mouth with the intention of forcing it down my throat, but it was too large to get into my jaw.  Then I was tickled by a small fine brush on my lips, nostrils, and left cornea.  Still I did not move or talk.

    Finally Dr. Rubinstein, an intern, begged me to talk, so I did at 1:10 pm.  I said that I was all right and wanted to be discharged.  He said that I would have to answer some questions, but I informed him that I was exercising my Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.  He asked for my name, but I refused to divulge it.

    He left me and talked with some other staff.  He said that I would be discharged.  He filled out some paperwork authorized by the attending Physician Antonio Dajer. Dr. Rubinstein admonished me that the Emergency Medical Service was intended only for sick people.  I responded that he should so inform the Federal Protective Service.  I signed the discharge paper as John Galt and left at 1:30 pm.