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16 October 2009

Open Directory Project - Fortran Source Codes and more:
Fifty Years of Fortran:


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Key Fortran Resources
High Performance Computing
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Compiler Testing and Evaluation
Extensive compiler testing and evaluation for many compilers, Windows and Linux:
Comparison of Floating-Point Performance of Current Computers:
CPU versus DRAM Speed - STREAM Benchmarks at U of Virginia:
"The New Features of Fortran 2003", by John Reid:
NIST Test Suite:
SHAPE95, a comprehensive set of Fortran 95 compiler conformance tests by Spackman & Hendrickson, Inc.(612) 378-9694
The Fortran Pointer Copy In/Out Problem :
Windows compilers test sets - Skip Knoble(Penn State) & Arnaud Desitter,  (formerly) Oxford University School of Geography and the Environment:    and
     Source code cited in the reports are at:  and

Some Fortran Benchmark Sites

Arjen Markus' work, Checking Properties of a Compiler and run-time environment:
Basement CPU Benchmarks:
Benchmark Bibliography:
Benchmarks FAQ:
Benchmark Resources (Compiler Connection):
Case Lab Fortran Benchmarks:
Compaq Benchmark pages:   and
Computers in Physics Fortran Benchmarks :
Dave Gemini's Test_FPU:
HPF pages:, and
Jack Dongarra's Linpack Benchmark:  and
IBM Compiler Optimization Examples:
Lahey benchmarking page:
Linpack Benchmark FAQ
Linux/Unix Benchmarks:
Mark Riordan's simple (mainframe) CPU test:
George Marsaglia Random Number CDROM including the Diehard Battery of Tests of Randomness:
Michel Olagnon's Benchmarks and Test Programs:
MIT Raw Benchmark Suite
N.Tajima's Fortran benchmarks:
Parallel Performance Benchmarking Page:
Patrick.Queutey's CPU Benchmarks using various Fortran subsystems:
Performance Evaluation:
Polyhedron run-time benchmarks using  Linux Fortran 90 on Intel and AMD, both 64-bit and 32-bit results:
Once at the Polyhedron site, click : Linux Compiler Comparisons; then see the link:
Roy Longbottoms's PC Benchmark collection:
Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) Benchmark page:
STREAM benchmarks:
Various Language and software library benchmarks:
Vladimir Galouchko CPU Benchmark  history page:
VTUNE, Intel's Fortran Analyzer:

Subprograms, Converters, Key Works

ACM Portal (access to full text of ACM publications):
Alan J. Miller's extensive works in Fortran:
Alan R. Miller's Fortran Programs for Scientists and Engineers:
Arjen Markus' program to illustrate memory leaks originating from derived-types can be circumvented:
  companion tutorial on how to avoid memory leaks:  and/or
Arnaud Desitter's Technical Recipes
Automated Analysis, Enhancement, Migration and Generation of Software:
David Bailey's Multiple Precision package(F90) and extensive work:
                                              then visit and download files from:
Dan Nagle's Works:
J.L.Schonfelder's Multiple Precision package (F95):
Biomedical Library ( M.D. Anderson Cancer Center) Software Library (including routines for Random Number Generation):

Clive Page's work
Cluster World:
Code Forge - Integrated Development Platform for Unix:
Collections of Self-Reproducing Source Code (quine) in Various Programming Languages  (courtesy of William Clodius):
Computer Methods for Mathematical Computations by Forsythe, Malcolm and Moler:
CONVERT From Fortran 77 To Fortran 90 syntax
   Free versions:
       Michael Metcalf's convert.f90 tool to convert f77 source code to f90:
        Alan Miller's conversion aid:
        Also see PreConvert by Purple Sage:
   Commercial converters:
       PlusFort -  Fortran Tools by Polyhedron:

General Decimal Arithmetic by Mike Cowishaw, IBM:

Expokit - Matrix Exponentiation:
F Compiler under Windows at Penn State:
Fortran Analysis Tools:
Fortran 90/95, Ada, C++,Java- Scientific Toolworks:
Cobalt Blue:
FCAT - Fortran Coverage Analysis Tool:
FLIBS - A Collection of Fortran Modules by Arjen Markus:
Flow Chart and code analysis for Fortran 77:  Flow charting program for Fortran 77:
   Windows version:

