by Julian Heicklen

Apparently beatings of inmates by the guards at the State Correctional Institution (SCI) at Greene County are routine. I have heard of at least 9 inmates that have been beaten in the last half of 1997. In April 1998, Superintendent Ben Varner was demoted and transferred to Luzerne County. Lieutenants Jon Tustin and Scott Nickelson were fired on May 5, 1998. The Department of Corrections (DOC) also demoted, suspended, or reprimanded 9 other correctional officers (CO). I have been informed that as of May 5, 1998, 42 COs were under investigation. Since then, I have learned that 26 of them have been disciplined, that Lieutenant Grainey has been fired, and that Major Sparbanic (Head of Security) has been demoted and suspended. Reports of the beatings from some of these inmates are given below.

Robert Frederick (Posted February 27, 1998; corrected and updated May 10, 1998)

Yerodeen Williams (Posted January 14, 1998; updated April 4, 1998)

Arnold King (Posted March 5, 1998)

Darryl Gray (Posted April 9, 1998)

Aaron Penn (Posted April 16, 1998)

Anthony Williams (Posted June17, 1998)

George Ricketts (Posted October 12, 1998)

Marcus Baker (Psoted December 13, 1998)

Charles Oliver (Posted April 8, 1999)

Anthony Martin (Posted April 30, 1999)