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DIES Irae, Dies Illa, Solvet Saeculum In Favilla, Teste David Cum Sibylla

Student Art Exhibit Stirs Controversy Across The Country

Artwork Creates Controversy

Untitled Art Fails On All Accounts

Is Academic Freedom A License To Lie?

Values And Faith Of Christians Under Attack At Penn State

Discrimination Against Christians

Hypocrisy Rules The Day

Special Rights vs. Civil Rights

The Sorry Legacy of   "Always Our Children"

The Homosexual Indoctrination Of Our Youth

Colleges Have No Common Sense

Behavior Not Race, Skin Color, or Ethnicity

Just Who Is Suspending Reason?

The Holocaust Of Our Time

The Lie That Sexual Orientation Is A Civil Right

Truth Is A Somebody, Not a Something

Euthanasia Replacing Medicine

Partial Birth Abortion Is Infanticide

The Angelic Doctor Responds

Catholic Moral Theology And Gravity Of Sin

Dr Kevorkian And Assisted Suicide

Flawed and Defective

All Life is Equal in the Eyes of God

Clinton Propagated Lie on Partial Birth Abortion

Teaching of Roman Catholic Church on Homosexuality

Confusing Diversity With Perversity

Behavior Is Not A Civil Right

The Real Absence

Reinventing Religion

The Real Tragedy of Matthew Shepard

Another Attack on Catholicism at Penn State

It's Time to Call the Liars LIARS!

Freedom Cannot Be Divorced From Truth

No Right Exists to Objectively Disordered Behavior

Kant Is Alive and Well Inside and Outside of the Church

What's Wrong With   "Always Our Children"

Little Support From Diocese In Fighting Moral Rot

The Dangers of Syncretism and Indifferentism

Thinking of Humanae Vitae

What Kind of Message Do We Send to Our Children?

Superiors Are Not to Be Obeyed in All things - Aquinas

Metaphysics is a Divine Science

Every Human Act is Done for the Sake of the Ultimate End

Aquinas's View of Soul and Body

A Thomistic Approach to the Sciences and Moral Virtues

The Misery of Feuerbach, Nietzsche, and Sartre Loves Company

Student Safety Used to Promote Radical Social Agenda in Our Schools

The Mass Wasn't Broke; It Didn't Need Fixing!

Why the Coolness Toward Mary?

Aquinas on the Names of God

The Unity of Metaphysics Stems Atheistic Flashfloods

Why I Home School

How a Diocese Subtly Steals the Faith

Morality Has Been Hijacked by the Amoral Politically Correct

There Is Nothing 'Gay' About Homosexuality

We Don't Need to Respect Self-Destructive Behavior

Scottish Cardinal Fights Homosexuality in the Schools

Crisis of Our Time

The Influence of Machiavelli and Bacon on Modern Philosophy

Who Has The Better Message, The Catholic Church Or The Liberal Media?

Passion And The Structure of Society

Pascal's Way Back To God - An Answer To The Errors Of Modern Philosophers

Locke's Vagueness About "Common Good" Has Consequences

Hume's Free Floating Impressions Illuminating Nothing For Nobody

Kant's No To Metaphysics Is No To God

Kant's False Basis For Ethics - The Preeminence Of The Autonomous Self

Boy Scout Oath Makes Inclusion Of Homosexuals Oxymoronic

Fides et Ratio In Meeting The Crisis Of Modernity

Descartes Had No Further Need Of God Other Than To Set The World In Motion

Natural Law Answers to Modernist Confusion

The Natural Law In The Role Of The Christian Family In The Modern World

Penn State President Needs To Explain Why University Promotes Homosexuality

The Dignity Of A Human Being As A Creation Of God Leads To Obedience Of The Natural Law

Penn State Priest Blatantly Promotes Homosexuality

A History Of The Heresy Coming From The Penn State Catholic Center

Homosexuality Is Biologically And Metaphysically Against The Natural Law

Homosexuality Is An Impediment To Holy Orders

The Fruits Of Contraception

Natural Family Planning Properly Understood

The Dignity Of The Human Person Is Violated By Some Reproductive Technologies

Humanae Vitae, A Teaching Of Natural Law For Mankind

HOMOSEXUALITY AND HOPE: Statement Of The Catholic Medical Association

Free Speech For Liberals Means That They Can Say Anything They Want While Their Critics Must Be Silenced

Why the Case for Intelligent Design is Important

"Please Ask, Please Tell" not "Don't ask, Don't tell" Should Be The Watchwords For The Boy Scouts

The Dignity Of A Human Being As A Creation Of God Is Missing In The Debate Regarding Stem Cells And Cloning

You Cannot Benefit By The Wrongdoing Of Others A Basic Moral Principle That Was Violated By Allowing Federal Funding For So-Called Limited Stem Cell Research

Our Rights As Catholic Christians Are Being Subtly Stolen From Us Because We Have Become "Sheople", Afraid To Speak Out

Freshmen Orientation At Penn State Is A Cause For Concern For Christian Parents

Why Is It That People Like Alan Dershowitz, Who Don't Know The Meaning Of "Right" Know Exactly What's "Right" For You And Me, Demanding The Full Force Of Law To Enforce It?

Be Not Afraid Of Them Who Kill The Body, Rather Fear Him Who Kills The Soul

Purveyor Of Smut, Larry Flynt, Is No Hero, Contrary To What Penn State University Would Have You Believe

Antonio Gramsci Is Alive And Well In The Academy And The Fourth Estate In America

The Worth Of Aristotle's Arguments Concerning Man's Social/Political Nature

An Evaluation Of Yves Simon's Argument That Authority Is An Essential Function Of Government

The Primary Function Of A Political Regime Is To Seek The Common Good

An Examination Of The Claims Of The Few And The Many Concerning Who Should Rule

The Concept Of A Mixed Regime Devoted To The Common Good

The Importance Of A Higher Law Or Natural Law In Seeking The Common Good When Considering The Issues Of Abortion And Homosexuality

What Has Atheism Done For Us lately? The Answer Is Misery And Death On An Unimaginable Scale

The Obsession With Rights Talk Forgets That Rights Without Duties Are No Rights At All

The Folly Of Modern Attempts To Base The Life Of Civilization On Mere Reason Totally Separated From The Gospel

The Necessity Of The Church's Influence In Temporal Affairs For The Metaphysical Perfection Of Man For The Sake Of His Eternity

The End Of Machiavellianism Is Conditioned On An Authentic Witness To The Gospel

The Just War Is The Teaching Of The Catholic Church, Not The Extremes Of Pacifism Or Realism

The Sophist Legacy Of Protagoras Has A Mean Streak Thanks To Political Correctness At All Costs - Especially The Truth

Welcome To Philosophy 101 Where The Students Leave Defending The Filth Of The Vagina Monologues

Three Treatises On Virtues, A Good Topic For Lenten Discussions

The Warnings In St. Augustine's City Of God Are Relevant To America Today

The Wanton Destruction Of The Catholic Seminary System Since Vatican II Planted The Seeds For Clerical Pedophilia To Flourish

If You Do Not Assent To Church Teaching, You Are Not Catholic - Saint Anselm

Aristotle's Solution To The Problem Of Parmenides

A Comparison Of Natural Philosophy, Mathematics, And Metaphysics

Plato's Theory Of Forms Or Ideas

How Does One Go About Establishing Man's Ultimate End?

The Neoplatonism Of Plotinus

An Examination Of Boethius' De hebdomadibus With Commentary By Aquinas

The Major Differences And Similarities Of Anselm, Abelard, And Bernard Of Clairvaux

A Look At Bonaventure And Aquinas On Aristotle - The Relationship Between Faith And Reason

Plato And Aristotle On The Role Of Sensible Things In Human Knowledge

Unchecked Dissent From Church Teaching Allowed Children To Be Abused By Homosexual Priests

Director Of PSU Catholic Center Contributes To A Problem That Must Be Recognized Before It Can Be Solved

Scandal In Altoona-Johnstown Diocese Seminary Screening Process Is Exposed

It Is A Heinous Lie That The Present Crisis In The Church Has Nothing To Do With Homosexuality

Altoona-Johnstown Bishop Says No Crisis In His Diocese Despite Militant Pro-Homosexual Advocate Screening His Seminarians

Review of Goodbye! Good Men: How Catholic Seminaries Turned Away Two Generations of Vocations From the Priesthood

The Unnecessary Tension Between Faith And Reason Has Its Roots In The Extremes Of Fideism And Rationalism

The Church Must Undergo A Necessary Purgation For The Sake Of The Souls Of All Concerned

A Critique Of An Infamous Instrument of Dissent From Church Teaching - A. Wilhelm's Christ Among Us

If Something Doesn't Sound Right, It Usually Isn't; It Doesn't Sound Right To Talk About Our "Homosexually Oriented" But Celibate Priests

We Need To Make Sure That The Church That We Are Contributing To Is Catholic

Official Church Teaching Bars Those Inclined To Homosexual Acts From The Priesthood

Those Unable To Overcome Their Homosexual Tendencies Must Be Dismissed From The Religious Life

The Dallas Sex Abuse Meeting Proved That We Have A Bishops' Problem Causing A Schism In The Church

Statement In The Catechism Does NOT Accurately Reflect What Is Known About The Disorder That Is Homosexuality - Catholic Medical Association

Local Bishop Not Totally Truthful In Public Statements On Church Scandal

The Great Facade - Vatican II And The Regime Of Novelty In The Roman Catholic Church

Whatever Happened to the Need for Conversions?

A Commentary On Bishop Adamec's Defense Of Dissenter Jose Hobday's Appearance In His Diocese

Voices Of Deceit Masquerading as Catholicism

Can Science Survive in a Post-Christian Society

The USCCB Refuses To Address THE Problem Causing Church Scandals

The Connection Between the Incarnation and the Birth of Science

True Peace Will Not Be Achieved Until the End of Time Because the Devil Exists

Something Forgotten by the Peace Movement - the War on Our Own Children with Supernatural Consequences

Why Does Bishop Adamec Ignore the Catechism's Teaching on Obeying Just Laws?

What is Happening in the Catholic Church is not a Solitary Sin Affecting Only the Sinner

A Response to Bishop Adamec's Statement in Latest Issue of Diocesan Paper Denying That He Has Done Anything Wrong

See The Epic Movie Gods and Generals Before The Radical Left Censors It From Your Theatres

The Ottaviani Intervention: A Critical Study of the New Mass

An Open Letter to Senator Tom Daschle (D-SD) Whose Comments On The Iraq War Are Traitorous

A Commentary In Support Of Rod Dreher's WSJ Editorial On Why Didn't Sex-Abuse Scandals Stir Vatican Action The Way War Has?

The Vatican Is Becoming Increasingly Indistinguishable From Pacifists With Latest Statement From President Of Pontifical Council For Justice And Peace

Santorum Furor Shows Irrationality of Homosexuality Debate

"Gay" Log Cabin Minnesota Leader Linked to Violence-Prone "UsQueers" Website in Attempt to Intimidate Catholic Faculty Member at Penn State

It is Un-American to Censor the Traditional Family Opposition to the Secular Religion of an Amoral Belief System Which is Antithetical to Any Concept of Societal Common Good

The Catholic Church is Inexorably Ceasing to be Catholic as a Direct Function of the Sacred Liturgy Ceasing to be Catholic

Canadian Society Not Obliged to Embrace Aberrant Behavior as a Civil Right Due to Militant Homosexual MP's Temper Tantrums

Portrait of an Apostate Bishop - Mahony of Los Angeles

Response to Sodomy v. Texas Where Logic, Common Sense, and Reason Were Absent in the Majority of the Supreme Farce

There is a Much More Important Point to be Made in Regard to the Supreme Farce's De Facto Promotion of Sodomy

Vatican Document Clearly Condemns Same-Sex "Marriage" With A Powerful Warning To Catholic Politicians That Supporting Homosexual Unions Would Be "Gravely Immoral"

The Medical Evidence Alone Should Be Enough To Convince The Fair-Minded Who Are Morally Blind That Homosexuality Is Incompatible With Good Public Health

The Recent Vatican Document Condemning Homosexual Unions Reinforces Vatican Teaching Against Homosexuals In The Priesthood

Sodomy Decision Based On Fraudulent 'Science'

Medical Downside of Homosexual Behavior - A Political Agenda Is Trumping Science

THE Schism in the Church Which No One is Addressing

The Inevitable Consequence of Allowing Man to Become the Sole Arbiter of When Life Begins is the Court Ordered Murder of Terri Schiavo

Exposing the Media Lie That Homosexual Relationships Are Healthy, Stable and Loving

The Only "Rights" Never Talked About Are Those of the Innocents Who Have No One to Speak for Them

The Legacy of Cardinal Bernardin's Common Ground Seamless Garment, Which is a Rag

The Direct Link Between Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse

Vatican Official Finds New Pretext to Attack America - The Continued Embarrassment to the Church That is Renato Martino

The Meaning of "Salvation" Appears to be Evolving in the Catholic Church Where Natural Considerations are Supplanting the Supernatural

When are Catholics going to start connecting the dots as to the disaster that has befallen the Sacred Liturgy?

Mel Gibson is Putting Out An Olive Branch To Those Who Will Take It And Stab Him In The Back With It

If The Society of St. Pius X is in Schism, What About The Society of Roger Cardinal Mahony & Company Destroying the Church from Within?

The Religious Masterpiece The Passion of the Christ is an Epic Cinema Achievement of the Highest Order

Pro-Sodomite Verbal Engineering as Practiced by the Lunatic Left Media Led by Walter Cronkite

Scandal at Penn State Catholic Center's Affirmation of the Normality of Being Inclined to Homosexual Lifestyles Contrary to Church Teaching

Letter to Local Bishop - If the Church Is Serious About Stopping Abuse, Why Does It Not Stop Admitting Men Inclined to Homosexual Acts to the Priesthood?

The Sham of Protecting Marriage While Hypocritically Winking at Domestic Partner Benefits and Civil Unions

The Case Against Same-Sex Marriage

The Faulty Theology of the Catholic Mass as a Meal is Condemned by the Council of Trent

The Animal Homosexuality Myth

When Was Traditionalism Excommunicated From the Catholic Church? Where is That in De fide Church Teaching?

Who Does ADL'S Foxman Think He Is To Be Dictating To The Catholic Church?

Applying Their Passive Progressive Poison by Panning The Passion

Blind Guides - A Catholic Answer to the Blasphemy that Christians are Responsible for the Jewish Holocaust

Can Rabbi Boteach Get Anything Right on Faith and Reason?