IDL and FORTRAN FFT Comparison by Paul van Delst:
Fortran Code Analyses links:
Fortran Language Features by Mike Metcalf:
Fortran-related Computer Programming Tools:
Fortran 90 Examples:
Fortran 77/90 source program examples:
Fortran 77 to Fortran 90 Converter
  Fortran 77 to 90 Conversion Course by Manchester & North Training/Education Center:
European Fortran 90 Coding, Style, and Portability Guidelines:
Fortran 90/95 Examples and Programs (including FFT)  by James Van Buskirk Fortran Market:
Fortran Store (Books, Compilers, Tools):
Fortran Preprocessor, Fpx3 (with imbedded Perl):
F90gl, A 2-D and 3-D OpenGL graphics interface for Unix and Windows 9x/NT:  and
                    and precompiled for Compaq Fortran:
GBYTES/SBYTES Library by Dennis H. Joseph et al:
Alan Genz's Algorithms (e,g, for Multiple Integration):
GMP - Arithmetic Without Limitiations - Multiple Precisiion Library:
Hash Function (written C) by Bob Jenkins:
Hash Tables:   and
History of Fortran :
Interval Arithmetic Package by R. Baker Kearfott:  and
Knuth - Donald Knuth's Home page:
Lahey's Extensive Library (Interval Arithmetic, *PAC Libraries, much more):   and
Mathcode F90  Generates Optimized Fortran 90 Code from Mathematica Programs:
Michael Metcalf's Fortran 90/95/HPF Information File:
Michael Metcalf's Fortran 90 CNL Articles:
Michel Olagnon's Fortran 90 texts and Fortran 90 Utility Programs(like Fortran 90 Splitter)
Michel Olagnon's Fortran 90 List:
National High Performance Software Exchange (Repository in a Box - RIB):
National Center for Supercomputing Applications - NCSA:
Nelson H. F. Beebe's Excellent Home Page
    NDiff - compare putatively similar files, ignoring small numeric differences:
NIST Handbook of Statistical Methods:
Numerical Analysis & Associated Fields Resource Guide FAQ:
Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers, Second Editon, Programs:
Numerical Recipes:  and
Numerical Recipes Forum:
OpenDx, IBM's Visualization Data Explorer:   and
Open Directory Project - Fortran Source Codes and more:

Open Source Fortran Source Code Directory:

The Open Watcom Project:
Operations Research
     IBM Optimization Library - Open Source Download:
    Links by Open Directory Project:
    Links by Arnold Neumaier:
    Optimization source codes, Tutorials, Test data,  Decision Trees - Arizona State University:
Phillip Helbig's excellent Pages (including Fortran bookmarks):
Physical Units code by Grant Petty:
QUIBUS Fortran Development Tools to reformat/restructure/analyze Fortran source code:
Random Bits - Sources of Random Bits by Sebastian Egner:
Random Numbers - Physical sources of:   and
Random Number Testing Program(globals, random_pl, test90):
Rob van der Woude's Windows Scripting (all kinds of scripts) Pages:
Royal Statistical Society Statlib - Statistical Algorithms in Fortran 77
Shamus Softrware, Ltd - Multiprecision Integer and Rational Arithmetic C/C++ Library - MIRACL:
Slatec Mathematical Library:
StatLib - Department of Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University:
Statistical Software, Journal of:
String Handling Examples by David Frank:

Key Fortran Resources

ANSI - American National Standards Institute:
Applied Analytics for Academics and Industry:
Bell Labs Scientific Computing Publications:
BLAS - A Quick Guide to:
The CÆSAR Code Package (for large scale program design:
Cobalt Blue, Inc. Fortran Maintenance and Conversion Software:
Compaq CVF:
COMP.LANG.FORTRAN Usenet Archives:  and
COMP-FORTRAN-90 Discussion Group and Archives:
Compression Library for Large Scale Real Valued Data by TITech:
Computer Society (IEEE):
Cradle Fields 2-D Windows Plotting Software:
Debugging Solutions (for specific Fortran and C Compilers):
Differentiation - On-Line Automatic Differentiation Engine (Tapenade):
DMS Software Reengineering Toolkit (Fortran Program Analysis):
FLINT - Cleanscape Fortran 77/90/95 Source Code Analyzer/Debugger:
Fortran - Fortran sources and links:
Fortran Programmers Club by Vladimir V.Vasilchenko:
Fortran FAQs

The Fortran Library - Fortran Links:
The Fortran Market (includes most Fortran compiler vendors):
Fortran Partner&trade (FPT), Fortran source code tool by SimCon and Software Validation Limited:
Fortran SQL, ADO and VB Interface Libraries:

Fortran Resources by Chivers and Sleightholme:

Fortran 2003 (and 90/95)  by Kings College:
Fortran 2003 New Features by John Reid:
Fortran 2003 Standard Technical Committee:
Fortran Standards Sources  and
Intel Fortran Support for Fortran Language Standards:
Fortran 90/95 texts by Bo Einarsson:      also see:
Fortran 95 Standard:
Fortran 2003:
Fortran Tools 
(including PLplot and Matran)
Fortran Tools - Open Directory Project:
Fortran Wikipedia:
New Features of Fortran 2003 by John Reid:
Fortran 2003 Details from Final Draft (4MB):
FUN3D, Fully Unstructured Navier-Stokes (Physics):
ISO 1539-1 Publication  ( $270):
    Free download at:
 Fundamental Physical Constants from NIST:
F2KCLI - Fortran (2000) Command Line Interface Package:
Garnatz and Grovender, Inc.-  Java Resources and Training, Fortran 90 Resources and Training,   Free Fortran 90 interface to the X Window,
   Free Clone of NOS XEDIT Source Code:
GINO Fortran Library and Graphics/Menuing Packages:
Grid (computing grid) Forums:   and
A Guide To Mathematical Software (including GAMS):
Computational Geometry and Geometric Algorithms:   and  and  and
Cray CF90:
Internet Finite Element Resources:   and
FELIB - Finite Element Library
Modular Finite Element Library - ModuleF:
Global Optimization:
GINO and Graphics Libraries: and
GRG2: Also contact the co-author of GRG2 (Leon Lasdon) at
Harwell Subroutines (source code for the library):
Historical Development of Fortran:
Historic Documents in Computer Science:
How many Primes are there:
HSL (formerly Harwell) Numerical Library:
Ian Chivers and Jane Sleightholme Fortran 90 Page (including Fortran Standards information):
IBM Fortran:
IMSL Fortran Library Routine Descriptions:
IMSL (by Visual Numerics) Users' Guides:
IntegrityWare geometry products (NURBS surface fit, IGES, VDAFS, STEP, Solid Modeling solutions (SMLIB):
Intel Compilers:
ISO (International Standards Organization):
Java Application Program Interface (JAPI):
Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods (JMASMP):
Journal of On-Line Mathematics:
Kings College Fortran (and other languages):
Lahey LF95:
Lindo/Lingo Optimization Package:
Linux Fortran Information Page:
Macintosh  and Linux Fortran Compiler:
MarshallSoft Computing - Internet and Serial Communications Libraries:
MATFOR - new generation graphics library for Fortran and C++:
Mathtools - Technical computing portal for scientific and engineering:
American Mathematical Society (AMS) - Math topics ordered alphabetically:
Mathematical Atlas:
Math on the Web: A Status Report January 2001:
Math Forum at Drexel :
Math Goodies and tutorials:
Math Famous Curves Index:
    GrafEq software that plots typed in functions:
    Also see the following and links on their pages:  and
Math/Science Net and Literature Review site:
MATFOR - Advanced 3D/2D Visualization:
MatLab Mathworks:
MKS Tool Kit (Unix MAKE, etc. with documentation):
Modular Finite Element Library - ModuleF:
NAG (NAGWARE) Fortran Products:  and NAG Research Reports:
       Nag Fortran 90 Software Repository:
       NAG Numerical Library:
NAS Fortran Compilers and Tools:
NASA COSMIC (commercial) Collection:
Netlib - source of many Fortran programs/packages (e.g., ACM T.O.M.S.): and
Netnews (Usenet) Fortran Newsgroup: news://
NIST / SEMATECH Engineering Statistics Handbook:
NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Guide to Mathematical Software:
Object-Oriented Numerics Page (source of numerical libraries):
Ohio State Chemistry Department Michael Lufaso's Fortran Page:
Open Directory Project (Fortran resource portal):
OpenMP, a portable, scalable model that gives shared-memory parallel (SMP) programmers an interface for developing parallel applications across platforms:
OpenMP Directives - source code examples:
OpenMP Tutorial:     Also see:
                            and   and  with exercises:
Boston University Tutorial: Supercomputer Center  Tutorial
Optimization Technology Center:
Least Squares Mininization Collection:
Optimization FAQs:
Optimization section of the Open Directory:
NEOS Optimization Software:
Optimization Software Decision Tree:
Parallel Computing (Center for Research on Parallel Computing):
Penn State Numerically Intensive Computing Page
Pi Hex - A distributed effort to compute Pi:
PlusFort Fortran Converter and Analysis Tool by Polyhedron:
Primes (largest known):
Probability Web:
Purple Sage Computing Fortran tools (including FtThreads):
Rational Number Computations using Fortran:
Rich Townsend's Downloads (including ISO_Varying_String that is F-Compatible):
     Also see:   (
Rosetta Stone for Unix (LISA):
Salford FTN95:
Scientific Toolworks "Understand" (for various languages including Fortran):
Scientific Web:
Semantic Designs, Inc.(DMS) Software Reengineering Toolkit:
SGI MipsPro MP Fortran 95 Compiler:
SLATEC Common Mathematical Library (free):
SIAM text books and handbook series:
Software Engineering Archives by Queens University:
Sorting, Ranking and Searching: OrderPack by Michel Olagon;
  Sorting subprograms (and tests):; also see: Syncsort:
  Qsort (correction and Fortran 77 implementation of ACM ALgorithm 402 QuickSort):
Source Code Formatters by Semantic Designs:
Source Program Management and Documentation - Easy SPMD:
Sparse Matrix Tools (free):
    Freely Available Software for Linear Algebra on the Web by Jack Dongarra:
   LaPack (banded matrices)
   MUMPS - MUltifrontal Massively Parallel sparse direct Solver:
   SCSL - Scientific Computing Software Library:
   SPARSITY - Sparse Matrix software:
    Sparse BLAS:
    Parallel Sparse Matrix BLAS:
   Optimized Sparse Kernel Interface (OSKI):
WATSON Sparse Matrix Package (not free):

