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6131 Chelton Drive
Oakland CA, 94611

Honorable Belvin Perry, Jr.
Chief Judge
Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida
425 North Orange Avenue
Orlando FL, 32801

Sept. 17th, 2011

Your Honor,

My sources have informed me that you threw the Libertarian hero Julian Heicklen in jail for audaciously overstepping your smug decree that no one may distribute pamphlets notifying people of their power of nullification in front of what is apparently your court house.


Those same sources suggest politely writing to you to encourage some self-reflection.

But I do not feel polite right now.

That is because as a judge in America, one expects you to have some sense of history, and a respect for our shared values. Have you forgotten that the United States of America fought a war of independence to free ourselves of the tyrannical caprices of those such as you?
Where do you get off issuing—and then enforcing, in draconian fashion— such decrees, which fly in the face of the ideals men greater than yourself have laid down for us all?

If you endeavor to continue in the legal field, I urge you to reread the remarks of Adams and Jefferson in the Federalist Papers, regarding fully-informed and empowered juries as the most important mainstay against governmental tyranny. It might shame you, Judge. It should shame you. It might wake you to what your role is supposed to be, and nudge you to the correct side.

I understand that your administrative order restricts the distribution of leaflets disseminating "information tending to influence summoned jurors as they enter the courthouse" in order to protect "the integrity of the jury system."

Well excuse me judge, but this happenstance leads a critically thinking person to question whether you have the slightest idea what the definition of integrity even is. How dare you!

It is not a juries duty to rubber-stamp the designs of the prosecutor. Do you think that it is? And why do you think that securing such a rubber stamp in your interests anyway? Do you not see that aiding in that goal is exactly what undermines any claim to integrity you may pretend to? 
Have you even read the pamphlets that Mr. Heicklen was distributing? If so, did you somehow
fail to take away from it the fact that no actual outcome was being promoted over any other, and
that therefore no type of tampering, or unreasonable influence can be reasonably concluded.

What influences do you regard as appropriate? Those that take from the jury everything which is theirs? What lies behind your contempt for what should be the crowning jewel of our way of life?

The purpose of the jury in this country— a purpose obviously under attack from your ilk— is to judge the facts, the law itself, the fair applicability of the law, and the sentence. It requires faith in a jury, and disdain for the predatory, opportunistic, and diseased machinations of the juggernaut that moves the line year after year after year, increases penalties, enshrines asinine assumptions, and tortures common sense, until two million people are in prison. Due in part to people like you.

I suppose I am in contempt of your court now too, huh? I am, aren’t I? Are you going to send for me now? I would not be surprised. Are you that self-justified in your self-righteous persecutions?
Instead, I urge you to familiarize yourself with what real Americans are saying: idealistic and honest ones— and to divest yourself of any proclivity to toady for the interests of the prosecution.

In other words, get on the right side of the struggle for civil liberties. History will treat you better.

Very truly yours,

John R Burton

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