Review of Vatican II, Homosexuality, and Pedophilia - A Timely Study No Serious Catholic Can Afford to be Without

Cardinal McCarrick Incredibly Says That Someone in Danger of Eternal Perdition is No Longer the Business of the Catholic Church

It's Time for our Lukewarm Bishops to Take the GATE (Galatians Anathermometer Theological Exam)

The Biggest Scandal is the Bishops Doing NOTHING to Correct Pseudo-Catholic Kerry

A Response to a Holy Week Anti-Christian Diatribe from Joseph V. Hamburger

Catholic Member of the Research Faculty Fights Harassment by Pro-Sodomites on Campus by Contacting Penn State Administration

A Response to the Lie that the Sin of Sodom was Inhospitality

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

The Genesis of Hate Crimes Legislation from a Catholic Perspective

The Maddening Spin to Make the USCCB Colorado Decision into Something that It Is Not

The Catholic Church Does NOT Permit Voting for Those Who Are Pro-Baby Killing Under ANY Circumstances

The Devil is in the Details of Dialogue

Let's Get One Thing Straight - John Kerry is NO Catholic, PERIOD!

The Lesser of Two Evils is Still Evil!

The Forgotten Teaching of Casti Connubii

The Response to the Assault on Faith and Reason Must be Rooted in Catholic Philosophy

The Hypocrisy of the Christian-God-Mocking-Clintons Preaching Christianity

A Catholic's Choice in this Election

We Are Losing Sight of Why We Were Created

John Kerry, the Apostate Altar Boy

An Answer to WND Les Kinsolving's Irrational Criticism of ALL President Judie Brown

Where is the Church in Illinois in Condemning Legislative Atrocities Promoting Sodomite "Rights"?

Catholic Philosophy Responds to the Modernist Assault on Faith and Reason - A Detailed Blueprint for Catholic Action

The Atrocity Being Committed Against Terri Schindler-Schiavo

What is at Stake with the Papal Conclave to Elect a New Pope

The Living Will Makes You a Clear and Easy Target to be Euthanized

Let's Tell It Like It Is in the Matter of George Felos Regarding Terri Schindler-Schiavo

A Review of The Church Confronts Modernity by Thomas E. Woods Jr.

The Confusion of Vatican II - What Can Ultimately Be True and Holy in Religions Which Worship False Gods?

What We Owe the Monks - A Response to an Ignorant Anti-Catholic Rant from John A. Shaffer

Why is the Church Allowing Herself to be Tried in a Canadian Kangaroo Court?

To Irrationally Promote Aberrant Behavior Does Not Speak Well for Penn State's Leadership

A Reply to Phillip McReynold's Letter on a Changed Concept of Marriage

How Can You Be a "Church of Christ" When You Blaspheme His Teachings?

The Canadian Canard - The Genesis of Canada's Descent into hell

We Want a Supreme Court, Not a Supreme "Farce" - Some History Worth Revisiting; Else, It Might Be Repeated!

The Taize Debacle

Refuting Homosexuals who Use the Bible to Defend Homosexuality

An Open Letter to the President of the University of Notre Dame

Papal Knighthood Given to a Jewish Rabbi

A Review of Wolves Among the Ruins

Children Are Not Trophies for the "Junk Science" Mainstreaming of Unnatural Lifestyles

The Oxymoronic Concept of Homosexual Parenting Debunked by the American College of Pediatricians Among Others

Two Differing Obituaries for Dr. Charles Socarides - the Truth from NARTH Contrasted with the Lies from an Advocate of Adult-Child Sex in the NYT

US Bishops Wanted Delay on Vatican Document on Homosexuality

Pray for the New President of the University of Notre Dame

How Can You be Considered a Priest When You Give No Evidence of Being Catholic?

Rome Just Does Not Get It Regarding the Gravity of Allowing Men with Homosexual Inclinations Into the Priesthood

A Response to Catholic Frauds in Congress Who Scandalously Issued Letter Defending Pro-Baby Killing Stance

How Can an Organization Calling Itself "Catholic" Allow Sodomites in its Administration?

Just Who Are the San Francisco Board of Supervisors To Be Dictating to the Catholic Church On Matters Of Faith And Morals?

Eyewitness to Debauchery - Canadian Woman Speaks Out Against Homosexual Adoption

How Dare the Cardinal Archbishop of Los Angeles Flout LEGAL Immigration Laws?

Psychology Losing Scientific Credibility Due To Irrational Promotion of Homosexual Lifestyles Per NARTH

Just What Is It About The Principle Of Non-Contradiction That Is Not Understood By The Notre Dame President?

The Healthy Laicism of the State is Oxymoronic in a Catholic Sense

A Response to the Interview With Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais

Why Is the Church De Facto Glorifying a Kingdom OF This World Bearing No Resemblance To Catholicism?

The New Theology Leads to a Beatification with Idolatrous Rites

A Response to Christophobic Anti-Catholic Bigots

The USCCB Has Proven It is Definitely Not Catholic!

A Beautiful Spanish Christmas Carol in Honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary

A Response to the Lies of Oxymoronic Homosexual Parenting, and the Irresponsible Promotion of Homosexuality to Adolescents by a Penn State Associate Dean

Part II of A Response to the Lies of Oxymoronic Homosexual Parenting

Catholic Fraud Sean Hannity Owes HLI President Father Tom Euteneuer a PUBLIC Apology!

An Outstanding Traditional Catholic Lenten Mission That Will Save Souls

Since When Do Catholics Have to Check Their Faith at the Door Upon Entering Public Life?

The Health Risks Of Sexually Perverse Behavior

A Response to the State of Connecticut's Refusal to Apologize for the Persecution of a Catholic by its State Representatives

Indignation over Homosexual Teachers in Elementary Schools

Who Do the USCCB Bishops Think That They Are Kidding?

The Problem with the Denial of the Traditional Church Teaching on Limbo

Some Thoughts on Abstinence in the Catholic Church

A Catholic Answer to Another Attack on the Church in The Centre Daily Times of State College, PA.

How the Faith Was Destroyed in the Altoona-Johnstown Pennsylvania Diocese Under the Reign of Joseph V. Adamec

A Response to Public Dissent from Catholic Teaching in State College Pennsylvania

A Response to Roger M. Herman Who Publicly Disparaged the Pope

Is It Possible To Be Christian And To Be Gay? - The Answer From A Catholic Perspective

Incredible Scandal as San Francisco Archbishop Niederauer's Apology Covers for Sodomy at MHR Parish

Rational Societies Discriminate Between Right and Wrong Behavior

Just Who Made the State College Pennsylvania Borough Council God?

Chronicles of a Shameless Archbishop

Vital Organ Transplantation and 'Brain Death' - A Re-Examination of the Basic Issues by Dr. Paul A. Byrne

There Is NOTHING Catholic About the Georgia Bishops Who Will NOT Work For a State "Human Life" Constitutional Amendment!

A Libelous Attack in the Penn State Student Paper Will NOT go Unchallenged

It Is Scandalous That the Vile Play, The Vagina Monologues, Has Come Back To Notre Dame

Stephen Glassman Should Be Removed From His Post As Chairman Of The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission

An Example of the Apostasy of the Leadership in Purported "Catholic" Higher Education

Once Again It's Open Season on Catholicism at Penn State for Anti-Catholic Bigots in the Arts

Some Thoughts on Ben Stein's Documentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

No Catholic Can Support the Twin Antichrists: Obama and Clinton

The Annual Rosary March in Clearfield, Pennsylvania - A Little Piece of Heaven

Members of the Armed Forces Deserve Better Than Their USSA Critics in the Local State College PA Newspaper

The Latin in Patton

For Shame, Mr. Justice Scalia, How Can You be So Wrong?

The Illegality of the Roe v. Wade Decision

"Brain Death" - Enemy of Life and Truth

The Hysterical Claims of Gore's Green Goblins Debunked by Physics Professionals as 31,000 Scientists Reject 'Global Warming' Agenda

The Shameless Hypocrisy of the Inhuman Gramsci Disciple, Comrade Obama, Talking About Our 'Common Humanity'

'Catholic Support for Comrade Obama' is an Oxymoron

Even a Liberal Rag Like the NYT is Starting to See Through the Fraud That is Comrade Obama's 'Optimism Without Reality'

The Tridentine Mass in Patton PA

The Relationship Between Communism and Abortion With an Examination of Marxism's Influence in the U.S. Today

Major Problems With APA Claims That Abortion Doesn't Affect Mental Health of Women

Undeniable Proof That Comrade Obama Misrepresented Support for Abortion-Infanticide

Obamacide: Leaving Babies to Die AFTER Their Birth

Catholic Teaching Is Not Going To Be Bastardized By Apostate Democrats

Stalinist Obama Campaign Using Thug 'Truth Squads' To Censor Any Who Dare To Disagree With Obama The Omnipotent

The REAL Catholic Church is in the Modern Catacombs as the Institutional Church is in Apostasy

A Response to the Latest Christophobic Rant of Roger M. Herman in the Local Paper

The Hate Crimes Racket

A Message to Apostate Catholics from Archbishop Burke: War Not Same as Abortion, Democrats Pro-Death

'Perverted Parenting' is a Diabolic Evil That is Against the Natural Law of God

The Teaching of Saint Thomas Aquinas Makes a Long Overdue Comeback

A Catholic Rebuttal to the Mess That Vatican II Made - To Be a Sincere Catholic Socialist is an Oxymoron

Obamanistas Storm the Winter Palace

Liberalism is a Sin

$10 Per Gallon Gas Prices Destroying the Economy to Appease the Gore Green Goblin Climate Fantasies are Insanity

Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act 2006: Is it Unconstitutional Involuntary Servitude?

If the USCCB Was Catholic, An Antichrist Would NOT Have Been Elected

Sodomite Thug Tries to Intimidate Christian Activist

Living on the Edge of the Abyss?

Student Clearly Shows That Michael Moore's Idiot Nation Was Written By An Idiot

Boy, This Global Warming is Really a Huge Concern, NOT!!!

Civil Disobedience is the Order of the Day When it Comes to Unjust Laws That are Counter to the Law of God in the Moral Order for the Sake of the Common Good

Welcome to the USSA, The United Socialist States of America, Under Barack Hussein Obama

"So Help Me, Me!" - Obama, Oaths and the End of Constitutional Government

The Connection Between 'The Hope of the Wicked' and Jutting Chins

Regulating Evil + Permitting Evil = Confusion

Racist Obama Advisor: White Males Need Not Apply

The Fellowship of the Society of Saint Pius X (FSSPX) is a Gift from God to Holy Mother Church - Pope Benedict XVI Nullifies "Excommunications"

A "Terrorists have Miranda Rights" Approach to the Law is Insanity for the National Security of America

The Coming Socialist Health-Care Nightmare Where Death is Health if We're Not Vigilant

In Such Evil Times This is Where Real Hope is Found, "Behold Thy Mother" [John 19:27]

Alan Keyes on Obama's Vain Beginning Where President's 'Sweet' Rhetoric Ignores God's Justice, Authority

No Surprise Here as Obama Out To Silence All Opposition Per His Marxist Socialist Roots Following Alinsky's Guidelines to the Letter

Nancy (Margaret Sanger) Pelosi Proves That She's Unfit For High Office By Advocating 'No Children' As A Stimulus Package For The Economy

'Social Justice': Code Word for Anti-Americanism - Marxism's Influence in the U.S. Today

Contrary to Mainstream Media, Hundreds of Thousands at Giant Washington March for Life

The People Responsible For This Farcical Lie of a Stimulus Bill Are Robbing Our Children's Future, And, Accordingly, Should Be Impeached!

As a Roman Catholic I Find the USCCB's New Found 'Urgent' Concern With FOCA To Be Hypocritical

Sore Losers

Milton Friedman's Economic Truth Destroys Socialist Phil Donohue Who is Left Dumbfounded

Trashing The Common Good In According Error Rights It Has Never Deserved Does Not Merit An Award

Resist Now Or Rue It - Catholics Must Speak Out For Eternity's Sake

The European Society For Catholic Theology, In Bashing The Pope, Proves That It Is NOT Catholic

The Fed's Lead Slug Under Your Pillow - Tooth Fairy Economics - Sitting in on Bailouts 101

What Qualifies Opinion Columnist, Trudy Rubin, To Be Making Any Statements About Catholicism When She Demonstrates That She Doesn't Have A Clue In This Regard?

Caligula With A Teleprompter Needs To Be Impeached

Anyone Who Decries Deficits While Simultaneously Creating the Greatest Deficits in the Nation's History Is A Profligate Liar

John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi And The Rest Won't Receive Holy Communion From This Lourdes Chaplain. Not On Your Life.

LBJ's Great Society On Steroids - Gov. Jindal, Faust And The Devil

DEMOCRACY AND DEMAGOGUES - We Are Not Obliged To Go To Hell With Apostate Douglas Kmiec & Co. Who Arrogantly Flout Church Moral Teaching

A Tremendous Lenten Meditation From Father William Kuchinsky Of Romney WV Who Preaches The Truth Who Is Christ For Salvation's Sake

The Reward For Those Who Hope In The Lord As Opposed To False gods

Tyranny As Obama Seeks To Take Away Religious Rights Of Doctors And Health Care Providers Who Refuse To Perform Abortions

Catholics Don't Support Baby Killing Like Apostate Kathleen Sebelius Does

Group Calls For Pelosi's Excommunication


Obama's Executive Orders Reflect A Disdain For Human Life

Priest Responds To Assault On Priests In Columbus Ohio Diocese Black Catholic Newsletter - Barack Obama Is Not Our Nation's Most Outstanding Achievement By A Long Shot

Operation Rescue Founder To Vatican: Remove Cowardly US Bishops

Obama Is forcing All American Taxpayers To Pay For This Homicidal Research - Obama's Murderous Executive Order - What Should Science Trump?

Why We Elect Liars As Leaders - "A Nation Can Survive Its Fools, And Even The Ambitious. But It Cannot Survive Treason From Within" - Tullius Cicero

Sebelius Health Care? - Video Shows Why Sebelius Is Not Fit To Serve As HHS Secretary - Top Vatican Official Slams Choice of Kathleen Sebelius For Secretary Of Health And Human Services

Catholic Archbishop Trumps Obama On Stem Cell Research

Remembering The Dead Of Iwo Jima In Light Of The Tyranny That Now Has America By Its Jugular

What Obama Is Trying To Do To Wounded Veterans Is UNCONSCIONABLE!

Splitting Hairs So We Can Kill 'Em And Use 'Em

Just What Did The USCCB Think Would Happen With The Election Of The Godless Obama?