SQL a la F90SQL:
Start Fortran Site:
StatSoft - Statistica; Data Mining, Data Analysis, Quality Control:
NIST Statistical, including Non-Linear Least Squares, Test Sets and Results:
Tecplot (stand-alone plotting tool):
Twin Text Source Documentation Solution:
Understand - a Fortran reverse engineering, analysis tool:
University of Cambridge - High Performance Computing Facility (HPCF) The Case Against C:
User Notes on Fortran Programming (UNFP)- An open cooperative practical guide:
Valgrind - Linux Fortran Open Source debugging tool:
compiler for Unix and Linux:
Visual Numerics Products:
VMS Migration tools/libraries - Transoft Migr8:
Winteracter Winteracter, a GUI tool set for Fortran 90/95 by Interactive Software Services, Ltd.:
XLF90 - IBM AIX Fortran 90:   and
XML Fortran Library (read/write access to XML files):
XP (Extreme Programming) Discipline Resources:

High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing and Communications Glossary:
comp.parallel News Group:
High Performance Design by Equation Technology:
High Performance Numerical Software - Purple Sage, Workshops and Consulting (Dan Nagle):
HIgh Performance Object Oriented Fortran 90:
High Performance Fortran (HPF) products, benchmarks, pubs, etc:
          Also see:
High Performance Computing Manufacturers:
HPF Compilers Summary List:
HPC Cluster World:
HPC  Paralization Tutorials:    and:
Line Counting Tools (SLOCCount) :
Matran, A Matrix Wrapper for Fortran 95, by G. W. Stewart:
MPI Glossary and Bindings: and
MPI Preprocessor for C - BEC by Sandia National Lab:
MPI Newsgroup, comp.parallel.mpi:
MPI tools:   Allinea DDT (MPI debugging tool):
MPI  Tutorial with many (Fortran 90) examples:
Parallel Programming Examples using MPI:
Parallel Compiler Tutorial:

Floating-Point Notes

Advice on using Floating Point Arithmetic:
Differences in IEEE 754 Implementations by Doug Priest:  and
IEEE Machine Parameters:
Fuzzy Comparisons:
How Java’s Floating-Point Hurts Everyone Everywhere by W. Kahan and Joseph D. Darcy:
Kahan's Summation:
Interview with Old Man Floating-Point (William Kahan):
MAD 3401 IEEE Floating-Point Notes:
MAD 3401 Understanding Floating Point Formats:
NAN Handling Heuristics - A Sample Program:
Pittsburgh Super Computing Center IEEE Standard for Floating-Point Arithmetic:
Microsoft IEEE Standard 754:
Roundoff Degrades an Idealized Cantilever by W.Kahn and Melody Ivory:
What Every Computer Scientist Should Know about Floating-Point Arithmetic by David Goldberg:
              in HTML format:
              in PDF format:
Essays on Endian Order:,,,sid9_gci211659,00.html, and
Thanks to Lahey, Inc. code for determining Endian order for any given platform may be found at:
Fortran Binary Files - How to View Numeric Fields in ASCII Format:

