What historical events influenced the way applied psychological science is conducted today?

***Applied psychology is the science of acquiring knowledge to solve specific problems. Applied science focuses of finding ways to solve social problems and identifying effective treatments. In other words, applied psychology deals with solving practical human problems. The goal is to understand the whole person.***

Three Historical Roots of Applied Psychology -- outline taken from Dr. John A. Johnson's PSY 2 lecture --

The Psychology Department of The University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, N. B., Canada provides many links to materials for "The History of Psychology" with their HistPsyc Headlines.
The University of Oregon Honors College in Eugene, Oregon provides a brief history of psychology from around 1900 until today.
Denise Theresa Fillion, a student at The University of Calgary in Canada, presents an essay that is a short biography of Alfred Binet and provides a practical application using the same theory Binet used to develop his intelligence test.

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