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This web page is intended to introduce students engaged in undergraduate research to a sampling of the vast and growing array of internet resources available (student research sites). In addition this site provides links to faculty members and research scientists from around this country and from other countries, many from the American Society for Microbiology Science Education Network. These scientists representing many of the disciplins of microbiology have agreed to serve as consultants to students engaged in carrying out research projects (Undergraduate Education Research Network).

Teachers of biology and microbiology and science education students may find these Educational Resources of interest. There are also links to sites related to laboratory safety.

All students of microbiology will find these other sites of interest worth the exploration.

Microbiology and Biology at Penn State Altoona gives an over view of the faculty members, research interests, and educational programs to be found at this campus.

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Microbiology/Biology at Penn State Altoona

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