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September 13, 2004

Centre Daily Times
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Gentle People:

In a letter in the Centre Daily Times of September 10, 2004, Dean Tuttle states that: 1) “We have a Muslim/Christian Palestine, long struggling more than 40 years for sovereignty from their occupiers…” and 2) “Until the past three years, stone throwing and simple firearms were their methods of preventing settlements strategically located for roads…” Both statements are blatantly false.

The West Bank and Gaza have been occupied by Israel for only 37 years. Before 1967, they were part of Jordan, and no efforts were made for separation. The Palestinians have not been struggling for their sovereignty. Their stated aim is to destroy Israel and drive the Jews into the sea. Repeatedly, they have rejected offers of an independent political entity. In 2000, they were offered a sovereign state of 98% of the West Bank and Gaza, Israeli land to compensate for the other 2%, and control over East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. The offer was answered with the current intifada.

Stone throwing and simple firearms were not the only methods employed by the Palestinians before three years ago. Terrorist attacks go back at least to 1920. In 1952 there were 3000 incidents of cross border violence. From 1951–55, there were 922 deaths as a result of these attacks. From 1993, the year of the Oslo peace accords, through 1999, there were 88 terrorist attacks resulting in deaths.

The letter by Mr. Tuttle illustrates the flagrant anti-Semitism in Centre County. People lie to defame the Jews, and the newspapers print those lies. Shame on you!

Sincerely yours,

Julian Heicklen

Published November 13, 2004