Harvard AIDS Expert Says Pope Is Correct On Condom Distribution Making AIDS Worse - There Is A Catholic Bishop In Scranton Pennsylvania

A Catholic Response To A French Newspaper's Attack On Our Lord, The Pope, And Catholic Morality

To Talk Of A Volunteer Program While Concurrently Studying Mandatory Requirements For Participation Is Contradictory - The Modus Operandi Of The Obama Administration

For Shame, Notre Dame, Catholic Universities Don't Honor Disciples Of The Devil - You Have Chosen Institutionally To Go To hell

WAKE UP AMERICA! Your Country Is Being Stolen From You By Communist Ideologues - This Is Tyranny Of The State Pure And Simple

Here Is A Response To Someone Who Loathes The Rich

The Knock On The Door - A Sitting President Of The United States Is Organizing A Political Organization Loyal To Him, Bound By A Pledge, Outside The Government And Existing Party Apparatus - The Historical Precedents Are Ominous

The Days Of The Life Of A Delusional Megalomaniac, With An Implanted Teleprompter, Who Makes Fun Of The Special Olympics - Sorry, Al, Global Warming Simply Not Happening


Flash: Obama's Teleprompter Identified - It's Easy To Predict A Global Financial Crisis When You Caused It Which Is What Obama's Teleprompter Soros Did! - Global Warming Running Out Of Hot Air

Obama Attacks Charities - Brainwashing Coercion Of Our Youth Bill MUST BE Opposed - Notre Dame Student Groups Denounce Obama Invite - Obama Gets F- In Foreign Policy


The State Wants Our Children, And The News Of The Day To Prove It

Behold The Picture Of Doria Gray, Dorian's Infamous Sister

This Is What We've Come To In A Godless America - A 'Thing' That Brutally Killed Four Policemen Is Praised

Human Genocide Taking Place - This Is NOT News To Those Who Have Seen The Prophetic Truth Of Catholic Moral Teaching Against The Contraceptive Mentality Of The Age

A Farcical Report Courtesy Of The Environmentally Insane Based On Global Warming Climate Change Lies That Have Been Refuted By Thousands Of Sane Scientists

To Promote Pride In Baby Killing While Calling Yourself An 'Ethicist' Defies Reason


GM Government Motors

Pennsylvania HB 300 Is A Terrible Un-American Coercive Bill Which Is Counter To The Common Good That Is Supposed To Be The Primary Goal Of The State - It Fails To Recognize That There Is No Such Thing As Rights To Aberrant Behavior; Else, Anarchy Reigns - Accordingly, It Must Be Opposed

We Are NOT Talking Catholics Here But Rather Apostates - Let's Get That Straight For A Change

Rise Of Sea Levels Is 'The Greatest Lie Ever Told'

Don't Like CFLs? Ask Your Pet About Them

Sexual Assault Case Again Proves Boy Scout Policy Is Right

Priest Historian Says Obama "Represents Greatest Threat Today, Even More So Than Marxist Revolution Of 1917 With Its Attack On The Family"

The Kingship Of Christ Vs. The Alinksy Presidency - Welcome to the USSA

I Highly Recommend The Outstanding Pro-Life Website Of Dr. Frank Joseph, M.D.

World Renowned Canadian Novelist Warns About Globalization And New World Order

THE Population Problem Is UNDER Population NOT OVER Population As Countries Are Literally Dying Out Due To The Contraceptive/Abortive Mentality Of The Age


Citizen Grand Jury Indicts Obama

Ex-Military Officers Including Top Commanders Back Continued Ban On Those Inclined To Homosexual Acts From Serving Openly In The Armed Forces - GLSEN And The Hitler Youth

UN Is Taking Control Of U.S. Land In The Name Of Conservation

National Disservice - Comrade Obama's Feel-Good Draft

Who Are The Real Homophobes? - The Gay Rights Lobby That Works Unceasingly To Advertise And Glamorize A Deadly Lifestyle

Should We Kill The Fed? - Pat Buchanan: The 'Creature From Jekyl Island' Has Made Things Worse Ever Since Its Inception

Gangsta Gifts

There Is A Word To Describe Obama That's Not To Early To Use Given The Disaster Of His Presidency To Date - Traitorous

What Arrogance These Americans Have - Either That, Or A Very, Very - No, Stunningly - Ignorant Man Was Just Elected President


Patton Church Brings Back All-Latin Mass

You Want To See The REAL FACE OF HATE, Check Sodomite Wayne Besen's Behavior Here

Answers To Questions About So-Called Children's Liturgies And Proper Attire For Mass

Some Thoughts On The Beginning Of Holy Week, Palm Sunday, April 5, 2009, A.D.

Demographic Winter Exposing The Lies Of The Population Control Gore/Global Warming Crowd Is A Crisis That We Can't Ignore

Obama Set To Fund More Anti-Christian Bigotry

The Plan To Destroy The American Oil And Natural Gas Industry DEFIES REASON, And, As Such, Is A Formula For Failure

The GM (Genetically Modified) Threat

Voice Of Catholic Radio Exposes Southern Poverty Law Center

"Obama Speaking At Notre Dame Is The Political, Sociological, And Theological Rape Of Catholic Orthodoxy" - Randall Terry

Behold: The Great Uhhh Speaks

Proof Positive That 'Race Trumps All' For Mindless Drones Even If You're A Disciple Of The devil, As Congressional Black Caucus Cozy Up To Dictator To 'Help' Obama

This Is NOT Promoting The Common Good, Penn State, Which Is Supposed To Be The Primary Goal Of The State

Look First To PRAVDA USA's Not Doing Their Job In Their Lack Of Vetting Of Obama When Assigning Blame For The Destruction Of America From Within

If This Isn't A Bow, Then Cows Can Fly - The Birth Certificate Story That WON'T Go Away

We Have An American Hostage Crisis And, Incredibly, OBAMA Has NO COMMENT, Preferring To Mess Up The Housing Industry Even Moreso Than He Already Has - Iran Says Running 7,000 Enrichment Centrifuges

A Tremendous Story Of Heroism On The High Seas Of The Merchant Service And The US Navy, God Bless Them All! - 'I'm Just The Byline. The Heroes Are The Navy, The Seals And Those That Have Brought Me Home'...

Tyranny Has Officially Arrived In America - Homeland Security On Guard For 'Right-Wing Extremists' Who Are Defined To Be Anyone Opposing Comrade Obama's Dictatorship Of Turning America Into A Communist State

Bioethics Experts Challenge The 'Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (2006)'

More Proof That Notre Dame Has Institutionally Gone To hell As Homosexual-Themed Events Blasphemously Announced During Holy Week Affirming The Acceptance Of Mortal Sin That Cries Out To Heaven For Vengeance

Canon Lawyer: Notre Dame Prez Reasoning Too Bizarre For Words


Godless Obama Wanted The Name Of Jesus Covered Up At Georgetown

Error Is NOT Entitled To Rights; Else Anarchy Exists - God Bless Pro-Life Irish Who Shut Down Euthanasia Lecture In Cork

Some Grave Concerns Regarding The Morally Bankrupt Social Engineering Agenda Of Barney Frank Who Couldn't Care Less About The Common Good

Obama Insults The Catholic Church

How Obama Revolution Came to America - Can You Say Gramsci, Alinsky, and Soros

The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America Creating 'Good Little Marxist Socialists' - To Heck With The Common Good Rooted In The Natural Law Of God

A Dedication To Peace Officers - To Those Who Protect And Serve

It's Not All About You, Obama, It's About Your Country Which, Per Your Modus Operandi, You Clearly Hate - Where's Commissar Napolitano's Apology to Pro-Lifers?

Remembering Lt. Michael P. Murphy, USN SEAL Congressional Medal Of Honor Recipient, At Penn State

This Story Is Beyond The Pale Where An Antichrist Is Portrayed As Christ

Attention: Lunatic Gore Green Goblins - It's Not Easy Being Green As The Laws Of Economics Cannot Simply Be Repealed And Benefits Still Do Come At A Cost

'We Are At War' - Bishop Finn's Gospel Of Life Convention Keynote

U.S. Becoming History's Largest Welfare State As Numbers Reveal Comrade Obama Driving U.S. Into Socialism - Obama Threatens Speech On Radio, Web, Print - 100 Days, 100 Mistakes

Take Away Obama's Teleprompter, And You're Left With A Bumbling Stutterer Who Constantly Contradicts Himself

Declining Notre Dame: A Letter from Mary Ann Glendon

Obama's Certifiably Insane Communist Buddies Like Cass Sunstein Want Control Of Everything - Sunstein Sees Web As Anti-Democratic, Proposed 24-Hour Delay On Sending E-mail

Violating The Code Of Ethics

Behold, The Greatest Orator Of ALL Time Per PRAVDA USA

Catholic Bishop Speaks Out Against Sexual Perversion, In Particular, The Oxymoronic Concept Of Homosexual Marriage

Why Comrade Obama Is Trying To Neutralize the Catholic Church By Seeking The Support Of Heretical Apostates Masquerading As Catholic

The Thuggery Of The Obama White House Threatening Any, Abiding By The Just Laws Of The Land, Who Dare Oppose It

For The Vatican Paper To Assert That 'Obama's First 100 Days Wasn't All That Bad,' Is The Height Of Apostasy

As Judge Robert Bork Has Pointed Out In Slouching Towards Gomorrah, "It Is Ironic That Our Supposed 'Freedom' To Choose Death Has Made It Far Easier For Others To Choose Our Death, As The Autonomy Is Often Theirs, Not Ours"

Global Warming Arguments Lack Proper Evidence, Logic

A Hard Tyranny Rears Its Ugly Head Under Comrade Obama

Beware: Comrade Obama's Version Of Health Care Could Very Easily Be Euthanasia For Those Who Have A Duty To Die

Why Is The Government GPSing Our Homes?

There ARE CATHOLICS In More Than Name Only At Notre Dame Who Are Fighting For Her Soul And Theirs

AXIOM: A Military Hamstrung By Politicians And Their Lawyers In The Field Is INCAPABLE Of National Defense

A Look Into The Mind Of A Megalomaniacal Narcissist-In-Chief: Why Obama Thinks He's 'The One'

Notre Dame's 40+ Year History Of Unfaithfulness To The Church

A Sane Society Is Not Obliged To Accept Aberrant Behavior Under Force Of Law, The Common Good Be Damned

Video Message From Father John Corapi On The Notre Dame Scandal

The Obama Administration Vs. The Christian Conscience

Obama's First 100 Days: The Anti-Life Plan Is Now Established

The Teachings Of The Catholic Church Against Comrade Obama's Culture-Of-ETERNAL-Death

To Irrationally Argue That 'Rights' to Baby Killing And Aberrant Behavior Exist Are The Rants Of A Lunatic Fringe Who Couldn't Care Less About The Common Good

Obama's Health Care Quackery

The Cold, Cold Health Care of Barak Hussein Obama With His Unconscionable NON-Support of BAIPA Revisited

Billions For ACORN And The Unions Who Are Obama's Political Base, But The Families Of Our Slain Police Officers And Wounded Military Veterans Are A Much Lower Priority

You Oppose Don Obama, You're A Traitor And Deserve To Die, Per Wanda Sykes At White House Correspondents' Dinner

Notre Dame: A Timeline Of Dissent From Catholic Magisterial Teaching On Faith And Morals

How Dare You Question The Fed - The Brave New World Of Government Finance

Anyone Who Remotely Gives An Apology For The Likes Of An Antichrist Like Obama Cannot Be Considered Catholic, PERIOD

Archbishop Burke: Catholics Could NOT Have Voted For Obama With 'Clear Conscience'

Scandal As Vatican Newspaper Incredibly Persists In Singing The Praises Of An Antichrist - With Friends Like L'Osservatore Romano, Who Needs Enemies?

Notre Dame's Trustees Couldn't Care Less About Catholicism Or Obeying The Law, For That Matter, With Some Liking Communism - They're Too Busy Worshiping The False god Comrade Obama

'Gay Gene' Claim Suddenly Vanishes

ACORN Born In Leftist Revolution - Funded Heavily By George Soros

'Smoking Gun' Leaves Holes In CO2 Debate - EPA Criticized For Findings Based On Politics, Not Science

Looks Like Emanuel And Axelrod Were The Ghost Writers For The Notre Dame Degree To Be Conferred On Obama, Which Reads Like A Sophomoric Idolatrous Campaign Plug

U.S. Seminaries: Condition Stabilized! Really? See The Comments Of stlouisix Following This Article

Pedophile Ringleader Was Top Advisor To Scottish Government On Homosexuality And Children

'In Conscience I Can No Longer Support Notre Dame As A Catholic College - I Am Deeply Offended How You Treat My Wife Of 54 Years, The Church I Love Whose Head Is Jesus Christ' [Bishop Emeritus of Amarillo]

'Gay' Pundit Says 'Hate Crimes' A Scam - 'There's Utter Evil Coming Out Of Congress'

Notre Dame, What A Pitiful Wretch You Are For Arresting Priests Who Did Nothing More Than Defend Our Lady On Your Campus Against The Abomination Of Honoring An Antichrist

Notre Dame Has Chosen The Prestige Of A World Ruled By The Father-Of-Lies Instead Of The Truth Who Is Christ Proving That Notre Dame Is NOT Catholic

Judases At Notre Dame Honor A Pathological Lying Antichrist - You Worship Obama, You're OK - You Protest Obama, You're A Criminal - Catholicism Died At Notre Dame With The Hesburgh Presidency

Girl Scouts Exposed: Lessons In Lesbianism - Communists, Radical Feminists Cited As Role Models For Troops

Stop Federal Funding Of NEEDLESS Human Embryonic Stem Cell Experimentation Per Comment Requested By NIH No Later Than May 26, 2009

Why Obama Really Voted For Infanticide - More Important To Protect Abortion Doctors Than The Child

The Fact That Human Production Of CO2 Causing Global Warming Or Climate Change Is The Biggest Deception In History Matters Not To The Communist Ideologues Who Are Destroying America From Within

Where Were Those Who Now Decry Waterboarding As Torture When The State Starved Terri Schindler Schiavo To Death? - Mercy For The Terrorist: Death To Terri Schiavo

'We Also Have The Duty To Avoid Prostituting Our Catholic Identity By Appeals To Phony Dialogue That Mask An Abdication Of Our Moral Witness' - Archbishop Chaput On Notre Dame And The Issues That Remain

Here's A Story About Notre Dame That Didn't Make PRAVDA USA In Regard To The Scope Of The Opposition To Comrade Obama

Communist Ideologue Obama To Control EVERYTHING - Killing Both People And Car Companies

Without Mankind, The Earth Is A Huge Rock Circling The Sun, Devoid Of Purpose - Without God, Mankind Ceases To Exist

Notre Dame's Other Commencement Honoree Conferred By God

As Memorial Day, May 25, 2009 A.D. Approaches, The Big Guns Of The Battleship, U.S.S. Pennsylvania BB-38, Come Home


'Obama Apparently Thought It Was Important To Affirm A Woman's Critical Right To Fourth-Trimester Abortions'

A Silver-Tongued Devil - Obama's Call For 'Common Ground' On Baby Killing Is Absurd

Catholics Don't Debate Whether Or Not Going To hell Is Acceptable; Apostates Do

Why Obama Is Not My President

The Great Ethanol Scam: Dud Fuel Destroys Engine

A Fitting Tribute To Our Fallen Heroes On Memorial Day - Til The Last Shot's Fired

Comrade Obama: Top Red's Dream Come True - Communist Party Official Shares White House's Ambitious Agenda - Obama's Talent For Nonsense

Comrade Obama Laughing As America Burns - Makes His First U.S. Supreme Court Pick Who Has A TERRIBLE Record As A Circuit Court Judge Of Being REVERSED By SCOTUS Over And Over Again, Over 1/2 Of Her Decisions Being Struck Down

Douglas Kmiec Has No Credibility Whatsoever Because He Gives No Indication Of Being Capable Of Rational Thought

Judge Sonia Sotomayor, A Judge Too Far

If Views Of Pro-Life Notre Dame Officials And Professors Were Suppressed On Obama, How Can Notre Dame's Bishop Not Formally Declare That UND CEASES To Be Catholic?

