Volume V, 1990


Austin S. O. Okwu, The Place of African History in U. S. Instructional Curriculum


Datha Clapper Brack and Tirzah Schutzengel, Grandmothers of the 1990's: An Exploratory Study of Changing Roles


Lyle Rosenberger and Harriet R. Kronick, Historical Archaeology in the Community College Classroom: The Bucks County Experience


Patrice R. McKenna, Woman of Islam: Tradition and Transition in Revolutionary Iran (Student Essay)


Salvatore Primeggia and Joseph A. Varacalli, Pulcinella to Farfariello tp Paone to Cooper to Uncle Floyd: A Socio-Historical Perspective on Southern Italian and Italian-AmericanComedy


Robert E. Carnahan, Barbara W. Uncapher and Janice D. Altenburger, Alienation "From" vs. A;ienation "To": Constructing a Non-Reified Gender Research Model



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