Departmental Proficiency Test in German

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Students interested in taking the Proficiency Test in German offered by the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures must first obtain information on the Proficiency Certification and Credit by Examination in Foreign Languages from the website and carefully read the statement and fill out the required form (available at prior to taking the test. The next step is then to make the payment in the amount of $60.00 in the German main office in 311 Burrowes, even if it is just a proficiency test and not credit by examination, and sign up for one of the scheduled test dates and times. An overview of the test content is provided at the beginning of each semester on the German Language Program bulletin board located next to S-407 Burrowes. The test is offered twice in each academic semester for the duration of two hours during which students demonstrate in writing their listening, writing and reading skills, and through an interview, their speaking proficiency, in the German language.


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