Comrade Obama Is A Wannabe Dictator Whose Every Command MUST Be Obeyed Or Else - Listen To This Liberal Commentary As Even The Radical Lunatic Left Is Now Concerned

Comrade Obama Has Accelerated The Ability Of Sexual Perverts To Brainwash Our Children - Policies Of Sodomite Activist Named To Senior Post In Education Department Must Be Opposed For The Sake Of The Common Good

Some Thoughts On The Death Of George Tiller

Blacks Speak Out Against Obama And Plantation Politics - Obama To Poor Blacks, 'Stay Poor'


The 'Green' Communist Agenda - Obama Administration's Incompetence Is Grave National Security Risk - Who Will Tell The People About What The Monster State Is Doing To Them? - 49 Million to Five

The Catholic Church And The Culture Of Death Cannot Coexist In The Same World - In Brazil, A Great Victory For The Culture-Of-ETERNAL-Life

Notre Dame Alumni Report Feeling Disenfranchised - Concerned Students Are Not Learning Catechesis

Newsweek Editor: Obama Is 'Sort Of god' - GOD: 'I Am The Lord Thy God, Thou Shalt Not Have Strange gods Before Me'

White House 'Comfortable' With Anti-Catholic Homosexual Activist On Joke Of 'Faith Counsel'

Comrade Obama's Socialist Revolution - Another Day, Another 'Certifiably Insane' Czar With Unlimited Power From Comrade Obama As America Is Turned Into A Communist State

D-Day Remembered On Its 65th Anniversary - Don't Throw Away What These Men Fought So Hard And Died For Because To Do So Would Be Criminal

It is Undeniable That Comrade Obama Is Remaking America Into Socialism

Outrage Over Pro-Sodomite Anti-Religious Bigot Jennings Appointment At Dept. Of Education - "Obama's Global Warming Bill Is 'Patently Absurd'"

Scandal As Pro-Life Catholic Group Responds To New Study Showing More Catholic Abortions

A Triumph For The Military Over The Enemy Of Moral Relativism As 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Upheld

Sic Transit Gloria - Goodbye Notre Dame, Thanks For The Memory

The Truth About Oxymoronic 'Homosexual Parenting' - The Lies Of The Pro-Homosexual Movement Continue To Be Exposed

You Can't Insanely Turn Battlefields Into Crime Scenes - Making Our National Security A Criminal Justice Problem Is The Work Of Those Who Have A Contemptible View Of Our Military, Putting Our Bravest At Needless Risk Which Is A Treasonous Act

Where's The Outrage Over The Commander-In-Thief's Illegal Acts?

The Seeds For Obama's Impeachment, Moreover, His Criminal Prosecution, Can Be Found In These Links

High Costs Of Comrade Obama's UNNECESSARY Totalitarian Health Care Plan - America On The Brink Because It's In The Control Of Communists Who HATE It


Rosary Crusade - A Stunningly Beautiful Catholic Video To Give Real Hope To A World In The Grip Of The devil

We're Talking A Full Blown Dictatorship In The Making Here, Folks, As Comrade Obama Fires Two More Inspectors General - ABC: The All Barack Channel

Your Retirement: What Obama Has In Store For You - Is The Essence Of Obama-Care Really About Killing Off Grandma, Grandpa, And Their Unborn Grandchildren? - Less from the Unfit ...

Scientists: Obama Document Is 'Scare' Tactic - Obama Protects Cronies At Taxpayers' Expense - America's Enemies Are Emboldened By A President Who Apologizes For Being An American - Welcome to Obamunism In The Land Of The Not So Free

Spineless Laodicean Bishops Masquerading As Catholic Want To Dialogue With Lucifer - The REAL Catholic Church Is Standing Firm Against The Culture-Of-Eternal-Death

SSPX Ordinations And The Reign Of "The Vatican"

You Cannot Show Love To Someone Without Telling Them The Truth Who Is A Someone, Not A Something

A Perfect Storm Of Evil Right Out Of Alinsky's Rules For Radicals That Is Being Enabled By A Communist Press Is Destroying America

Google's Obama-Led Solar-Energy Hype Defies Reality - EPA's Own Research Expert 'Shut Up' On Climate Change - What The Liberal Media Aren't Telling You About Obama's Healthcare Plans - IG Fired To Avoid Embarrassing Obamas - Staged Questions For Obama Alarm Beat Reporters

The Senate Is Now America's Last Hope Thanks To Turncoat Republicans In The House And A Communist Party Masquerading as Democrats That Wants To Destroy America From Within

Judas USCCB Supports Comrade Obama's Destruction Of America From Within By Unconscionably Supporting Pelosi's Insane Energy Bill Built On Lies

Had Enough Change For The Worse Yet? - Obama Has Never Been About 'Confidence For The People' But Rather 'Control Of The People' - The Left's Global Warming Denier Deniers

New Documentary Exposes Direct Link Between Failing Global Economy And Demographic Winter - Obama Promotes Euthanasia In Healthcare Plan

God Help Our Neutered Military Being Put At Needless Risk Under Obama - Where Is George Patton When We Really Need Him?

The High Cost Of 'Green Jobs' - Scientists To Congress: 'Sky Is Not Falling'

Comrade Obama's Real Goal Is Empowerment By Manufactured Crisis With Sham Town Hall Meeting Infomercials Propagandized By PRAVDA USA Being One Of His Primary Tools - Obama Appointee Jennings Wants Kindergartners Indoctrinated In Homosexuality

Climate Change Gestapo Coming To Your Home - H.R. 2454 Is A 1400-Page Promise To Audit Every Aspect Of Your Home And Life - Man-Made Climate Change IS A MYTH

AG Holder Flubs Reasons 'Hate Crimes' Needed - Where's The Stimulus?

No Surprise Here As The Honduras Impeachment, The Constitutional Process Of A FREE People Fighting Communist Rule, Was NOT Supported By Comrade Obama Who Now OWNS Our SORRY Economy With No Buck Passing Allowed

Some Thoughts On 'Apostasy'

'Shame On You Peggy Noonan; You've Lost It And You Have Lost Me' From A Catholic Blogger Telling It Like It Is

The Ghoulish Spirit Of Margaret Sanger Lives In The Comrade Obama Administration

It Is A Lie That There Are 47 Million Americans Who Can't Afford Health Insurance

Communist Past Of Obama's 'Green Jobs' Czar - Will Congress Read The Health Bill? - 'It Is Treason Resulting In Tyranny To Rush Thousands Of Pages Of Law Through Congress That No Member Has Read And Of Which The Public Is Only Dimly Aware'

Chicago Posters & Citizens That Didn't Make PRAVDA USA - Americans Don't Have To Kowtow To The Demands Of A Communist Usurper Masquerading As President Who Deserves To Be Summarily Impeached And Prosecuted For His Crimes

Vintage Comrade Obama As His Surgeon General Pick, Regina Benjamin, Is Another Anti-Life Appointee Who Wanted Doctors To Learn How To Kill Babies In Their Mothers' Wombs - ENOUGH With The Garbage That Pro-Baby Killers Like Benjamin Are Catholic

Comrade Obama To Sodomites: "Welcome To Your White House." - Why A Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity "Hate Crimes" Law Is Bad For You

Crowds Flock To Procession For Fallen Soldier Along 30-Mile Route From Airport To Funeral Home - What You're Seeing Here Are REAL Americans Honoring A REAL American Hero - The Country These People Represent Is Worth Fighting For Against Those Who Would Destroy It From Within

Comrade Obama's Science Fiction 'Czar' - The Bureaucratic Monstrosity That Is The Health Care Plan Of Commissar Pelosi - Needless Hate Crime Laws Suppress Religious Freedom and Free Speech - Terrifying Tax For NYC Killing Small Business Owners

These Are The Actions Of A Godless Tyrannical Totalitarian State, Not The American Republic Under God Of Our Founding Fathers

Democrats Hiding Hate Crimes Behind Defense Bill - This Is The Most Irresponsible Congress In Our Nation's History - Where Is The Concern Of Our Purported Catholic Bishops?

The Audacity Of Manipulation, Comrade Obama Style, Where Useful Apostates Masquerading As Catholics, Enable The Dictatorship Of An Antichrist

A Commentary On The Disgraceful Autobiography Of Rembert Weakland

Looks like Comrade Obama Graduated With Honors From The Frankfurt School: Conspiracy To Corrupt - The USSA Steers Left on Honduras

MANDATORY End Of Life Counseling For Seniors In Obama's 'Death Care' Bill - Obama's Dept Of 'NO Treasury' Thinks Their Destruction Of Your Country Is Funny And Needs A Cartoonist To Get That Point Cross - Senate Vote For 'Hate Crimes' Sparks Warning

Shock: Inside The Death Care Masquerading As A Health Care Bill For The USSA Under Comrade Obama Which Has The Insane Peter Singer's Footprints All Over It

A Simple Cure For AIDS Has Always Existed That Is Willfully Ignored By Those Inclined To Homosexual Acts - Stop Living Perverse Sexually Promiscuous Lifestyles That Have Consequences

Comrade Obama, "Let's Not Get Distracted" Over Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Coverage In Health Care, As Baby Killing Is NO BIG THING for Obama, And Neither Will Be Senior Citizen Killing

Romney In 2012 = GOP And America R.I.P. - Getting The Word Out On The RINO Fraud That Is Mitt Romney

Comrade Obama And His Friend Are The Racists, Not The Police Officer Who Saw First Hand The Racism Against Him And The Police By A Radical Left Lunatic Harvard Professor Who's Not Fit To Tie The Police Officer's Shoe Laces

The REAL Catholic Church Exists In Traditional Enclaves Which Are The Modern Catacombs As The Institutional Church Is In Apostasy - Examining The Mystery Of God's Church

This Is Not About Health Care; This Is About Government Control Of Your Life - The Doctor Will Kill You Now - Catholic Nurse Ordered To Help With Abortion - Obama's Insidious War On The Middle Class

The Criminal Case Against ACORN

New Harry Potter Film Praised by Vatican Newspaper Which Evinces Nothing Of Being Catholic

Swedish Case Of Age Discrimination In Health Care A Warning About Obamacare - Michelle Obama: To The Manner Born - Windfarm Plan Means Very Expensive Electricity - Renewable Energy At Normal Prices 'Is A Myth'

A Beautiful Thought In This Vale Of Tears In Which We Live

"We Can't Expect The American People To Jump From Capitalism To Communism, But We Can Assist Their Elected Leaders In Giving Them Small Doses Of Socialism, Until They Awaken One Day To Find That They Have Communism" - Nikita Khrushchev

Obama Lied - The Economy Died

'OBAMACARE': FAST TRACK TO ECONOMIC SUICIDE - The Baby-Killing Industry Is THE Major Job Killer With Abortion The Biggest Fraud Ever Perpetrated On The American People

The Next Step After Communism - Ecology And Pantheism's Worship Of Mother Earth As A Deity By Its Green Goblin Disciples

Notre Dame, R.I.P.

A Euthanasia Mandate From Comrade Obama

BLOOD-DRENCHED 'COMMON GROUND' - The Useless USCCB Once Again Obfuscates Catholic Teaching Making It Unrecognizable As Catholic

What Americans Need to Know About Comrade Obama's Health Care Takeover - NEVER FORGET What The Communists In Power Are Trying To Foist On The Country - Reading The Fine Print In The Death Care Bill

PALLIATIVE CARE'S MERCILESS TWIST Which Can Have The Same Effect As Euthanasia

Obamacare: It's All About Control - Picture Proof Of The Absolute Fraud That Is Resident Barack Hussein Obama Who Cares About NOTHING But Himself - Obama: Where Have All His Records Gone?

Catholic Nurse ORDERED To Help With Abortion - Is Obama A Racist? From The National Black Republican Association - Dems No Longer A Party But A Criminal Conspiracy

Delusional Mitt Continues To Spin Quasi-Socialist Healthcare-Plan (Romneycare) That Established 50 Dollar Abortions As A "Healthcare Benefit" And Doubled Costs As A "Success"

Bishops Wrong: Health Care Not A Right; Medical Care Is A Right - Catholic Medical Association Statement On Health Care Reform

The Manchurian Candidate Deceiving America

The Health Care Reform Plans Pending In Congress Would Cause More Harm Than Good - Time To Go, Grandpa - Obama Can't Afford To Tell Truth On Health Care - Obama Democrats Will 'Fix' Our Health Care System By Destroying It

Commissar Pelosi Dodges Questioning On Health Bill's Abortion Mandate - Comrade Obama Doesn't Want To Get Distracted By Debating A Little Thing Like 'Baby Killing' - Obama Advisor, Health Care Architect, Criticized As Backing Rationing For Disabled - 10 Surprising Facts About American Health Care

Welcome To Nazi Germany As Obama Gestapo Calls For Informants To Report Anyone Who Dares To Oppose The Lies Of Obama's 'Death Care' Masquerading As 'Health Care' Program - IMPOSING DEATH IN A GOVERNMENT-RUN HOSPICE - PROOF That Government Insurance Would Allow Coverage For Baby Killing

Reference Page 425 Of Death Care Masquerading As Health Care Bill - A Summary Of What PRAVDA USA Is NOT Telling You About Obama's Horrendous Death Care Bill


Where In This Monstrosity Of A Death Care Masquerading As Health Care Bill Is There Any Indication That No Euthanasia Concerns Exist, Per The Obamunist Spinmeisters? - Easy Answer, NOWHERE!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Protectress of the Unborn, 'Completely Beyond' Scientific Explanation, Says Researcher

Sarah Palin Opposes Health Care Bill Over Abortion, Euthanasia Components - Calls Obama's Plan What It Is, EVIL - God Bless Governor Palin! - Union Thugs, Answering To Obama's Call, Attempt To Stifle Opposition To Der Fuhrer At Town Hall Meetings

Exposing The Heinous Lies Of Comrade Obama And His Lackeys About His 'Death Care' Masquerading As Health Care Bill

My Canadian Healthcare Horror Stories - A Message for Americans From Cathy LeBoeuf-Schouten

What Comrade Obama Is Doing Has Nothing To Do With Health Care Reform But Rather Is A Restructuring Of Our Society Into His Warped Image - Palin Firestorm Brings Fresh Scrutiny To ObamaCare "Death Panels"

Sarah Palin Doubles Down On 'Death Panels' Refusing To Cower To The Lies Of Comrade Obama - Death As Cost Savings For Obamunists - PRAVDA USA Covers Up Abortion Funding In 'Death Care Bill'

Physician Congressman Takes Democrats To Task On Health Care

Death Panels Already Exist, Health Care Bill Makes Current Rationing Even Worse - The Media's "Big Lie" About ObamaCare

