FIJA demonstration of 5-3-10

    It rained most of the morning until about 10:00 am.  By the time I arrived at the U. S. District Courthouse in Manhattan at 11:45, it was warm, dry, and overcast.  The ground also was dry.  Two other people were there with cameras for another purpose, but they had no connection to our movement.

    I started passing out the FIJA pamphlet “A Primer for Prospective Jurors.”  There was one federal police officer on the courthouse steps.  As I passed out pamphlets, three more federal marshals gathered across the street from me.  I continued to pass out brochures, but no officers approached me.

    I had brought only ten brochures, because I anticipated an arrest and a seizure of the brochures.   I did not want to lose too many brochures.  At 12:10 pm, I had passed out all 10 of these pamphlets, so I left the area.

    This event was a change from my previous 8 appearances where I was arrested each time.  Possible meanings are that the officers have received the word to stop the harassment; or it may mean that Officer Barnes was on vacation, and no one else wanted the job of dealing with me; or I may have left before the officers had organized their arrest.  Future appearances should clarify the situation.