Free Fortran Compilers, Tools, Tutorials and Software

Abaqus - Finite Element Solutions:
Ansus - Simulation Solutions:
 Tidy - a Cleanup Utility for Fortran 77 source programs:
University of Berkley Commercial Computational Products List:
John Burkard's Software Source Codes,  (Fortran, Matlab, C++, Perl,...), Tutorials, etc.:
C to Fortran Converter:
C2J (C to Java) Converter:
CFortran - An interface tool between Fortran and C:
CERN - Index of CERNLIB:
CGYWIN - A Unix environment for Windows:
Clodius, W.B.'s Fortran Tools:
Fortran clustering code of Glenn Milligan
Command Line Parser:   F2KCLI:
Computer Science On-line Courses by John David Stone, Grinnell College:
Convert Fortran 77 to Free Form:
CVF Examples:
C++ Tutorial for Scientists:
Dave Gemini's Fortran Source Codes
Designing and Building Parallel Programs, by Ian Foster:
Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures:
DISLIN Scientific Plotting Software: or
EEVL Guide to Engineering, Mathematics, Computing On-line books:
Electronic Library (of Fortran Source Code)
Electronic Textbook - Statistics:
Equation Technology High Performance Libraries (free download):;  MTask manual:
FFT - C library to compute Non-equispaced Discrete Fourier Transform in 1, 2, 3D, of arbitrary size complex data (free) by Stefan Kunis and Daniel Potts:   and
Flash Sort:
Fortran to C Converter (search on "f2c"):   and
Fortran to Common Lisp:
Fortran to Java Converter:   and
Fortran to Matlab:
Fortran to Pascal:
Fortran to Visual Basic Conversion Service:
Fortran to Visual Basic Converter - FORBAS:
  F2VB:,   Conv_for_BAS:
Fortran Library Training Materials:
Fortran Market Freeware:

Fortran 77 to 90 Conversion:
Fortran 95 Portability Project (Dan Nagle)
Fortran 77  - A Hands on Approach(233 pages) by Ian D Chivers and Jane Sleightholme:
Fortran 90 for the Fortran 77 Programmer - a Tutorial: see:   Extra Stuff:
Fortran 95 for the Fortran 77 Programmer:

Fortran 95 Guide to Fortran 77 Compatibility:
Fortran 90/95 Tutorials - Michael Metcalf's Fortran 90 CNL Articles:
Fortran 90 Tutorial:
Fortran Tutorial Index:
Fortran 90 Interactive Tutorial by University of Liverpool:
Fortran 90 Tutorial by Zane Dodson (Postscript file):
Fortran Tutorials Portal:
F90GL Fortran Interface for OpenGL:  and
Fortran 90 Source Checker (by Lahey):
Fortran 90/95 Course Notes by Clive Page
Fortran 95 Tutorial:
FUnit, a Fortran Unit Testing Framework:
F77 and F90 code for the book Fundamentals of Numerical Computing:
Modular Programming with Fortran 90 by A.C. Marshall:
Free GNU Fortran 77 for Windows 95/NT:
Free Fortran Checker:
Free Old MS Fortran Compilers and Tools from  EMS Professional Software's Retro Tools:
Free Software from Fortran Library:
Free Software Foundation:
Fortran 90 Function Parser by Roland Schmehl:
Fortran 90/95 Function Parser by Stuart Midgley:
Fundamental Physical Constants from NIST:
GNU Project: http://WWW.GNU.ORG/ and
GNU Win32 Related Projects:
GnuplotFortran : the Fortran95 interface to Gnuplot:
Helsbreth Manor - Monte Carlo, Random pages (plus DVD info):
The IEEE standard for floating point arithmetic
Imagine1's Free "F" compiler:
Intel VTune Performance Analyzer:
Java Application Programming Interface (JAPI):
Brian Kernighan's Programming pages
Keyed File Access Source code (Fortran 77 and 90):
Lahey's Extensive libraries, tutorials, and Fortran Resources:
Lahey Essential Lahey Fortran 90 Source Codes:
Lectures in Computer Science by Prof. Jim Demmel, U.C. Berkley: .  Applications of Parallel Computers - Computer
  Science 267; There are 29 excellent on-line lectures and a wealth of other material at. .  In particular, see Lecture
  28,  Basic Issues in Floating Point Arithmetic and Error Analysis at:
Linux Survival Manual - Series of Tutorials:
Make Utilities:  and
      MKMF - Generate a Make File from Distributed Source:
                      Alternative site:
Mathematics on the Internet:
MathTools Utilities:
Metamath Proof Explorer:
Metis - Serial Graph Partitioning:
Michael Metcalf's Fortran 90 CNL Articles (tutorials for teaching Fortran):
Michel Olagnon's Fortran 90 texts and programs:
mpiSim - An experimental MPI Simulation Tool:
Mortran3 for Windows:
Multipurpose Interactive Image Processing System (MIIPS by Donald Gudehus):
NA-Net, Numerical Analysis Network and Digest:
NCAR Graphics:
NERSC Tutorials:
NFortran compiler and software by Einsys:
NIST Digital Math Library:
NN-Online - Fortran and C Source Codes:
Numerical Analysis Group - United Kingdom:
Fortran code for Numerical methods in physics, by Rogina:
Fortran code from "Numerical Methods of Statistics" by John Monahan
Numerical Recipes (free on-line books):   and
Numerical Computations for Science and Engineering (including software librarie) by C. Pozrikidis:
Numerit Programming Environment:
Open Directory Project - Fortran Source Codes and more:
Fortran Tools - Open Directory Project:
Overton, Michael L.'s excellent works:
Pacific Sierra Fortran 90 for Linux and Windows NT:
Parallel Computing Research (CRPC):
Physics Analysis Workstation (PAW) Fortran Interpreter:
PGPLOT Graphics Subroutine Library:
PL PLOT Graphics Library:
PSPLOT: PostScript for Technical Drawings:
Preprocessors:   Coco Preprocessor, Purple Sage (Dan Nagle):
     Fortran 90 Preprocessor by Michel Olagnon:
Professional Programmers Guide to Fortran77 by Clive Page (excellent for learning Fortran):
Purple Sage Fortran Sites (Dan Nagle):
Python - F2PY: Fortran to Python interface generator:
Redhat Linux Free Software:
SLAC - Fortran at SLAC:
Fortran software of Richard Brent
Sparse Matrix Package, by Dr. Ernst A. Meese, Norway:
Sparse Kit by Yousef Saad
Statsoft - Electronic Statistics Textbook:
SUN and Other Documentation and Tutorials:

Tcl/Tk Tutorials/Cookbooks: ,  and
Tcl/Tk Developer XChange
Tcl/Tk Developer Exchange:

Tcl/Tk - Combining Fortran and Tcl in one program (by Arjen Markus):
Tcl/Tk - Fortran - Management of Interactive Fortran Pprograms via Tcl:

Tidy (Fortran cleanup):
Top 500 Supercomputing Sites:
TULSIM - Tuley Simulation, a package of random variable generators by Dr. Marllyn Boswell:
USER NOTES ON FORTRAN PROGRAMMING (UNFP) by Code Tuning c-guide, 1998 Lahey Fortran Users' Conference:
UWIN (AT&T Unix for Windows):
Vast/F90 for Linux:
William Kahan tutorials and written works:
Xeffort, A GUI (for Visual Fortran) free, open-source library for building GUI applications:
XFT - Extended Fortran Types Library by Jugoslav Dujic:

\XML Parsers - Fortran based
by Arjen Markus:
by Mart Rentmeester:
by Alberto Garcia:

X Windows,  Fortran 90 Interface to (free):
Yapakit - a Fortran  Editor:

Mixed Language Programming - Fortran Calling C and C++ Subprograms

Mixing C with Fortran subverts use of debugging compilers like Salford FTN95 FTN77 and Lahey LF95. Thus one is more wide open for subtle semantic errors like a subscript out of range, invalid subprogram argument/parameter matching, undefined (mistyped) variable, etc. In a certain sense mixing languages detracts from both portability and integrity of application.