No, Holy Father, The Crusades Were Not Misunderstandings! - Thanks For The Fine Priestly Example, Fr. Hesko - Tom Woods On Pope's New Encyclical

Sarah Palin's Troubling Questions About Comrade Obama's Death Care Plan

Healthcare Bill Section 1233 Co-Authored By Hemlock Society - Section 1233 Authors Are Major Proponents Of Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide

Canadian Doctors Blast Nation's Health Care - Beware Of Liberals Bearing Gifts - Comrade Obama's Communist Green Czar Tries To Shut Up Glenn Beck - Lawlessness Is The Obama Way - Amnesty For Illegals Needed For Slave Voters Is An Obama Power Grab - Mandatory Homosexual Lessons Rightfully Sparks Lawsuit - Obama Will Be Watching Every Move You Make

Swine Flu Jab Link To Killer Nerve Disease: Leaked letter Reveals Concern Of Neurologists Over 25 Deaths In America

Comrade Obama's Deadly 'Doctors'- Smooth-Talking Charlatans Then And Now - Euthanasia Advocates Authored Part Of Obamacare - Obama Plan Needs '$13,000/Family' Tax Hike - Town Hall In Missouri Mocks 'Climate Change Myths' - Town Halls Burst With Obama 'Plants' - The Moral Poverty Of The Southern Poverty Law Center Exposed

Exposing the Population Problem Lie - People Are NOT The Enemy Contrary To What The Certifiably Insane Would Have You Believe Like Pro-Abortion Obama Legal Pick Dawn Johnsen

The Only Thing Being 'Stimulated' By The Communist Thieves In Power Is The Destruction Of America From Within - "How Convenient That E. Emanuel Disavowed His Own Work Only After The Nature Of His 'Scholarship' Was Revealed To The Public At Large," Per Sarah Palin

Catholic Bishop: "No Health Care Reform Is Better Than The Wrong Health Care Reform" - Canadacare Imploding - Death Panels Charge Is Right On - Communists In Power To Ram Death Care Down Our Throats - Energy Workers Rally Against Insane Climate Plan - DOMA Under Attack By Feds - Immigration Reform That Respects Taxpayers And The Law

This Is What Comrade Obama Was Weaned On - VIDEO: Obama & Friends - History Of Radicalism

PALL IS A WORD WORTHY OF REFLECTION - Why Pro-Aborts Went Silent - Obama, Congress To Decide When You Die - U.K.On Obamacare: Been There, Done That - Coops Are The Fannie Mae Health System - Counterterrorism In Obama's World - Axelrod And The Corruption Of The Obamunists - Obama Escalates Dangerous Double-Game On DOMA

Communism In Action As Comrade Waxman Tries To Intimidate Insurance Industry - Ex-ACORN Director To Testify Against Group

Message To Notre Dame Board: Return To Catholic Roots

"PSU Instructor Says She Was Forced To Change Failing Grades" Per Report From Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

More Proof That Comrade Barack Hussein Obama Is A Pathological Liar Hell-Bent On The Destruction Of America From Within

Obama Wants Our Vets To Think About Their Death - The Death Book For Veterans - Ex-Soldiers Don't Need To Be Told They're A Burden To Society

Mission Accomplished! Did Obama Intentionally Nuke The Economy? - Obama's Plan To Desecrate 9/11 - Obama Health Care Would Include Tax-Payer Funded Abortions: The Deadly Secret Is Not In The Details - The Pro-Sodomite Lutheran Folly Of Voting To Overrule God

NRLC Right On Abortion In Obama Bill The Price For Which Could Be Literally Your Life And Those Of Your Loved Ones

Obamageddon - Obama's Agenda Is To Destroy America Before His First Term Ends, 2012 - Archbishop Steps Up Pressure On Obamacare: Funding Abortions Not 'Common Ground'

In 1969 Walter Matt Wrote: "Save The Tridentine Mass" - Tradition Vindicated

"By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them" [Matthew 7:16] - Ted Kennedy Evinced NOTHING Of Being A Catholic

Obamacare Sparks Warnings To Seniors - College Kids Recruited To Join Comrade Obama's 'Army' - Obama Wants To Appoint His Own 'Whistleblowers'

Canada's Top Doctors Pan Their Non-Competitive Nationalized System - Obama's Health Rationer-In-Chief Ezekiel Emanuel Blames The Hippocratic Oath For The 'Overuse' Of Medical Care; So Much For Doing No Harm To Your Patients Which Used To Be A Doctor's Creed

Who Funds The Radical Left In America? - Obama Must Be Recognized For Who He Is In Order To Defeat Him - There Is A New Anti-Free Speech Radical In The Obama Administration - Obama's Secret Police - Media's Pro-Choice Darling Called Humans 'Ecotumors'

Final Thoughts On The Funeral Of Ted Kennedy - Public Sin Calls For Public Repentance

Communist White House Czar Urged 'Resistance' Against U.S. - Obama And His 34 Czars Are Like Peas In A Pod - Doctor Reveals 'Dirty Little Secret' Of Health Plan - Obama To Brainwash Students Via Unprecedented Address - Ted Kennedy: Reagan's Benedict Arnold

Sarah Palin Vs. Dr. Death - Medical Care Is A Successful And Growing Industry, Not A Liability, i.e., You Don't Insanely Destroy A Health Care System To Save It - Obama Diversity Czar Wants To Hush Rush - Oppose ENDA Which Is A Direct Attack On Religious Freedom

Priest Rightfully Infuriated That Catholic School Showed Obama Speech - Cult of Environmentalism Takes Over Catholic Elementary School - What Happened To Notre Dame - Thoughts on Alinsky Organizing - News Media Duped By Obama On Abortion - Palin: Obama And The Bureaucratization Of Health Care

Happy Birthday Mary

Nurse Refuses Mandatory Swine-Flu Shot - What's Worse? Swine Flu Or The Swine Flu Vaccine? This Vaccine Is BAD NEWS! - An American Communist Is Paralyzing Us - ObamaCare And Catholic Social Teaching - Van Jones' Departure Inspires: 'Who's Next?'

What Will You Say When God Asks: "Where Are Those Whom I Have Entrusted to You?" - A Message To My Little Comrades From Obama - Obama Approval Numbers Dropping Like A Rock - Obama Lies, America Dies!


What They Did To The Marines Here Is CRIMINAL! Moreover, To Not Support Your Troops In Battle Is TREASONOUS!

Gov. Palin NOT APOLOGIZING FOR ANYTHING, And Neither Should That GOP Rep Who Called Obama A Liar, Which Is THE TRUTH! - A Communist Has Profaned The Presidency - PRAVDA USA Up To Old Tricks With Extremely Biased Polls Favoring Obama - What's Hidden In The Baucus Bill?

The Difference Between Liberals And Conservatives As A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words - Remembering 9/11 For What It Was, Not What The Obamunists Would Skew It Into

Comrade Obama Intentionally Ignores The Reality Of The Dire Effect That His Policies Will Have On The Country Because That Is Exactly What Obama Wants To Happen To Consolidate His Dictatorial Power

APPEASEMENT OR COURAGEOUS ENGAGEMENT In Separating The Wheat From The Chaff In Regard To REAL As Opposed To APOSTATE Catholics

Time To Go, Grandma; No Soup For You! - Pay Close Attention To Comrade Obama's Statements In This Video Which Are Chilling Reinforcement Of Euthanasia As 'End Of Life Care'

More On Civility And Tea Party Racism? - Soros: Republic Enemy #1 - ACORN Corruption Is UNBOUNDED! - A Response To Sen. Casey Who Only Echoes Obama's Talking Points


ACORN Caught In Act Again - MANDATED Health Care Coverage Is UN-AMERICAN - Don't Be Conned By Co-ops That Are Gov Healthcare By Another Name! - Constitution Trashing Obamacare Is The Biggest Power Grab By Central Gov In American History - Beware Of Bad Vaccines - OBAMACARE: Ending The Elderly - Keeping Up With Obama Lies As Big Tax Coming On Middle Class

The Truth About Swine Flu Alarmists And Their Calls For Mandatory Vaccination - Global Warming Lies Are Rebutted By Meteorologist - Perverse Curriculum Being Forced On Students - Kennedy Can't Be Defended For His Pro-Baby Killing Stance - ObamaCare Violates Catholic Social Teaching - Recent NRLC Rebuttals To Misinformation About The Pro-Abortion Health Care Bills

Community Organizing At Its Ugly Worst - Who LIED? - Latest Commie Czar Sunstein Says Obama Not Courts Should Interpret Laws - Obama's Twisted ACORN Roots - Poles: We've Been Sold To The Russians - Hypocrats - Genuine Catholic Concern That USCCB Will Be Conned Re Death Care Bill

What Happened To Notre Dame - The Apostate Catholic Connection To Comrade Obama - Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine

Watch 33 minutes Video On Protecting America In The New Missile Age - Obamacare 'Violates Hippocratic Oath' - Massive Tax Disguised As 'Cap-And-Trade' - Latest Lunatic Commie Czar Promotes Environmental Justice Based On Global Warming Lies - Valerie Jarrett: The Next Van Jones - Why The Elites Call You A Racist

Obama Prepared To Slash Nuclear Arsenal - Solar Activity May Have Greater Impacts On Global Temperatures Than Previously Thought, Correction, Than Previously Allowed By The Gore Green Goblins - Baucus' Cheaper Trojan Horse, As No Way Can Rationing Be Avoided

Open Letter To Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., President Of Notre Dame, From Professor Charles Rice On The Ongoing Hypocrisy At Notre Dame

Funeral Rites Should Be Denied To Publicly Pro-Abort Catholics: Vatican Official - Abp. Burke Criticizes Baucus Health Care Bill - A Heartwarming Story About A Down Syndrome Boy's Triumph At A Football Game

ABANDONMENT TO DIVINE PROVIDENCE - A Reminder Of Who Is In Control In These Troubled Times And What The State Owes God

Socialist Intervention In The Private Sector Is Not True Health Care Reform - Scientists Pull An About Face On Global Warming - Newsweek Sees No Problem With Killing Granny - Obama Science Chief: Abortion Can Save Planet - How Green Energy Kills Jobs - Budget Chief Contradicts Pathological Lying Obama On Medicare Costs - The National Endowment For Obama

Catholic Medical Association Comes Out Publicly Against Obamacare - How Close Is Obama To Complete Destruction Of USA? - Obama Throws Out First Amendment Free Speech Clause

Climatology Professor Shreds Typical Obama Rhetoric In U.N. Speech - Science Czar Says Constitution Backs Compulsory Abortion - End Federal Gag Order On Medicare Cuts - Axelrod In Lie On Health Care Competition

Obama's UN Debacle Was Disgraceful - 6000 Schools Embrace Climate-Change Indoctrination - Abortion Subsidies In Baucus Bill - Democrat Assault On The Moral Order By Shamelessly Promoting Sexual Perversion - Obama's Racist Commie Diversity Boss Says Whites Must Step Down

INCREDIBLE SCANDAL As Baby Killing Way Beyond Cardinal Mahony's Expertise - The Global Warming Fraud Under The Green Thumb Of False Science - Congress' Secret Plan To Ram Through Health Care Reform - Dr. Charles Krauthammer Talks About Obama's Ruthless Quest For Power

More Proof That The Catholic Campaign For Human Development Should Be Eliminated

Sancte Joseph, Terror Daemonum, Ora Pro Nobis

Obama's Sodomite "Safe School Czar" Tells God "Screw You, Buddy" In Memoir - Manassas VA Is Under Siege By Illegals - Dems Vote To Hide ObamaCare Bill From You - The Democratic Leadership Are Traitors To The Republic - The World's Tyrants Love Obama Because HE'S ONE OF THEM - Are You Missing Jimmy Carter? He Was Just Elected To A Second Term

A Commentary On An Annals Of Science Article Entitled "A Life Of Its Own: Where Will Synthetic Biology Lead Us?"

Antarctic Ice Is Growing, Not Melting Away - America's 'Cockeyed And Convoluted' Energy Policy Courtesy Of The Dems - Buy Health Care Or Go To Jail - The Dems Need To Be Tarred, Feathered, And Run Out Of Town On A Rail For What They're Doing To Our Country

The Ongoing Continuous Scandal Of Notre Dame's Apostate In Residence, Richard McBrien

Socialism, Not Racism - Obama Abandons Founding Fathers Dream - Global Warming Lies Exposed With Greater Frequency - Insane Sunstein Offers Radical New Interpretation Of Constitution - Atomic Bombshell: Iran Has Secret Nuclear Plant - The Rush To Pass Obama's Death Care Bill

Fr. Thomas Euteneuer: St. Michael, Defender Of Children - Patients In Purported Vegetative States Can Learn, Predicting Recovery

The Contraceptive Solution To 'Man-Made' Global Warming: Abolish Man

A ? For Congressman Smith From New Jersey - Pay For Mandatory ObamaCare Or Go To Jail - Different Presidents, Different Responses From Marines

Slippery Tactics: Obama Declares War On Oil With Huge Tax Increases In The Offing For All Of Us Which Is Par For The Course For Comrade Obama Who Hates America - Obamacare Puts Transparency And Accountability On Death Bed - The Most Immediate Threat To Economic Freedom At The G-20 In Pittsburgh Is The Concerted Push Toward Global Governance - The Demographic Bomb - There Is A Reason That Social Security Is Bankrupt - There Are Consequences For Violating The Natural Law Of God - Judge In Case Of Arrested Notre Dame Pro-Lifers Is Married To Pro-Abortion ND Professor

The Individual Mandate In The Baucus Health Care Plan, A Medicare Physician Payment Shell Game, Would Impose Punitively High, Regressive Taxes On Low-Income And Moderate-Income Working Families - Defunding ACORN Is Constitutional - Media Watchdog Has No Bark

Doctors Fed Up With Obama - Vatican Archbishop: Kennedy Funeral Critics Not Hurting Unity But Helping Church - NEVER Forget That There Is A DIRECT CORRELATION Between Homosexuality And Pedophilia - More Students Indoctrinated To Praise Obama - Health Care Workers Revolt Against Forced Flu Shots - Obama 'Safe Schools' Czar Promotes Sexual Perversion - Democrats And Media Fear Palin The Most

ZERO For The Catholic Campaign For Human Development Which Is The ACORN Of An Apostate USCCB Counterfeit Church That Saw No Problems Giving Millions To Corrupt ACORN Directly - Calling Out Apostate Kmiec

USCCB As An Instrument Of The Homosexual Movement

Where Have All The Stickers Gone?

