This page is designed to provide a summary of my paternal family tree. I have traced my Clark ancestors from early 18th century London, England to Quebec, Canada. They had close links with the shipbuilding trade in London. Hopefully we share ancestors, in which case, I look forward to hearing from you.  My e-mail address is clark@ems.psu.edu

The prominent surnames beside Clark that appear are: Foreman, Cavil, Blondheim, Toney and Gaff. Each appears in the table below with a few comments that hopefully will wet your appetites to explore further.   The format is the same for each name: a timeline prepared with Reunion 9 appears with the male names shown for reference.

Happy hunting,
John H. E. Clark

  • origin: Rotherhithe, Surrey, England
  • emigrated to Levis, Quebec, Canada in 1816
  • probably were originally Huguenots named Le Clerc
  • traced back to early 18th century
  • strong shipwright tradition
  • origin: Margate, Kent, England
  • Mary Foreman married John Clark in 1771
  • traced back to Civil War period
  • link to maritime trade
  • origin: Paisley, Scotland
  • Maria Craig was my grandmother
  • emigrated to Metis, Quebec, Canada in 1820
  • farmers and hotel owners
  • origin: East Yorkshire, England
  • surname probably of Spanish origin
  • origin: Germany & Malta
  • Louisa Blondheim married  Robert Clark
  • Henry Blondheim fought in War of 1812
  • origin: Stafforshire, England
  • Emma Toney, governess, married John Clark in 1858
  • origin: Exeter, Devonshire, England
  • Elizabeth Gaff married Edward Foreman Clark in 1700

The Clark line

Thomas Clark (b., 1683, location ?; d. ?)
                 Mary (b. 1705; d. 1707)
               Thomas (b. 1708; d. 1708)
               Samuel (b. 1711; d. ?)
               Robert (b. 1714; d.1754; m. Isabella Simmonds, 1737)
               Daniel (b. 1714; d. as infant)
               Mary (b. 1717; d. ?)
               James (b. 1724; d. as infant)
   Parish of Rotherhithe (taken from Greenwood's 1827 London map and
  supplied with the kind permission of Mark Annand).
        Located across the Thames from London, Rotherhithe was a thriving center
          of the commercial shipbuilding industry. It was also known as Redriff.
          My Clark ancestors lived here and in the adjoining parish of St. Mary Magdalen
          Bermondsey from the early 18th  century on. An interesting street named Clark's
          Orchard lies just below Princes' Stairs.It was most likely named after John Clark,
          waterman and Scotsman, who owned a house on the Thames during the 16th century.
          I do not know if he is an ancestor. St. Mary Rotherhithe church appears
             near the Thames. My g. g. grandfather Edward Foreman Clark attended the nearby
          Charity School.

       Robert Clark (b. 1714, Rotherhithe; d. 1754, Rotherhithe)

             Robert (b. 1738; d. as infant)
             Robert (b. 1740; d. 1811; married Elizabeth Ellis 1769)
             John (b. 1742; d. as infant)
             Thomas (b. 1745; d. 1811; married Sarah Randall; shipwright)
             John (b. 1746; d. 1794)
          Isabella (b. 1750; d. 1768 in poorhouse)

      John Clark (b. 1746, Rotherhithe; d. 1794, Rotherhithe)

            Robert (b. 1773 Bermondsey; d. 1776, Bermondsey)
            John Edward Randall (b. 1777 Bermondsey; d. ?; waterman)
                Edward Foreman (b. 1778, Rotherhithe; d. 1831, Quebec, Canada)
            Robert (b. 1783, Rotherhithe; d. ?)
            Thomas George (b. 1786, Bermondsey; d. 1861, Rotherhithe; mast maker;
                  m. Elizabeth Davis, 1808; 7 children - one George Foreman lived to 1909)
            Foreman (b. 1789, Rotherhithe; d. 1835, Sevenoaks, Kent)
            Mary (b. 1791, Rotherhithe; d. ?)

                                           Marriage licence for
             John Clark & Mary Foreman
   It reads: John Clark, of this parish, and Mary Foreman of the parish of
                St. Magdalen Bermondsey were married in this church by
                licence the twenty-first day of December one thousand seven
                hundred and seventy one by me. This marriage was solemnized
                between us (signatures of John and Mary follow). In the presence of
                (signatures of Thomas and Sarah Clark, John's brother and sister-in-
                  law follow).

