Course Page for Psychology 243

Penn State DuBois

Fall Semester, 2013

Dr. John A. Johnson


In previous years this web page provided links to course-relevant information. That information is now all available on ANGEL. Penn State recently changed its policy such that only students registered in a course can access ANGEL materials for that course.

Accessing materials at ANGEL if you are registered in this course

Browse to the ANGEL home page at: Click the Log On button. On the next screen that appears, enter your Penn State access id (which is the part of your email address before the in the Userid box and type your access password in the Password box. On the next page that comes up, the courses for which you are registered (including this one) should be listed in the My Courses area.Just click on the PSY 243 link and you are there.

For your convenience, a link to the course syllabus is also provided here

Course syllabus


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Last updated: August 20, 2013