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May 26, 2006

Centre Daily Times
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Gentle People:

I am alarmed that the Centre Daily Times (CDT) continues to publish anti-Jewish propaganda such as the letter of May 26, 2006, by Dean Tuttle. It is disturbing that in this community the CDT is a major organ of hate literature against the Jewish people.

In his letter, Mr. Tuttle states that President Bush is placing impossible demands on Hamas, even though it is the democratically elected government in the Palestinian Authority. The “impossible demands” are that Hamas renounce its stated policy of destroying Israel and driving the Jews into the sea. Apparently Mr. Tuttle believes that the Hamas policy of genocide is reasonable.

Mr. Tuttle is concerned that the Palestinians are being punished for “throwing stones and shooting homemade rockets against their occupiers.” What would he do if someone was shooting rockets into his home? Incidentally, these are not all homemade rockets, and suicide bombers are killing people.

Mr. Tuttle mentions that “ambulances and hospitals are being destroyed through revenge tactics.” He fails to state that the hospitals were being used as storage facilities for munitions, and that the ambulances (provided by the U. N.) were being used to transport munitions, not people.

Mr. Tuttle decries the fact that Israel, the U. S., and some European countries are withholding funds from the Hamas government, and that the Palestinian people are suffering. He does not mention that much of the money would be spent on terrorism and not on humanitarian aid.

Finally, Mr. Tuttle states: “Tragic is the occupier and occupied who cannot live in peace and harmony.” So true, but he fails to mention that it is the occupier who wants to live in peace and harmony, but the occupied who reject this possibility.

It is distressing that Jew hatred has reached such a level in this community that the CDT is not embarrassed to publish such filth as the Tuttle letter.

Sincerely yours,

Julian Heicklen
Patton Township

Dear Editor:

I believe that you owe me and the Jewish community the courtesy of publishing this letter unedited. You also owe the Jewish community an apology and a statement that you will not publish this type of Jew-hatred propaganda again. Your paper is a major part of the problem in this community.