     Edward Foreman Clark (b. 1778, Rotherhithe;
                   d. 1831. Montmorency Falls, Quebec)

           Robert (b. Jul 1803, Rotherhithe; d. May 1871, Levis, Quebec; married Elizabeth
                 Blondheim 21 May 1836, Quebec City; had 10 children; many descendents
                 living in Canada and USA)
           Mary Anne (b. Jul, 1806, Rotherhithe; d. Dec 1868, Sevenoaks, Kent; m. John Covell 1834
                 in Sevenoaks). A letter written by Mary Anne to her brother John, then living in
                 Levis,  Quebec appears below
           Edward Thomas (b. May 1807, Rotherhithe; d. July 1849 of cholera, Levis, Quebec; m.
                 Julie Carrier, Feb 1832, Levis, Quebec). They had four children, only one of whom
                 survived infancy (John, b. Jan 1848 Levis, d. 1931, St. Paul, Minnesota)
           Elizabeth Sarah (b. Apr 1809, Rotherhithe; d. Sep 1882, Levis, Quebec; never married)
           Thomas (b. May 1811, Rotherhithe; d. Apr 1893, Metis, Quebec; m. Madaline Mallock,
                 1846, Metis, Quebec, no children). He worked as a wood culler for the William
                 Price Lumber Company
           Sarah (b. Apr 1813, Rotherhithe; d. Dec 1871, Metis, Quebec; spinster)
           John (b. Jun 1815, Rotherhithe; d. May, 1882, Ste. Julie de Somerset,Quebec)

  John (b. 23 Jun 1815, Rotherhithe; d. 24 May, 1882, Ste. Julie de
      Somerset,Quebec)                 Herbert William (b. 16 Sep 1859, Levis; d. 29 Apr 1923, Ste. Agathe des
                  Monts; m. Janet Marie Craig, 10 May 1888, Metis, Quebec)
                John Toney (b. 24 Apr 1866, Ste. Julie de Somerset; d. 24 Feb 1886, Ste. Julie de
                      Somerset; did not marry)
                Alfred Edward Foreman (b. 17 Jul 1871, Ste. Julie de Somerset; d. 10 Nov 1955,
                      Montreal; m. Martha Jane Mabel Crawford, 20 Sep 1898, Metis, Quebec).
                      They had two sons Edward and Kenneth, and a daughter Charlotte.

First Generation

1 Alexander Howard CLARK. Born on 18 Aug 1896 in Métis, Quebec. Alexander Howard died in Central Park Lodge, St. Lambert, Quebec on 28 Dec 1980; he was 84. Buried on 30 Dec 1980 in Mount Royal Cemetery. Occupation: Chauffeur & airplane mechanic. Education: Elementary School, Ste. Agathe des Monts. Religion: United Church of Canada. This Web page is a tribute to my wonderful Dad who I still miss after so many years have passed.

On 25 Nov 1925 when Alexander Howard was 29, he married Florence Margaret HITCHEN, in Ste. Agathe des Monts (Trinity).

Second Generation

2 Herbert William CLARK. Born on 16 Sep 1859 in Levis, Quebec. Herbert William died in Ste. Agathe des Monts on 29 Apr 1923; he was 63. Buried in private plot in Ste. Agathe des Monts. Occupation: Stone cutter (Levis), coachman (Montreal), farmer (Ste. Agathe). Religion: Anglican.

On 10 May 1888 when Herbert William was 28, he married Janet Maria CRAIG, in Metis Beach (Leggatt's Point Presbyterian).

3 Janet Maria CRAIG. Born on 29 Apr 1868 in Métis, Quebec. Janet Maria died in Ste. Agathe des Monts on 11 Mar 1941; she was 72. Buried on 13 Mar 1941 in private plot in Ste. Agathe des Monts. Occupation: housewife. Religion: Presbyterian.

Third Generation

4 John CLARK. Born on 23 Jun 1815 in Rotherhithe, Surrey, England. John died in Ste. Julie de Somerset, Mégantic, Quebec on 24 May 1882; he was 66. Buried on 26 May 1882 in St. Stephens Anglican, Inverness. Occupation: Culler (wood inspector), farmer, machinist. Religion: Anglican.

