ME 523 Lectures

Formerly ME 540 Created by Prof. Frank Schmidt, and modified after 1999 by John Mahaffy

The following page is designed to provide quick access to the various sections of the lecture notes for the class. Timing of topics is only approximate.

Date Topics covered:
1/15 Introduction to the Class

Use of Numerical Methods

Initial Mathematical Model

Transformation of Model Equations

Steps for Use of Finite Difference
Classification of PDEs ( Examples)
1/22 Formation of Finite Volume Equations 
1/24, 1/29
Verification and Validation of Codes and Results
Formation of Finite Difference Equations
Finite Difference Equation Examples
2/7 Predictor Corrector Method
2/12, 2/14
Iterative Solution of Linear Equations, Basics
2/19 Domain Decomposition and Multigrid Iteration
2/21 Krylov Subspace Methods

Some considerations for direct matrix solution
2/26 Introduction to Time Dependent Conduction
More Time Dependent Conduction, (also check this link to Slides)
Review for Exam
3/6 More Stability Analysis
3/11, 3/13
Spring Break
3/18, 3/20 The Advection-Diffusion Equation
3/25 QUICKEST and effects of Source Terms
3/27 Quantifying Numerical Diffusion 
Full Flow Equation Set
Use of Numerically Generated Jacobians
A sample testbed program
Non-orthogonal Grids
4/15, 4/17
Use of Overset Grids in Computational Fluid Dynamics (presented by Dr. Eric Paterson)
4/22 Final Project Discussions 
4/24, 4/29
Application to Multi-phase and/or reacting flow
Semester Summary

Review for the Second Exam

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