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Creation vs. Evolution - The Battle for Truth

Title of Talk Creation vs. Evolution - The Battle for Truth
Speaker's Name Walter, Jeremy L.
Position Research Associate, ARL; Faculty Adviser for Campus Bible Fellowship
Address 261 Applied Science Bldg.
Phone (814) 863-3992
Approximate Length of Talk Can be adjusted from one 45-minutes talk up to two 1-hour talks (can fit other formats - speaker is flexible)
Required Audio/Visual Equipment 35 mm slide projector (Speaker can provide his own if necessary)

Brief Description of Talk:
My presentation builds on my personal experience of searching for the truth about origins, and I have concluded that the written testimony of God about creation in Genesis 1-11 is completely compatible with the known facts of science. For instance, I have visited the devastated region around Mt. St. Helens in Washington state and have some excellent slides about the rapid geologic change that occurred during and following the mountain's eruption. That observed event can help us understand how the Flood of Genesis could have shaped many of the geologic features in our world today.

As a Christian, our understanding of God as Creator is crucial to an accurate view of meaning and purpose, as well as future judgment and salvation.

The presentation can include color slides from four major topics:

1. Models of Origins
2. The Biblical Creation Model of Origins
3. Scientific Evidences for Creation/Evolution
4. Information Resources