Jean Sanders  

Associate Professor of Art  
M.F.A. (printmaking) University of Wisconsin-Madison  
B.F.A. (printmaking) Southern Illinois University  

Jean Sanders is an Associate Professor in the School of Visual Arts at the Pennsylvania State University. Her work is concerned with Yoga philosophy and the craft of printmaking. Being a visual artist, the sensual world is of great interest and importance to her. It is also a great affliction for her as her studies of yoga philosophy lead her to desire the state of pratyahara ­ a desireless state of mind. Detachment from desire is the objective and the artwork that she produces is evidence of this internal struggle. Printmaking is an art form that is labor intensive, process oriented and one in which she can lose herself in so that she might reach a meditative state of mind.

As a graduate student she was an assistant printer at the University of Wisconsin's Tandem Press. There she acquired great skill in processing and editioning fine art prints, particularly in the fields of lithography and intaglio printmaking. The skills that she developed as a printer allowed her to be technically proficient while at the same time gave her the freedom to be expressive and experimental.

She is highly active in exhibiting her work nationally and internationally in juried exhibitions. Pressed and Pulled X, Georgia College & State University's Tenth National Printmaking Exhibition, the Fifteenth Parkside National Small Print Exhibition, The Los Angeles Printmaking Society's 13th National Exhibition and the 17th International Independent Exhibition of Prints in Kanagawa, Yokohama, Japan are to name a few of these exhibition venues.

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