The Religious Masterpiece The Passion of the Christ is an Epic Cinema Achievement of the Highest Order Gary L. Morella


My family and I just saw what I consider the most magnificent motion picture ever made.  All of the positives that have put out on this masterpiece do not come close to doing justice to it.  It is a religious experience of the highest order, and your faith will be strengthened for watching it.  There is nothing, I repeat, nothing to criticize in this movie, a treasure that will rekindle a lost faith on the part of many, and kindle a spark of the faith in the faithless.  It is Divinely inspired.  The acting is tremendous with the use of Aramaic and Latin adding to the realism that would have been lost with the vernacular in the same manner that a sense of the Sacred Mysteries has been lost with the vernacular in the Mass today.  The imagery of the Mass as Holy Sacrifice is unmistakable with the flashbacks that are used to the First Consecration at the Last Supper as Christ on the Cross is raised on Calvary.  Your heart will go out to Mary who is suffering with her Son, which is beautifully portrayed. 


The Passion of Christ is an exercise in Catholic catechesis.  It does not let us forget that there is NO Resurrection without the Cross.  It does not let us forget that sin EXISTS with it horrible effect on the Son of the Living God, the Savior of the World Who died that man might have a chance at eternal life.  It is the Supreme Catholic message of Redemptive Suffering in following Christ's example by picking up His Cross and following Him for the sake of our eternity. 


I cannot recommend this motion picture highly enough.