1. A Biofilm Primer!!

2. An Interesting Paradox!

3. Build a Biofilm Reactor!

4. Bring 'Em Back Alive!

5. Buccal Epithelial Cells & Bacterial Cells: Negative Staining!

6. Buried Slide Technique!

7. Dental Biofilms!

8. Flow Through Gram Stain!

9. Microbial Fishing!

10. Pellicle formation in a hay infusion!

11. Rhizosphere visualization!

12. Microbial Leaching of Copper Ore!

13. Build a Winogradsky Column!

14. Growth of Dental Plaque in vitro

15. Biofilms from Soil Crumbs

16. Vinegar Production and Acetic Acid Titration

17. Isolation of Azospirillum

18. Observation of the Formation of Biofilms
in a Flowing Environment

19. Measuring Biofilm Depth

Last Updated: 07/11/2000

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