What do psychologists in different fields do?

***There is a lot of diversity among the different fields of psychology. Psychologists can be found in many areas of business, industry, academe, health, and law, to name a few.***

James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia provides a large number of links to many different psychology fields in their "Pick a field" list of descriptions of fields in psychology.
The American Psychological Association discussed education and training in psychology. Their discussion includes descriptions of what is done by psychologists in different fields.
The Psychology Department at the Kutztown University of Pennsylvania provides brief descriptions of clinical psychologist, mental health assistant, counseling psychologist, experimental psychologist, developmental psychologist, industrial/organizational psychologist, social psychologist, and school psychologist. With each description, they include the kinds of jobs a person in that field might obtain.
The Royal Holloway University of London provides brief descriptions of clinical, educational, occupational, and health psychologists in their list of "Careers in Psychology".
John M. Grohol, Psy.D., Director of The Mental Health Net talks about the wide range of interests in the field of psychology in "Psychology's Future" on his on-line Editorial Page.
Jennifer Royce, who recently received her Masters in School Psychology from SUNY College at Plattsburgh, discusses that school psychologists wear "many hats" by providing some details.
The American Psychoanalytic Association provides aspects of psychoanalysis, in detail.

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