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Name:  Buddy

Breed:  Registered Quarter Horse

Gender:  Gelding

Height:  15.3 Hands

Age:  14 years

Price:  $8,500 negotiable to good home

















          Buddy has been a wonderful companion, pet, and partner for me over the past 6 ˝ years.  He has a great personality – very friendly, curious, playful, and affectionate!  He has a big heart, is very honest, and always tries to please.  He is a very good mover with a nice, long stride - moving more like a Thoroughbred than a Quarter Horse. He never has trouble getting the distances.  With his white socks and face, he always gets second and third looks from judges, too.  In the shows to which I have taken him, he often wins the flat classes.  Buddy is also a talented jumper.  He is careful with his feet, pulls up his knees and rounds his back over the fences.  He actually loves to jump!  Unfortunately, though, we haven’t done a whole lot of jumping since I became a Mom (2 ˝ years ago) as my time to ride is at 5AM and no one else is around the barn at that hour.  As a result, we’ve been doing a lot of flatwork instead.  The nice part about this is the fact that I have found him to be very quiet, adjustable, and responsive between the fences whenever I have had the chance to jump him.

         Buddy would be a great horse for a solid rider who wants to be very competitive at local hunter shows doing 2’6” or 3’.  (My plan was to do the 3’ hunter and equitation classes with him.)  Although we haven’t done it a lot, he has also been a lot of fun to trail ride with, so perhaps a Pony Club rider would enjoy him as their mount.  In addition, he is very comfortable to ride.  I ride him bareback quite regularly, and we both enjoy it.

            I am extremely sad about having to sell my horse!  If only there were 85 hours in a day, I’d be able to give both my growing family and Buddy the time that they need and deserve.  He has been such a great experience for me, and we have both grown a lot together!  My reason for selling him is simply because I don’t currently have the time or money to do the things that I want to do with him…and he has so much to offer someone!  He deserves to have an owner who can take advantage of his talents and abilities.  As a result, I am obviously looking for a wonderful home for my horse! 

            If you are interested in seeing him in person, and/or have additional questions, please contact me. My phone number is (814) 237-2939.  We are located in State College, PA.


Thank you so much,

Kristin Dreyer