On 28 Oct 1858 when John was 43, he married Emma TONEY, in St. Andrew's Presbyterian, Levis.

5 Emma TONEY. Born in 1834 in Handsworth, Staffordshire, England. Emma died in Ste. Agathe des Monts in Aug 1912; she was 78. Occupation: Governess when she came to Quebec, later in Metis. Religion: Presbyterian.

6 Alexander CRAIG. Born on 17 Apr 1814 in Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland. Alexander died in Métis, Quebec on 2 Sep 1893; he was 79. Buried on 5 Sep 1893 in Leggatt's Point Presbyterian. Occupation: Farmer & hotel operator. Religion: Presbyterian.

On 15 Sep 1841 when Alexander was 27, he married Angelique CAVIL, in Metis (Leggatts Point Presbyterian).

7 Angelique CAVIL. Born on 18 Dec 1822 in Métis. Angelique died in Métis on 18 May 1900; she was 77. Buried on 20 May 1900 in Leggatt's Point Presbyterian. Religion: Presbyterian.

Fourth Generation

8 Edward Foreman CLARK. Born on 22 Aug 1778 in Rotherhithe, Surrey. Edward Foreman died in Montmorency Falls, Quebec on 12 Apr 1831; he was 52. Buried on 15 Apr 1831 in Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Quebec City. Occupation: Wood inspector, measurer, mastmaker. Education: Amicable Society Charity School, Rotherhithe, Surrey. Religion: Church of England.

On 6 Dec 1801 when Edward Foreman was 23, he married Elizabeth GAFF, in St. Clement Danes, Westminster.

9 Elizabeth GAFF. Born in 1775 in Exeter, Devonshire. Elizabeth died in Levis Quebec on 21 May 1864; she was 89. Buried on 24 May 1864 in Aubigney Anglican Church. Occupation: Housewife. Religion: Church of England.

10 William Vickers TONEY. Born in 1808 in Handsworth, Stafford, England. William Vickers died in Handsworth on 25 Apr 1883; he was 75. Buried on 30 Apr 1883 in St. Mary. Occupation: Steel toy maker.

On 11 Jun 1833 when William Vickers was 25, he married Katherine BEESON, in St. Mary, Handsworth.

11 Katherine BEESON. Born in 1815.

12 William CRAIG. Born on 17 Feb 1766 in Paisley, Low Church, Renfrew, Scotland. William died in Métis on 25 Aug 1856; he was 90. Buried on 27 Aug 1856 in Métis. Occupation: Farmer. Religion: Presbyterian.

On 25 Jan 1811 when William was 44, he married Janet McKELVIE, in Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland.

13 Janet McKELVIE. Born on 27 Dec 1779 in Dailly, Ayrshire, Scotland. Janet died in Métis in Sep 1844; she was 64. Buried in Métis. Religion: Presbyterian.

14 George CAVIL. Born in 1792 in Sandholme, Yorkshire, England. George died in Métis on 26 Mar 1869; he was 77. Buried in Leggatt's Point Presbyterian. Occupation: England, labourer; Metis farmer, butcher. Religion: Anglican.

In 1817 when George was 25, he married Diana GIBSON, in Beverley, Yorkshire.

15 Diana GIBSON. Born in 1789 in Easington near Patrington, Yorkshire. Diana died in Lawrence, Wisconsin on 6 Dec 1872; she was 83. Buried in Cady Cemetary. Religion: Episcopal.

Fifth Generation

16 John CLARK. Born on 25 Dec 1746 in Rotherhithe. John died in Rotherhithe, Surrey on 25 Jul 1794; he was 47. Buried on 27 Jul 1794 in St. Mary. Occupation: Shipwright. Religion: Church of England.

On 22 Dec 1771 when John was 24, he married Mary FOREMAN, in St. Mary, Rotherhithe.

17 Mary FOREMAN. Born on 10 Sep 1750 in  Margate, Kent. Mary died in Rotherhithe on 28 Dec 1825; she was 75. Buried on 30 Dec 1825 in St. Mary.

18 John GAFF. Born in 1748 in Exeter, Devonshire.

On 4 Oct 1770 when John was 22, he married Mary TRIX, in St. John, Exeter, Devonshire.