If you still have or want to write a C subprogram callable by Fortran I suggest that you see  an actual working example:
For C++ two key references are:   and

If you are working with C++ and Fortran see:  Chasm - C++ Fortran 99 Interoperability Tools:

For information and tutorials on this subject also see:
  C Calls to Fortran Subprograms:
Run Time Libraries (various ones):
Free Fortran Compilers and Language Translaters:

Linux Fortran Compilers

Fortran Resources by Chivers and Sleightholme:
For various compilers, libraries, tools, please see:
Linux Survival Manual - a series of tutorials:
Intel Compiles (manuals):
Free compilers for Linux:

Imagine 1's F Compiler:   and
(F is a subset of  Fortran 95; besides the excellent sample programs distributed with F:
there are some packages developed to compile with this compiler; e.g.  ).
The install  also includes a C++, G++, and GCC compilers; see:

Fortran Plus:
GFortran for Linux:
G95 Fortran Project:   also  see
Eclipse/Photran (visual fortran) using the g95 compiler:
  Intel Evaluation Fortran and C Compilers:
Intel Fortran 95 for non-commercial use:
        Intel Support:
        Intel Fortran Internal Forum and Quick Login
NetBSD - Unix Like Portable OS with applications:

Commercial Fortran Compilers for Linux:
Polyhedron:  and
 Absoft Pro Fortran:
Information about other Absoft offerings (including 64-bit products and Macintosh OS X and AMD Opteron Compilers):
   vFx2 Second-generation Source-level Fortran Debugger for 64-bit Linux:
   DDT Distributed Debugging Tool for debugging parallel/cluster Fortran:
   Fx source-level Fortran Debugger for Windows, Macintosh, 32-bit Linux:
   IBM XL Fortran Advanced Edition 8.1 High Performance Fortran Compiler for Macintosh OS X:
   Fortran95 v9.0 High-Performance Fortran Compiler for 64-bit Linux (AMD Opteron):

Information about running Fortran Codes under Linux including links to Linux compilers:

Intel Fortran 95 and C++ Compilers
    Academic Pricing:
Intel Fortran Internal Forum and Quick Login
Intel Support:
Intel Fortran Support for Fortran Language Standards:
NAG Fortran 95:
Pathscale Fortran 90/95 for Unix  (64-bit):
Portland Group PGHPF Fortran 90/77  Compiler:
Veridian Vast Fortran 90:

Windows Fortran Compilers

Fortran Resources by Chivers and Sleightholme:
For various compilers, libraries, tools, please see:

Intel Compiles (manuals):

Free Fortran Compilers for Windows (and DOS)

HicEst  - A Fortran based interpreter and incremental compiler
Salford Fortran 95 Personal Edition:
Salford Fortran 77 Personal Edition:
G95 Fortran Project:   also  see
Eclipse/Photran (visual fortran) using the g95 compiler:
GFortran for Windows:
  Imagine 1's F Compiler:  and
(F is a subset of  Fortran 95; besides the sample programs distributed with F, there are some packages developed to compile with this compiler; e.g.   ). The install  also includes a C++, G++, and GCC compilers; see:
Intel 30 Day Evaluation Fortran for Windows:
Open Watcom Fortran 77 and C/C++:  (click Downloads)
Watfor77 for DOS (Also works at the Windows Command Prompt (MS-DOS Prompt):
Commercial Fortran Compilers for Windows
Absoft Pro Fortran:
HicEst  - A Fortran based interpreter and incremental compiler:
Intel Fortran 95:
   Intel Math Kernel Library:
    Intel Fortran Internal Forum and Quick Login:
   Intel Support:
   Note: Intel Visual Fortran for Windows will not install if you do not have Visual C++.NET installed, or a Microsoft product that includes it (such as
             Visual Studio.NET).
Academic Pricing:
Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95:
Compaq Fortran 95:,1703,7088,00.html
Upgrading from CVF to IVF:
Portland Group PGHPF Fortran 90/77  Compiler:
Salford Fortran 95:   or see:

Useful Development Tools

NOS source code for XEDIT is available free from:
Recommended combination of tools for program development is Kedit for Windows and CSDIFF, file compare program available at: XEmacs, which has a Fortran mode, is available at: . VIM platform independent ASCII editor that "recognizes" various language syntax:
Data Integrity short paper:


I acknowledge so many people who have sent me so many references here. In particular, the regular, seasoned people who post at comp.lang.fortran, the Fortran Information File by Michael Metcalf, Arnaud Desitter, (formerly) Oxford University School of Geography and the Environment, the Research Computing and Cyberinfrastructure group at Penn State, many people who shared their questions and problems with me, Arjen Markus, Vivek Rao and Peter M.Weiss.