Keyes Nails It In Regard To States Having No Rights To Contravene The Law Of God In His Piece Examining The Problems With Ron Paul Nationalists Going Astray - Federal Fraud: Porn Addicts At NSF - Obama's French Lesson

Memo To Leonard Pitts Of The Miami Herald: Before You Start Accusing Others Of Falsehoods, Look At The Reflection In Your Mirror For The Biggest Offender - Latest On The Senate Health Care Disaster - The EGO Has Landed

Reverend Mother Libertine - Enough With Apostates Masquerading As Catholic

Homosexuality And The New World Order - The Casualties Of Selfishness - Time For "Safe And Drug Free Schools" Czar To Resign - Fraud Obama Had To Rely On His Community Organizing Group To Supply His Health Care Press Conference Participants

Chaos Coming: If You Have High Blood Pressure, You'd Probably Better Not View This Link On Amnesty For Illegals - The Baucus Medicare Proposal Is A Grab Bag Of Large And Small Policy Changes Ranging From Benefit Expansions To Payment Formula Changes To Doctors - Oxymoronic Sodomite Marriage Being Forced On DC

Calling Out The 'Climate Doomsday' Frauds! - Inconvenient Censorship: Stanford U. Bans Skeptical Climate Film From Airing Interview With Global Warming Prof. Stephen Schneider - 'You Are Prohibited!'

An Outstanding Reminder That We, As Catholics, Are Not Called To Be Nice To The Devil And His Disciples Given That Eternity Is At Stake

Obama Dead Wrong On Doctors' Support - Obama's Inner Circle Shaping Up Like A Scene From Star Wars - Teaching What To 9-year-olds? - Disaster Of Death Care Masquerading As Health Care Masks Who Pays The Bills - Ice Melt Lowest In 30 Years - New Controversy Over Pervert Safe Schools Czar - 'Make No Mistake; We're Now In The Middle Of A Bloodless Coup'

Exposing Senator Reid's Plan To Sneak Through Health Care Takeover - Lunatic Science Czar Holdren: Ice Age Will Kill 1 Billion With The Proven Lies Of Population Control Being Holdren's Only Solution - FCC 'Diversity Czar's' Race-Colored Glasses - Scientist: Cap And Trade Will Hurt Earth - Ex-Gitmo Detainee 'Ringleader'? - Kevin Jennings Long March To Advance A Sexually Perverse Agenda

What Comes In A Cracker Jack Box Is Worth More Than A Nobel Prize These Days

Hundreds Protest Lunatic Gore In Chilly Wisconsin - Man Has Microphone Cut Off After Asking About 'Errors' In Film - RINO Graham And His Ilk Need To Be Exorcised From The GOP - Obama Not Content Until He Destroys Our Military - Michael Moore's False Teaching - Obama's Nobel For Fostering Socialism

A Nurse Is Frightened By The Significant Changes That Government's Proposed Health Care Reform Would Cause

The Second Vatican Council And The Rejection Of The Social Reign Of Our Lord - Wolves Among the Ruins

There Is NO RECOVERY From Recession Without Jobs - There Are NO JOBS WITHOUT PEOPLE - Moreover, WITHOUT LIFE, There Are NO OTHER ISSUES, PERIOD

How The Culture Of Death Was Brought To American Medicine - Remember Terry Schindler Schiavo - BEWARE Of Living Wills That Could Easily Be Your Death Warrant From The State

A Prime Example Of Why The USCCB Is A Mill Stone Around The Necks Of Catholics In More Than Name Only

An Incomprehensible Letter Exchange Between Ted Kennedy And Benedict XVI

Healthcare Reform, Bioethics-Style As Palliative Care Has Been Hijacked By The Culture-Of-Death

Check The Amendments That Went Down To Defeat In The Senate Finance Committee Underscoring That This Is A Death Care Bill - Obama Gives Doctors Financial Incentives For Rationing - Doctors Will Be Drafted Under Public Option - Obama To Destroy Jobs For The Poor In Appalachia - Russia To Peek At U.S. Nuke Sites, So Much For Our National Security - Obama Doesn't Want the Economy To Come Back

Merck Researcher Admits: Guardasil Guards Against Almost Nothing

Obama's Pro-Sodomite Agenda That Trashes The Common Good

Some Good News From Rome - Some Bad News From Notre Dame - The Triumph of Socialism In U.S. Requires Destruction Of Family And Church - Get Rid Of The USCCB And Start Over - Lord Monckton's Warning To America - Palin Rips Obama's Deathcare - Dictator Obama's Deathcare Bill Examined - When They Say Abortion Isn't Included, They're Lying

Introibo Ad Altare Dei In Saint Peter's Basilica In Rome

'I AM A PROCHOICE CATHOLIC' The Five Most Pathetic Words

The Incredible Arrogance Of An Obamunist Masquerading As A Rep Of The Chamber Of Commerce - Democrats Dying To Kill Us With Obamacare - ACORN Watch: Fight The Thugs - Muslim Dem Rep Ignores Teachings Of Quran - Obama Officials Love Mass Murderer Mao - Cap And Trade For Babies: One Child Policy Coming To USA?

HEALTH CARE REFORM AND THE POTENTIAL FOR MADNESS WITHOUT PITY - House Bill Would Coerce States To Allow Homosexual Adoption - African Archbishop: Workers From Western NGOs "Hang Around With Boys" To Introduce Them To Homosexuality - Doctors Refuse To Be Bought By Harry Reid In Ultimate Politicization Of Medicine

In The Shadow Of Leviathan: America's Arising Fear-Based Society, Courtesy of Comrade Obama, As Hate Crimes Bill A Dangerous Step To Thought Crimes


The Obama Stimulus Plan Is An Absolute Failure - Exposing Another Obama Demonizing Industry Lie As Health Insurer Profits Not So Fat - Obama's Hawaii And Chicago Communist Roots - RINOS Apoplectic As Palin Endorses Real Conservative In NY - Dem Leaders Plan To Block Vote On Pro-Life Health Amendment

They're ALL Communists - "Dumb As Dirt" Gingrich Wants To Support A RINO To The Left Of Obama - DON'T BE CONNED As Opt Out Of Public Option By Reid Is A SHAM - Kill The Diagnosis, Not The Patient - Why The World Will Never Run Out Of Energy - Worthless USCCB Now Wants To Stifle Dissent From Obama's Destruction Of America

Lord Monckton Destroys Gore Green Goblin Global Warming Climate Change Tyrants - Senator Inhofe Meticulously Deconstructs John Kerry's Eco-Hysteria - Cap And Trade Is A Carbon Tax Imposed By the Environmentally Insane Whose Ultimate Aim Is To Destroy Humanity So That The Earth Can Enjoy Itself

Priest Brings Good News That The Moral Rot Infesting The Church Is On The Wane

Baby Killing In Comrade Pelosi's Bill - Cap-And-Trade Bill Would Harm Families - Comprehensive Report Challenges Global-Warming Alarmism

A Dialogue With A Catholic Evolutionist - NOTE: The Term "Catholic Evolutionist" Is An Oxymoron

McClatchy PRAVDA USA's Purported Expose On The Sub-Prime Mortgage Corruption COMPLETELY IGNORES Its Root Cause In The Carter And Clinton Administrations And The Democrats In Congress Who Willfully Ignored The Warning Signs

Pelosi's Final Solution - Uh O! - The GOP Elite's $1 Million Object Lesson - The Message Of NY23: 'Conservatives REFUSED To Support Arlen Specter In A Skirt' - Communist Public Ed As NEA Raves To Teachers About Alinsky 'Guidebook' - Amnesty To Be 'Coup De Grace' To United States - Obama's Buddies In Praise of Marx

Maine Voters Reject Oxymoronic Sodomite Marriage Law - Obama Dealt A Blow As Dems Face Voter Backlash At Polls - House Democrats' Phony Amendment Claims To Remove Abortion From Health Care - Stopping The Tyrant Pelosi - Huckabee Losing Credibility - Using A Fallen Hero As A Prop

Pennsylvania Senator Casey Wants To Know What's On Our Minds - Let's Tell Him

The Obama-Pelosi-Reid Death Care Bills MUST BE DEFEATED As They Are Totalitarian In Their Scope To Make Slaves Of Us All To A Tyrannical Communist Regime That Has Control Of The Government - Pelosi's Plan Requires A Monthly Abortion Premium And Establishes A Rationing Waiting List


Marxists On Way To Controlling Us Helped By Duplicitous USCCB - Palin BLASTS Pelosi Bill - Common Sense From A Judicial Giant On Growing Tyranny - The Cold-Hearted Insincere Tone Of Obama Re The Terroristic Ft. Hood Shootings By A Jihadist - Obama's Ties To Islam

The Lies Of The Greens, Environmental Movement As Communism Never Went Away - Comrade Obama Nominates ACORN Activist To Appeals Court

Senior Democrat "Confident" Stupak Amendment Will Perish In Later Bill Version - Bishop To Kennedy: "Your Position Is Unacceptable To The Church"

How's That Hope And Change Working With Our National Security Going Down The Tubes Along With The Economy As Shocking Numbers Show REAL Unemployment Tops 22% - PC Destroying US Government, Armed Forces - What The Pelosi Bill Really Says - Our Children Will Be Slaves Forever

USCCB Enabling An Antichrist To Destroy America From Within As Pathological Liar In The White House Wants Baby Killing As Health Care After All - The Case Of The Missing Moral Authority - Some Headlines That Make You Shake Your Head And Marvel At New Levels Of Insanity Reached - Climate Of Hate As More Threats From Sodomites - Dark Secrets Of AARP Finally Exposed To Light - Cap And Trade Bill Is Fatally Flawed - To Quote Another Lone Jihadist, "It's In The Koran"

Once Again Cardinal George And The USCCB Do Their Best Judas Imitation In Supporting Obama's Death Care Bill - Some Things Never Change Regarding The History Of The Very Problematic Cardinal George Since Being Problematic Is A Mandatory Requirement To Be USCCB President

NATIONAL RIGHT TO LIFE COMMITTEE: THE WAYWARD WEIGH IN - Victory Or DEFEAT? - Some Disturbing Observations On Rome That Are Getting Increasingly Hard To Ignore Given That The Institutional Church Of Late Is De Facto Encouraging The Communist Takeover Of America By Radical Marxist Socialists Under Comrade Obama

Corrupt USCCB Has Ties To Obama Puppet Master Soros

The Snear Of Evil As Axelrod Signals Obama Will Strip Abortion Language From Pelosi's Death Care Bill Which Conned Stupak - 'Consensus' On Climate Change Is 'Fake,' Scientists Say - Terrorists Have No Rights On The Battlefield, Which, Thanks To Obama, Will Be America

The PA HB 745 Hate Crimes Law Is A Threat To Free Speech And Religious Liberty, And Is Unnecessary Because We Believe In Constitutional Equal Protection Under The Law

Get Ready For The Next Ice Age - So Much For The Global Warming Scam

Democrat Fingerprints Are All Over The Subprime Mortgage Crisis Leading To The Economic Meltdown Resulting In The Subsequent Trashing Of The American Dream Due To Obama's Irrational Policies Exploiting A Crisis To Suit His Nefarious Marxist Socialist Ends Right Out Of Alinsky's Handbook For Radicals

Soldiers Battle Own Rules Along With Taliban - To Put Our Military At Unnecessary Risk Is A Traitorous Act

Congressman Smith, How Can You Talk About Concern For A Humanitarian Disaster When You're Facilitating Same With Your Vote In Congress In Favor Of Godless Legislation? - Tyrannical Gore Green Goblins At EPA Silence Critics Of PROVEN Global Warming Lies - Himalayan Glaciers Not Melting


Will You Entrust Your Life To Congressional Fiat Or The Common Sense Of The Natural Law of God? - They Are NOT Synonymous

More "Wisdom" From The USCCB Who Take Us All For Fools In Suggesting That Homosexuality Was No Factor In Abusive Priests' Scandal Which Is DIABOLICAL

An Eye-Opening Account Of Health Care Lobbying - If Socialized Medicine Comes To America, Obama Will Have The "Catholic" Bishops To Thank - The Truth About The CCHD'S Bogus Fact Sheet

All The Demcare Tax Hikes From A To Z - The Cloward/Piven (Communist) Strategy of Economic Recovery Followed By The Obamunists

The Global Warming Scandal Of The Century As Hacked E-Mails Reveal Global-Warming Fraud With Top Climate Scientists Discussing Hiding Contrary Data, Marginalizing Dissenters

Obamacare: Rationing And Death Hastening Will Become The Law Of The Land - The Death Blow To Climate Science - Hacked Files Of The Climatic Research Unit, Global Warming A Deliberate Fraud

We've Figured Him Out - If This Video Doesn't Tell You Who Barack Hussein Obama REALLY Is, NOTHING WILL

Just What The Families Of The 9/11 Victims And Our Military Need, A Pro-Terrorist Show Trial With America To Blame, Which Is The Modus Operandi Of Comrade Obama Contrasted With Gov. Palin Who Can't Wait To Meet The Troops - Spell It RATIONING As Support For Health Care Reform Falls To New Low -  More On The Great Global Warming Hoax

Memo To Congressman Patrick Murphy (PA 8th District): To Defend The Kennedys' Support Of A Culture-Of-Eternal-Death Is Indefensible - To Masquerade As A Catholic In Doing So Is Scandalous

Navy Seals Are Arrested By Politically Correct De Facto Traitors For Defending America - General George Patton Would Suffer None Of This PC Rot As He Understood What A War Was, And What Was Necessary To Win It As Quickly As Possible With Minimal Casualties

Why Global Warming Is Not Science - Gore Green Goblins To Be Held To Account As What A Snow Job Corrupt Scientists And Radical Environmentalists Have Perpetrated In Collusion With A Discredited Stalinistic Media

A Political Who's Who Of Global Warming Liars - Climategate A Slap In The Face To Those Specializing In Junk Science - Gore's Lies Were Enabled By The MSM

The USCCB Is Pursuing A Strategy On Health Care That Pays Lip Service To The Pro-Life Cause While Playing Directly Into Obama's Hands

How Can A Responsible Governor Allow A Violent Felon To Walk? Four Policemen Are Now Dead Because Of Huckabee

A Very Small Man With A Very Big Ego Gave A Pitiful Speech At West Point Shamelessly Using The Corps of Cadets As Props

Beware The Jobs Con Of Pathological Liar Obama - Green Is the New Red As Global-Warming Hysteria Made To Order For Anti-Capitalist Militants, Read Communists - 'Safe Schools' Chief Recommends Child Porn For Classroom Reading - Next Use For TARP: Government Union Slush Fund

Understanding Climategate's Hidden Decline In How Science Was Bastardized - The $50 Billion New Socialist Media - Big Brother's Money Grab

How The Catholic Hierarchy Is Connected To The Democratic Party Of Death In Serving As Pawns For An Antichrist Masquerading As President

What Barney Frank Wanted To Hide Under The Radar - Enviro-Alarmists Desire To Take Over The Planet - Stupak Redux: Political Lies And Manipulation

Obama's Comrades Push Socialized Medicine

Report Of Obama Putting Our National Security At Risk In Blackmailing Nebraska Senator Nelson To Vote For The Deathcare Bill

Turning Red In The U.S. - Confirmation That Climate Scientists Manipulated Data To Exaggerate Global Warming

