FIJA Distribution of April 8, 2010

    James Babb, Michael Molloy, and Julian Heicklen arrived at the U. S. District Courthouse at 601 Market Street in Philadelphia on Thursday April 8, 2010, at 11:15 am.  The weather was warm and sunny—a beautiful spring day.  We sat on a bench and started talking.  Almost immediately three Homeland Security police officers arrived and started questioning us.  What are our names? Why are we there?  Show us identification.  We refused to answer any of their questions or show identification.  Heicklen purposely does not carry identification to these events.  Heicklen said that is was none of their business.  Furthermore Heicklen demanded that the officers provide their names and badge numbers, as they are required to do.  They refused.  One of the officers seized Heicklen's sign, which read JURY INFO.  Heicklen demanded that it be returned.  The officer refused.  Heicklen wrestled it back into his possession.  

    Meantime Babb and Molloy were taking pictures.  At 11:30 am an officer said to Michael Molloy "If you get too close with that camera, I will rip it out of your hands and shove it down your throat." A fourth officer joined the group and informed Babb, Molloy, and Heicklen that it was not permissible to distribute literature on federal property without a permit.  Heicklen responded that he had a permit.  He pulled a U. S. Constitution out of his pocket and showed the officer Amendment 1.  He said that was his permit.  The officer said that was not sufficient.  Heicklen pointed out that the Amendment started with "Congress shall make no law..."  Heicklen asked the officer what is it about the word "no" that he does not understand.

    At this point the officers left the scene and went into the courthouse.  At 11:45 am, we started distributing FIJA flyers.  Three additional Tyranny Fighters joined us.  These were: George Donnelly, Adam Ochonicki and Richard Schwarz.  Some distributed fliers, some took notes, some took pictures, and one person held our JURY INFO sign.  A passerby, Jean Fung, had his picture taken with Heicklen holding the JURY INFO sign.

    During this time ten Homeland Security Officers and three Philadelphia police cars appeared.  Altogether there were 15 officers present.  Their behavior was much changed.  (My guess is that they received some legal advice while in the courthouse.)  They left us alone and even became friendly.  One officer even offered his name as Gary.  We distributed about 100 pamphlets and left at 1:15 pm for lunch.  We invited the Homeland Security police officers to join us, but they declined.  We went across the street for Chinese lunch.