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Professor J. Michael Hogan
234 Sparks Bldg.
University Park, PA 16802
1 814 865 3461

SPCOM 083S: Freshman Seminar
Political Campaigns in the Age of Television

Political Campaigns in the Age of Television is a Freshman Seminar focusing on presidential politics from 1956 to the present. It is not a comprehensive, chronological survey of the political history of that era. Rather, it provides an historical overview of the period, while focusing upon changes in the political process and in the character of political campaigns. Touching upon key problems and issues in democratic theory as well as in practical politics, it addresses questions posed frequently by scholars and political pundits alike: Has the quality of public discourse in political campaigns been degraded by changes in the electoral process and by electronic media? Is it possible to have an engaged, informed, and responsible electorate in the age of 30-second "spot" ads and journalistic "sound bites?"

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