Thousands Demand Obama Dump Pervert 'Safe Schools Czar' Jennings

'Sounds Like A Death Panel To Me'

Obama Created The Risky Bank Loans As Attorney

SCARY HARRY HIDES THE DEATH BILL - One Climategate Email Trumps All The Denials - Pervert Safe School Czar Jennings 'Credited' With 'Heterosexism' Questionnaire

Communist Infestation Of America At All Levels, Especially The Schools, Has Resulted In Obama's DeathCare Now Being Put On Fast Track In The Senate - Library Group Defends Sexual Perversion - Enviro-Left Drives Another Nail In Humanity's Coffin - A Nebraska Doctor's Message For Ben Nelson

Palliative Care: The New Stealth Euthanasia

U.S. An International Police State - The Weapon Of Mass Health Destruction - 'Sordid, Gay-On-Gay Murder' Ignored In Marriage Debate - Holy Green Unholy Insanity - Obama Death Plan: Abortions, New Taxes, And Death Panels To Remain - This Is What Happens When Communists Are Elected To All Levels Of Government

"Understanding Obama: The Making Of A Fuehrer" Is A Prophetic Article

Mothers In The Line Of Fire - Women in Combat Is A Pro-Life Matter Of Moral Theology

The Painting - "One Nation Under God"

Just How Many 'Catholic' Bishops Do We Really Have? Not A Heck Of A Whole Lot As Evinced In This Mailing

The Great Absolution Of Racist Reid - Understanding The Democrats' Scheme

Vatican Being Co-opted By Gore Green Goblins Whose Well Documented Pathological Lies Have Been Embraced By The USCCB To Brainwash Catholic Children Via A 'Climate Covenant' That Allows For No Opposition

The Cold Hard Truth Regarding The Election Of Scott Brown In Massachusetts


Update: The Holocaust Of Our Time - Human Personhood And A Different March For Life

The Reason That Barack Hussein Obama, A Narcissist Of The Worse Kind, Has To Be Begged To Defend America Is Because Obama Is A Pro-Islam Communist Who, Having Been Weaned On Hatred For America, Couldn't Care Less - BEWARE Of Obama's Take Over Of The Student Loan Program To Control Our Children - Obama's Reign Of Error - Freedom From Rationed Health Care Act Needed To Repeal The Democrats' Flawed Premise For Government-Run Health Care - Press Still Lying About Terri Schiavo - Exorcising The Ghost of Che Guevara

The Sorry State Of Our Nation In January 2010 After One Year Of The Tyranny Of Obama

Shameless Jenkins Who Honored An Antichrist On His Campus Remains Utterly Immovable On Notre Dame 88

Death Starts When Life Has Ended In Making Well-Informed Decisions About Organ Donation

Judas Catholic Bishops Lobby For Obamacare, Amnesty For illegals, i.e., Bishops Are Lobbying For The Communist Control Of Our Country

Obama Shows His Open Disdain For Our Military By Destroying It From Within

Palin DESTROYS Obama's SOTU Lecture - Justice Alito Was Right - Obama Soft On Terror - There Is Obama's Lecture, And Then There Is Reality - Where Were Security Concerns In SOTU Lecture? - IPCC Climate Fraud Exposed

A Tribute To A Catholic Educator, R.I.P. Ralph McInerny, You Will Be Missed

Church Arian, Church Evolutionist

A Communist Masquerading As President Is Destroying America

Obama-Drooling Media Create Their Very Own Lame Duck

We Live In What Is Rapidly Becoming A 'Banana Republic' Under The Despot Obama

Family Research Institute: Our Take On The Prop 8 Trial

Defending The Constitution Gets You Attacked And Told You're Going To Hell In The Centre Daily Times Of State College PA

Penn State Probe Into Mann's Wrongdoing A 'Total Whitewash' - Global Warming Is Frozen Over

Who is Barack Hussein Obama?

No More Catholic Dollars For Pro-Abortion Organizations - The US Bishops' Continued Imprudence On Health-Care Reform

As You Read Obama's Pro-Abortion Record: A Pro-Life Compilation, Never Forget That Apostate Bishops Masquerading As Catholic Encouraged The Election Of An Antichrist! - USCCB Run By Leftwing Liberal Democrats

Snow In Washington Has Climate Alarmists Showing Ignorance Of Climate Science - Is There Anything That 'Global Warming' Can't Do? - What Cap And Trade Will Cost

A Message To Obama From The Pope: Bioethics Needs Natural Law

Radical Left Columnist, Leonard Pitts Jr., Can't Have It Both Ways

White House Preparing To Ram Through Abortion Expanding Health Care With Budget Bill - Sodomite Corruption Of The Country On The Fast Track - Where Is The Church In Speaking Out Against The Moral Rot Of The Obama Administration?

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE Must Be The Order Of The Day Against The Policies Of A Communist Ideologue Who Treats The Constitution As If It Doesn't Exist To The Extreme Of His Handlers Arrogantly Threatening Executive Orders In Lieu Of Legislation

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle - Protecting Children By Empowering Parents And NOT The State - Making Obamacare Worse - Criminal Probe Of Climate Change Frauds - Loose Cannons Play Right Into The Obamunists' Hands - Soros, Obama's Teleprompter, Wants To Remake World In His Warped Image - Military Muzzled Under Obama As AF Chaplain Disinvites FRC President To Prayer Luncheon For Opposing Sodomites In Armed Forces - Obama's PC War Is Killing Our Military

What The Popes Have To Say About Socialism - "No One Can Be At The Same Time A Sincere Catholic And A True Socialist"

Notre Dame 'Observer' Rejects Rice Column On Catholic Teaching On Homosexuality Underscoring That Notre Dame Is NOT Catholic


ULTIMATE TYRANNY As The END GAME For The Heart And Soul Of Our Country Is Here - People Of Faith and Right Reason Either Stand Together For All Who Died Previously Defending America That We Might Enjoy Our God Given Rights Or We Fall Into Satan's Abyss

The 'Mother Of All QEDs' In Terms Of The Exposure Of The Problems At Grove City College By Americans For Truth Due To A Very Problematic Faculty Member As Evinced By The Highlighted Portions Of A Letter From A Brainwashed Student

Fear GEAR: A United Nations Effort To Enforce Gender Equality - Boulder School Refuses Entry To Child In 'Care' of Lesbian 'Couple', An Observation As To What Should Have Happened Here

This Report Is A MUST For Every Concerned Catholic - The Catholic Investigative Agency Is Here! - The Topic: Saul Alinsky And The Catholic Church In America

WAKE UP To What's Happening To Your Country As The Pelosi "We Deem The Bill Passed Ploy" Is As Unconstitutional As It Gets, i.e., It's The REDDEST Of Flags For The Communist Thugs In Washington - Democrats' Scorched Earth Tactic Against American People - The Dire Effect Of Normalizing Homosexuality

The Health Care Debate Is NOT Over Health Care, It's All About FREEDOM Versus Unbridled Federal Power - The Truth About Progressives - Aka Marxists - Obamacare Slaughter Rule Is Without Precedent - The Obama Budget: Expanding The Welfare State And Undermining Marriage? - Per the CDC, The Very Real Consequences Of Insanely Promoting Sexual Perversion As Normal

The Reform Of The Rite Of Exorcism - The Smoke Of Satan In The House Of The Lord - Pope's Message To The Lutherans (Read the COMMENT)

Attorneys General Launch Lawsuit Backlash Against The INTOLERABLE ACTS Of Demcare - Demonstration At Vatican Against Pelosi; Excommunicate Her - THE Reason That We Have The Confusion Of Apostates Like Pelosi And Stupak Is Due Directly To The Rotten Fruits Of Vatican II

Submitted For Publication To The National Catholic Newspaper The Remnant - A Lenten Thought: We Get Nowhere Being "Nice" To The Devil Other Than A Fast Track To hell

For The Education Of Those Living In The Peoples Republic Of State College PA With Its Agitprop Tool, "PRAVDA Central PA" (The Centre Daily Times) Shilling For Obama On A Daily Basis

Why Are We Traditional Catholics?

The Death Penalty "Provides A Sense Of Justice To The System, Is A Just Punishment For Murder And Has A Deterrent Effect On Crime"

Proof That Obamacare Is A Death Warrant For Seniors, A Fact That Went Unreported In PRAVDA USA's Shameless Shilling For Obama

Judas 'Pro-Life Dems,' The Mother Of All Oxymorons, Who Switched Vote For Obamacare, Request BILLIONS IN EARMARKS - Black Conservative Takes MSLSD To The Cleaners - Dangerous Projects In Public Schools Recruiting Kids For Obama's Communist Agenda

Certifiably Insane Paul Krugman Says Death Panels A Cost Saver - To Heck With The Sanctity Of Life - How Democrats Make College More Expensive - CLIMATEGATE II NASA Data Worse Than Climate-Gate Data, Space Agency Admits - Obama's Controversial Recess Appointment To The EEOC - The REAL Che Guevara - Obama Lies About The Heritage Foundation Supporting His Radical Deathcare Bill When, In Fact, It Condemns It As UN-AMERICAN

Destroying America With The EPA's Carbon Lies - How Can Carbon Dioxide Be A Pollutant When All Life On Earth Is Dependent Upon It? - Obama's Socialistic Governance Is But One Train Stop Toward Wholesale Marxism In America - A Side Effect Of Obamacare Is The Trashing Of The Rule Of Law - Obama's Drilling Plan Is A Head Fake

Whitewash As Penn State Investigation Of Climate Scientist A Sham

Piercing The Darkness As Evil's Hour WILL Pass

Obama's False START - Obama Is The Biggest National Security Risk To Our Country In Its History

A Catholic Thought On The Second Sunday Of Easter 2010 A.D. - Shame On Cardinal George

Well Worth Another Look Since This Message Regarding The Evil That Is Obama Was Prophetic - Obama: Gas Us Without Fear Of Nukes

This Audio Link Describes The Danger To Our National Security Due To The Questionable Presidency Of An America Hater Extraordinaire, And Gives A Memo To RINO Fraud, ROMNEY, And His Sorry Ilk: Don't Lecture Us About Praising Barack Hussein Obama Who Has Foresworn His Oath-Of-Office Many Times Over

Obama Firmly In Bed With BIG ABORTION And BIG HOMOSEXUALITY, To Heck With Those Of Faith And Right Reason Who Can't Abide His Irrational Dictatorial Policies That Summarily Trash The Common Good

Why Social Issues Matter

Memo to Scott Brown: "Good Men" Don't Destroy America From Within - Draconian ENDA Legislation Unconstitutionally Pits Government Against The "Free Exercise Of Religion" - Another Soviet-Style Performance As Obama's NASA Speech Was Completely Staged - The Intellectual Pretensions Of The Left - Last in Class As Critics Give U.N. Climate Researchers an 'F'

Eugenics Meets The Pizza King - Ave Maria In The Shadow Of Auschwitz

When I Was In The Navy During The Vietnam War, What Obama Just Did Would Land You In Leavenworth For The Rest Of Your Life - NY Rep Slams Obama For Slashing NYC Terror Funding - Hypocrite Gore's New Carbon Footprint

Mann-Made Climate Changes - Obama National-Security Policy: Hope Their Bombs Don't Work - The Manchurian President

The Catholic Church Is Not Obliged To Kowtow To The Demands Of Sexual Perverts - An Insane Medal For Restraint, So Much For The Safety Of Our Military In Harm's Way - America Prepares For The Parental Rights Battle - Battle Looms In Senate Over Obama's Pick To Run Medicare And Medicaid - American Apology Tour Continues Under The Traitorous America Hating Obama Administration - EPA Pushes Egregious Climate Mandate - Warnings About Obamacare Realized Due To Catholic Negligence

The Hostile Spiritual Takeover Of Our Nation - To Be A Proud Democrat Is To Be A Communist, Given The Actions Of The Dictator Obama Arrogantly Flouting The Rule Of Law - Kagan A Lesbian? Why It Matters - The Cadets At West Point Not Conned By Obama - UN Coming For Your Guns Via Stealth Actions Of Obama - Foreign Terrorists Breach US Border - State Department Can't Seem To Get Its Fact Sheets Straight On Missile Defense - Soros Funded Group Urges Media Run By Government

Admiral Mullen Is A Disgrace To The Naval Service For His Unconscionable Support Of Sexual Perversion In The Military - Conservative Media Fiddle While Military Burns - The Rule Of Law Is Being Summarily Trashed By The Obama Administration To The Detriment Of Our Military - The People Fighting Back Against Obama's Destruction Of America From Within - Seniors Will Lose Big Under Obamacare - Courageous Priest Speaks Out Against The Evil Of Our Time

The Liberal-Fascist Axis - This Is Presidential????? Pouter-In-Chief Refuses To Speak With Arizona Governor As Obama's Actions Are Beyond Pathetic - Here's The First Concrete Evidence Of Global Warming: Deval Patrick's Brain Is Melting

Catholic Archbishop Speaks Out Against Promoting Sexual Perversion In The Military - We're Smarter Than God - A Call For The Resignation Of Barry Sotero - Carol Keehan Is The Apostate Million Dollar Sister - All Of The Obama Scandals - A Man Who Walks The Pro-Life Walk - Gov. Palin Remembered D-Day Anniversary While Obama Couldn't Care Less - NASA Charged In New Climate Fakery - Obama And The Oil Spill

People Of Faith And Right Reason Fighting The Tyranny Of The Corrupt Obama Administration For The Sake Of A Country Fit To Live In For Their Children And Grandchildren

53 Senators Who Voted To Destroy Your Country - Apostate Bart Stupak's Worthless Reason For Supporting Obama's DEATH CARE Bill Exposed - Pathological Lying White House Under Fire For Changes To Drilling Report - Gibbs Sidesteps Social Security Question - Obamunists Put Warning Label On Constitution - Lessons from Canada: Stay Away from Nationalized Medicine - Reid Pushes NEW Carbon Tax By July 4th To Go On Vacation - Battle Over Blood As Sodomites Demand Nonexistent Rights In Open Defiance Of The Common Good - Climate Science & IPCC Fail Legal Cross Exam - ACORN Poverty Pimpin For Dems - Obama Making Oil Recovery Harder - Removing Communist Influence From The Church

The Obamunists FINAL SOLUTION - Small Businesses Are Being STARVED FOR CREDIT BY THE COMMUNIST OBAMA - The Greecing Of America - Climate Splitting Dems - Traitorous Obama & Co Step Up USA Destruction Before Nov Elections With Complete Destruction Of Our Military Capabilities - The Relentless Effort To Control The News - Telling The Truth In Re To IVF - Birth Question WON'T GO AWAY - Exorcism And The Church Militant