19 Mary TRIX.

20 Thomas TONEY.

Thomas married Jane VICKERS.

21 Jane VICKERS.

22 Thomas Hill BEESON. Born in 1796. Thomas Hill died in 1874; he was 78. Buried on 30 Mar 1874.

Thomas Hill married Elizabeth.

23 Elizabeth. Born in 1799. Elizabeth died in 1870; she was 71. Buried on 9 Dec 1870.

24 Alexander CRAIG.

Alexander married Jean LATTA.

25 Jean LATTA.

26 James McKELVIE.

On 29 Nov 1779 James married Jean JACKSON, in Dailly, Ayrshire.

27 Jean JACKSON.

28 George CAVIL. Born in 1754 in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

On 23 Jul 1788 when George was 34, he married Elizabeth BRYAN, in Eastrington, Yorkshire.

29 Elizabeth BRYAN. Born in 1765 in Hive, Yorkshire.

30 Robert GIBSON. Born in 1752 in Easington, Yorkshire. Occupation: Farmer&labourer.

On 11 May 1780 when Robert was 28, he married Mary FENBY, in Easington, Yorkshire.

31 Mary FENBY. Born in 1755.

Sixth Generation

32 Robert CLARK. Born on 9 Dec 1714 in Rotherhithe. Robert died in Rotherhithe in 1754; he was 39. Buried on 28 Mar 1754 in St. Mary. Religion: Church of England.

On 12 Jun 1737 when Robert was 22, he married Isabella SIMONDS, in St. Katherine by the Tower, London.

33 Isabella SIMONDS. Born on 16 Dec 1719 in Stepney, London. Isabella died in Rotherhithe in 1756; she was 36. Buried on 10 Aug 1756 in St. Mary. Religion: Church of England.

34 Edward FOREMAN First Mate. Born in 1717 in Margate, Kent. Edward died in On the ship 'Pretty Peggy' app Apr 1759; he was 42. Occupation: Mariner (first mate of the good ship Britania).

On 11 Apr 1744 when Edward was 27, he married Mary WALTON, in St. John, Faversham.

35 Mary WALTON. Born in 1720 in Margate, Kent. Mary died in Rotherhithe, Surrey in Sep 1779; she was 59. Buried on 12 Sep 1779 in St. Mary.

36 John GAFF. Born in 1716.

On 25 Jul 1745 when John was 29, he married Ann Corral, in St. John, Exeter.

37 Ann Corral.

56 William CAVIL.

58 John BRYAN.

60 Robert GIBSON. Occupation: Husbandman.

On 11 Feb 1735 Robert married Eleanor SMITH, in Easington.

61 Eleanor SMITH.

62 Thomas FENBY.

Seventh Generation

64 Thomas CLARK. Born in 1683.

On 31 Dec 1704 when Thomas was 21, he married Mary FORD, in St. Mary Magdalen Bermondsey.

65 Mary FORD.

66 Jonathan SIMONDS. Born in 1689 in London. Occupation: Mariner in Ratcliff.

On 8 Apr 1708 when Jonathan was 19, he married Isabella BROWN, in St. Dunstan, Stepney, London.

67 Isabella BROWN.

68 John FOREMAN. Born in 1676 in Margate, Kent. John died in Margate, Kent in Jan 1760; he was 84. Buried on 25 Jan 1760 in St. John. Occupation: Mariner.

On 29 Dec 1706 when John was 30, he married Ann RICHARDSON, in St. John, Margate, Kent.

69 Ann RICHARDSON. Born in Margate, Kent. Ann died on 10 Jul 1722 in Margate, Kent. Buried on 12 Jul 1722 in St. John.

70 Thomas WALTON. Thomas died in May 1751 in Margate, Kent. Buried on 24 May 1751 in St. John.

On 7 Oct 1717 Thomas married Margery HARRINGTON, in St. John, Margate, Kent.

71 Margery HARRINGTON. Born in Margate, Kent. Margery died in Oct 1739. Buried on 29 Oct 1739 in St. John, Margate, Kent.

72 George GAFF. George died app 1718.

On 27 Feb 1713 George married Dorothy Hake, in St. Mary Steps, Exeter.

73 Dorothy Hake.