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April 18, 2004

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Gentle People:

Israel is building a fence to keep Palestinian suicide bombers from murdering Israelis. For this, Israel is being tried in the World Court of Justice for crimes against humanity.

The United States is building a fence along its Mexican border to keep Mexicans from entering the United States to find work at low-paying jobs that Americans will not do. The only criticism that I have heard of this fence is that it is not efficient enough at keeping out the Mexicans. Apparently a fence to prevent the murder of Jews is unacceptable, but a fence to keep Mexicans from entering the United States to find work is acceptable.

On March 22, 2004, Israel assassinated Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the founder and leader of the terrorist organization Hamas. He had been responsible for 425 terrorist attacks, including 52 suicide bombings, leading to 377 Israeli deaths plus 2076 wounded in the last 3-1/2 years.

Not one nation praised or thanked Israel for ridding the world of this homicidal monster. The United Nations and many individual nations, including France and Great Britain, have condemned the assassination. Newspaper editorials, including those of March 23, 2004, in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times (the latter republished in the Centre Daily Times of March 24, 2004) consider the killing of Yassin to be unacceptable and unjustified. Yet Osama bin Laden is wanted, dead or alive.

The extent and depth of anti-Semitism in the world, America, Centre County, and on the Penn State campus is outrageous and frightening. I have lived during one Holocaust. Do I have to live through, or die in, another?

Sincerely yours,

(Published in CDT May 7, 2004)

Julian Heicklen