4. FIJA Demonstration of April 29, 2010

    Seven of us gathered at the U. S. District Courthouse at 601 Market Street in Philadelphia, PA at about 11:30 am on Thursday, April 29, 2010.  It was a beautiful warm sunny day, though a little windy.  The participants were Jim Babb, George Donnelly, Jim Allen, Rich Schwarz, Thomas Marinelli, Michael Molloy, and myself.  Rich, George, and Michael had cameras.  Later we were joined by William Faust and Donna Ward.  Before the demonstration, I was interviewed by Jim Allen for his TV show.  We started passing out the Fully Informed Jury pamphlet "A Primer for Prospective Jurors" with my handout at 11:45 am in front of the courthouse.  No police officers of any sort appeared all day here.

    Jim Babb, George Donnelly, Richard Schwarz, and Tom Marinelli went to the courtyard on the side of the building at about 12:00 noon to distribute the pamphlets there.  They were soon joined by me.  About 12:30 three security guards appeared and asked us to identify ourselves, which we did not do.  We asked them to identify themselves, but they refused.  They informed us that we could not pass out literature or take pictures on federal property.  Thomas and George demanded to know the laws involved, which the officers refused to tell.  It appeared that they probably did not know them.  A scuffle ensued when the officers interfered with the picture taking, in which George received a cut finger.

    The officers said that we were on federal property and had to comply.  I responded that I was the owner of federal land and that they were my servants.    The aggressive guards that assaulted George were ordered by another person to stand down and go inside the building. The three of them left, never to return.  However several Homeland Security officers were on the premises, but did not approach us.  We continued to pass out literature and take pictures until 1:35 pm when we left for a nice lunch in a Thai restaurant.

    Pictures of the event can be found at blog of bile (http://blogofbile.com/) as well as at the following websites:  



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