Mel Gibson is Putting Out An Olive Branch To Those Who Will Take It And Stab Him In The Back With It – Gary L. Morella

   Reports are surfacing in the national press that Mel Gibson is putting out an olive branch to his critics who will take it and stab him in the back with it. He is a courageous man who should be commended for doing what he did in giving us the most accurate rendition of the Passion ever put on film, as by all accounts worth considering, i.e., those who would not water down the message of the Gospels, he was as true to the New Testament as anyone could possibly be. Many of Gibson’s critics could care less about Christianity, which begs the obvious question, “What qualifies them to be critics?” Thus, their statements should be summarily rejected.  An observation worth considering is “Just where were many of these same critics when Martin Scorcese was blaspheming the Gospels by portraying Christ in an adulterous affair with Mary Magdalene in The Last Temptation of Christ?”  This group was quick to make fallacious charges of anti-Semitism against Gibson for doing nothing more than being faithful to the Gospels but was mute when one of the most anti-Christian movies ever made was released.    It is well to remember that the entire New Testament is anti-Semitic for many because of their rejection of Christ as the Messiah.   

  What is of particular concern to me as a Catholic is that many of those doing the stabbing will be pseudo-Catholics who could care less about the Gospel's message of the supernatural in favor of natural peace and justice social concerns where ecumania reigns supreme for a "lets get along in an earthly utopia" purposes instead of going to Heaven instead of hell, the latter being the only reason for the Church's existence founded by Christ upon the Rock that is Peter. Don't these ecumaniacs realize that there never will be any such "utopia" on earth because the devil never sleeps? Of course, none of them believe in the devil anymore, which means that they don't believe in Christ Who talked more about the consequences of believing in the devil than any other New Testament figure.

   The pseudo-Catholics that I am referring to are the disciples of Raymond E. Brown, buying into his historical criticism tripe that the Gospels are only inerrant when they speak of salvation, the rest being nothing more than the quirks of the writers reflecting the prejudices of the age, which is complete and total GARBAGE, and debunked by a careful reading of the Scriptures themselves, as pointed out by outstanding Catholic apologists such as Bob Sungenis in his current series in Catholic Family News entitled "Father Brown and the Demise of Catholic Scripture Scholarship - Part I", and Msgr. George Anthony Kelly in his book, The New Biblical Theorists.

   Sadly, these "Jesus Seminar" types such as former priest John Dominic Crossan, with the accent on "former", which speaks volumes, who was allowed to be a member of the faculty at a pseudo-Catholic University, which should also speak volumes as to the sorry state of so-called Catholic higher education these days because it is Crossan who tells us that Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, died a beggars death on the Cross and Whose Body was eaten by ravenous dogs in total denial of the Resurrection, are what passes off as Catholicism where the Gospels are reduced to being redactions of a "later faith community" who invented the Resurrection. Of course without the Resurrection there IS NO CATHOLIC FAITH, the one, true faith. For these types Christ's miracles never occurred. They were spiritual hallucinations of the aforementioned faith community designed to create a God that never really existed, per the eyewitness Gospel depictions. Their revisionist history is the ONLY history, since they are the experts. Thus, who are their critics to include the eyewitness Gospel writers to question them? How dare these Biblical Neanderthals do such a thing!

   The devil is not happy with Mel Gibson. He never is with people willing to tell the Truth, a Someone, not a something. And the devil will do everything possible to keep this Truth from mankind because the devil wants company for eternity. So be ready for the hysterical lies following Mel Gibson's Passion like the plague. And look to the Tradition of the Church rooted in Sacred Scripture for the Truth. That is where you will find the Word of God, not a bastardized version of it. Look to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, not those who consider the New Testament anti-Semitic or the John Dominic Crossans of the world.