GOD ALMIGHTY Has Already Spoken On The Meaning Of Marriage Once And For All - BLACKMAIL, As Obama Forswears His Oath Saying No Border Security Until Congress Passes Amnesty For Illegals - AZ Governor Not Intimidated By Obama - The White House And OfferGate - Lenin Lives - Obamacare Challenged - The Extortion Presidency - Rep Barton Owes NO Apology - Obama's Regime Change Of Socialist Control - The Insane Trash The Common Good By Calling For A Moratorium On Social Issues - Obama Inviting Another Pearl Harbor - Impeach Obama Report - Lest We Forget, Peggy Noonan Is A Fraud - Obama Promotes The Entirety Of A Culture-Of-ETERNAL-Death In Arrogant Defiance Of The Natural Law Of God

Black Christians Demand Rebuke For Unwise Obama Who Puts Militant Sodomite Agenda On Fast Track - Interior Department Extorting Millions From Border Patrol As Obama Holding Border Security Hostage To Amnesty - Obama Betrays Our Military In Harm's Way - Tyranny In America, Land Of The Formerly Free - Alternative Energy Is Not An Alternative With Employment Created In China As A Direct Result Of Wasting Billions Of Taxpayer Dollars On Green Energy - The Naivete Of A Nuclear Free World Ruled By The Father-Of-Lies - Obama's Thuggery is Useless In Fighting Spill

Judge Blocks Obama's Offshore Drilling Moratorium - Mexican Gangs Maintain Lookout Bases In Hills Of Arizona - Cartel Warns Cops: Look The Other Way - Senators Fear Lawless Resident Will Grant Amnesty to Illegals By Executive Order - The Mindset Leading To A Military Policy Like This Puts Our Armed Forces At Unnecessary Risk - The TRUTH Re Global Warming, Not The Gore Lies - Of Course It's A Shakedown - Useful Idiots Of Our Time - Another Power Grab By The Lord Of The Flies To Placate His Sodomite Friends For Which HE HAS NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER - The Kagan Baby-Killing File - Midwest Town On Cutting Edge Of Crackdown On Illegals Because Feds Will NOT ENFORCE THE LAW - What Obama Is Doing To America Is CRIMINAL - Day 563 Of The Obama Captivity

The Competition Of The Antichrists As To Who Loves Homosexuality More, And The ELEPHANT In The Room

Medieval Architecture - Stained Glass Windows, A Hymn Of Love Of God - "They Made A World That Helps Us To Fulfill The Great Adventure Of Life, Our Journey To Heaven, Our True Home"

No Free Speech For Those Who Disagree With The Obama Regime - Repeal ObamaCare: Yes We Can - UN Continues Drum Beat For New Human Right To Baby Killing - Obama Admin Launches All-Out International Sodomite Rights Offensive Led By Pro-Sexual Pervert, Clinton - Obama To Bypass Congress To Give Amnesty To Illegals To Keep Him In Office - Obama Continues to Impede Oil Cleanup To Pass His Fraud Cap & Tax Bill Built On The Gore Green Goblin Lies - Confronting The Unsustainable Growth Of Welfare Entitlements - Kagan Fails Own Test For Supreme Court Nominees

How Communism Works In The USSA Under Comrade Obama

Obama, A Radical Communist Who Will Destroy America, On The Verge Of An Outright Dictatorship - Terrorists Exploiting Insane ROE To Attack Our Troops As What Is Happening To Our Military And Their Families Is CRIMINAL - Disgraced Fannie Mae Deep In Carbon Scheme - Big Brother Move To Control Your Household Energy Usage - It's Time To Open Impeachment File - Put Paul Krugman In The Padded Cell Where He Belongs - The Financial Regulation Bill Debacle - The Kagan Rush to Judgment

A SCOTUS Decision That Is NOT SO GOOD As Recognized In The Dissent Of Alito, Roberts, Thomas and Scalia With Kennedy The Irrational Loose Cannon - The Drilling Ban Is Soros' Bonanza - Hypocrite Krugman Says We're In Early Stages Of A Depression That His Policies Encourage - Your Children Belong To The State - Europe Laments Welfare State As United States Turns Into It - America's Wall Rising

Who Needs Spies When There's A Communist In The White House? - CAVEAT EMPTOR When You Allow Communists To Indoctrinate Your Children

Obama's Counterfeit Catholics - The Catholic Bishops In America NEED TO PUT AN END TO THIS NOW - Elena Kagan's Sexually Perverse Agenda - How Oxymoronic "Sodomite Safe Schools Czar", Kevin Jennings, Pushed Homosexuality To Children In America's Schools

What The Communist Obama And His Minions Have Wrought - Six Months To Go Until The Largest Tax Hikes In History - FLASH: Obama Shuts Down 33% Of The Country's Oil Refining Capacity, To Heck With The Consequences Of The Jobs Lost As YOUR HEATING FUEL WILL SKYROCKET, And TYRANNICAL OBAMA And His ENVIRONMENTAL NAZIS COULDN'T CARE LESS

Pro-Sodomite Obama Authorizes Implementation Of Sexually Perverse Agenda In HUD, Fed Agencies, To Heck With The Common Good And The Justifiable Opposition Of People Of Faith And Right Reason As Guaranteed Under The Constitution - Drag Queens And Defiance: Your NEA In Action - Obama To Use Senate Recess To Fill Medicare Post With Blatant Promoter Of Medical Rationing

Marxist Kagan Disqualifies Herself From SCOTUS Due To No View On Natural Rights - Cap & Tax Is A Nation Killer - To RED EPA, Milk Is Toxic Sludge - The Rationer-In-Chief - The Pathetic Joke Of An Economic Recovery Under Pathological Lying Obama Who Couldn't Care Less - Arizona Crackdown Called Sound And Constitutional - Fighting Back Against The Farce That Is Obamacare - Obama's Gift To Putin, Missile Treaty EXCLUDES Rail Carried ICBMS - Diabolic Planned Parenthood Celebrates 4th Of July With Call For Baby Killing In Military

Defending The Military While They Defend Us - Obama's Incredible Naivete Making America Insecure - The Best Way Forward With Obamacare Is To End It - Another Radical Obama Nominee Makes Sarah Palin's Warnings About Medical Rationing Prophetic - Climategate Investigations Are Arrogant Insults - Obama, The Racist-In-Chief

Let's Cut To The Chase Here As Sexual Perversion Has No Rights, PERIOD, For The Sake Of The Common Good Which Is The Highest Priority For The State - Bafflegab And BS In The Climate Debate

Professor FIRED Over Catholic Beliefs - Gets NO SUPPORT WHATSOEVER From APOSTATE AMCHURCH - University Of Illinois Inclusivity Standards Exclude Catholics

Academic Freedom For Some But Not Catholics At The University Of Illinois: The Hounding Of Dr. Howell

Church Scandal Unconscionably Continues As Homosexual Friendly Bishop Appointed To San Francisco Which Badly Needs The Truth Of Christ, Not More Lies Of The Devil

A Catholic Commentary On Obamacare Written At The End Of Lent 2010 That Is More Relevant Than Ever, Given The Latest News Regarding The Predicted, And Now Proven, LIE Of Obama's Executive Order Stopping Abortions That Was Swallowed Hook, Line, And Sinker By Judas Stupak

The Tyrants Among Us Who Trash The Declaration Of Independence's Reference To The Importance Of The Natural Law Of God As If It Never Existed

Where Have You Gone, Stupak? - The Dodd-Frank Monstrosity - Obama's DOJ Protects Those Who Want To Kill White Babies - Penn State's Integrity Crisis - The Completely False Global Warming Theory

Apostate Pelosi To Receive Diabolic Planned Parenthood Award For Making It Easier To Kill Babies, And Her Bishop Does NOTHING Which Speaks To The Apostasy In The Church - Many Loopholes To Allow Baby Killing In Obama's Executive Order - Obama Takes Over Financial Market With Schools Next As Parental Control Will Be Trashed - Kagan Played Doctor And Babies Died - Idle Gulf Rigs Head For Africa While Americans In Gulf States LOSE JOBS Because Of Obama's Senseless Moratorium - NAACP, Media Owe Tea Party An Apology - Obama Creates More Crises To Manipulate And Control - BEWARE OF LIBERTARIANS Who Don't Give A 'Tinkers Damn' About The Social Engineering Of A Communist Who's Destroying America From Within, Putting Our National Security At Grave Risk

In The Midnight Hour You're Either Catholic Or You're Not, A Good Hard Hitting Presentation On The State Of The Faith

If This News Doesn't Wake You Up As To The Danger That Your Country Is In From The Communist And His Minions Now In Charge, NOTHING WILL - Alan Keyes Is 'Spot On' In His Editorial

Error Has NO RIGHTS For The Sake Of The Common Good - The State Of America Under The Evolving Tyranny Of The Obamunists - Obama's Abortion Lie And What's Being Done About It - The Very Serious Problems With Kagan - Next Obama Takeover Will Be Education - Obama Must Be Impeached - Thought Police Censoring Christian Media - Proposed Cap-And-Trade Scheme Would Increase Electricity Costs, Reduce Output - You Must Love The EPA Or Else

Divorce, Abortion, And Oxymoronic 'Gay Marriage' Are The Inevitable Products Of The Morally Bankrupt Secularist Enlightenment - The Problem With Locke's Vagueness About The 'Common Good' As With Rights Come Duties - Kagan A Social 'Leftist-for-Life' On The Supreme Court - Taxpayer-Funded Abortions Under Obamacare

Abortion And The Eclipse Of Reason

A Letter In PRAVDA Central PA, Which Specializes In Obama Agitprop Geared To The Peoples Republic Of Centre County Readers, Holding That There Are No Concerns Whatsoever About No Fed Abortion Funding Under Obamacare, Per The Hyde Amendment, Is Completely Misinformed, And Refuted By The Supplied Evidence To The Contrary

Economics Don't Trump Moral Issues - Alarms Raised Over Boot Camps As Social Experiments - Fascistic Sodomite Activist Movement Is All About Intimidation And Totalitarian Thought Control - Comrade Obama Signs Into Law Financial Reform Causing Families To Suffer - The Tax Tsunami Is Here

God's Mercy Is Meaningless Without His Justice As There Are Eternal Consequences For Final Impenitence

The Fundamental Transformation Of America Into A Communist State, Per The Evolving Tyranny Under Obama - Illinoisans Duped By Anti-Bullying Act - Obama's 'View' Of History Skips Scouts - Barney Frank, Who Is Destroying Your Life Savings And Retirement Plans, Creates Scene Over $1 Discount For Ferry Fare To Sodomite Hangout - White House Backed Release Of Lockerbie Bomber - The Anti-Drilling Commission - Free Donald Berwick, A Disclose Act We Can Believe In

Surprise?  No Way, As Intended Abortion Funding Loophole Found In Obamacare - The Evolution Of Population Control - On Arizona And Immigration, An Abominable Decision As Judge Ignores Rule Of Law - Local Businesses Fight Obama Oil Ban

The Tyrannical Lawless Thuggery Of The Obama Administration MUST BE REINED IN As Obamunists Now Targeting Schools With Complete Usurpation Of Parental Rights - NEA CELEBRATES Communism - Just How Many Public Options Will Suffice For The Obamunists? - 'Berwick The Rationer' Worst Possible Choice For Seniors - Copying Pedophile Model, MA Schools Giving FIRST GRADE Children Condoms, Violating Parental Protections

Sodomite Judge Ignores Not Only Nature And Nature's God But Also Reason, Given That God's Natural Law IS Reasonably Understood Exclusive Of Divine Revelation Connotations, In An Irrational Extremely Biased Ruling That Trashes Nature And Nature's God In Direct Contradiction To The Declaration Of Independence Which Was Fulfilled In The Constitution - Military Homosexual Scandal Tied To WikiLeaks Treason

Pelosi Won't Say When Jesus Got The Right To Life - If Maxine Waters Was Honest She Would Admit To Who She Really Is - ObamaCare And The Constitution - No Words Can Ease The Heartache Of Ground Zero "Mega Mosque" - NEA Pushes Members To Read Communist Saul Alinsky

The APA's Biased Paper On Same-Sex Attraction And Therapy - Judge Walker's Bias Will Be Overruled - Time To Impeach Judge Vaughn Walker

Useful Dupe Of Militant Homosexual Lobby, Casey Of PA, Unconscionably Introduces Deceptive 'Anti-Bulling' Act In Senate Which Will Corrupt Our School Children, The Common Good Be Damned - A Totally Clueless Electorate Put Kagan On The Court - Dollars And Deception In Kenya

Save The Republic From A Democracy That Could Easily Lend Itself To Mob Rule

Ted Olson's Insane Defense Of The INDEFENSIBLE

Obama Administration Plays Politics With Science, Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Glenn Beck, And Libertarians In General, Are AWOL In The Culture War - Obama: 50 Impeachable Crimes And Counting - Scathing Congressional Report Slams Obama's Covert, Criminal Activity - Those Inclined To Sexual Perversion Do Not Respect The Human Body - Obamacare Closes Pain-Treatment Program - Obamanomics Is Why There Is No Recovery - China's Military Is Playing For Keeps While Obama Unilaterally Disarms America - The Fake Jobs Of Obama's Government Union Bailout

The Very Serious Problems With The Potential Presidential Candidacy Of Mike Huckabee Have Just Been Underscored By The Lunatic Liberal Columnist, Leonard Pitt's Jr., Singing The Praises Of Huckabee - The Christian Witness Of A Remarkable Man - Iran Goes Nuclear, Obama Goes Swimming - Senators Line Up To Tell U.N. To Leave Our Children Alone - Obama Is Doing EXACTLY What He Intended, The Destruction Of America From Within - Obama And Union Leaders Continue To Advocate For Job Killing Legislation

A Typical News Day For The Corrupt Obama Administration Led By This Headline: Accused Army Traitor Cruised Sodomite Bars - America Is Being Destroyed From Within By Communists With The Aid Of RINOS Who Are Afraid Of Their Shadows

Courts Can't Rewrite Dictionary Or First Amendment - Transgender, Transsexual, And Trans Fats: God Wants His Rainbow Back

Television Program From The Past Eerily Appropriate To Today - Thanks To The Obama Administration, Americans Footed The Bill For Baby Killing On Demand In Kenya - The Faith Of Barack Hussein Obama Speaks With The Prophetic Voice Not Of The Converted Saul Of Tarsus But Saul Of Alinsky

Treason, Bradley Manning, And Army PC - Obama Is LITERALLY Destroying Our National Defense Capability - Paul Krugman Is A Liar, Does The NYT Care? - The Question Regarding Obama Is Not Just Whether He Is A Muslim But A Marxist

The Op-ed In The Sunday 8/29/10 Edition Of Pravda Central PA From Alvaro Huerta Contained A Bald-Faced Lie - The NEA Is Promoting Communism Pure And Simple - Obama's August Surprise: Turning AZ And 22 Other States Over To The UN - Gender Is NOT A Social Construct Except In The Minds Of Lunatics - Obama's INTENTIONAL Military Neglect - Economy At Standstill

Pro-Life Stalwart, Fr. Euteneuer, To Leave HLI - The Insipid Drivel Of Accommodating The World Instead Of Standing In Contradiction To It For Salvation's Sake

Just How Stupid Does Obama Think We Are?

How Can You Be Catholic And Allow This Evil To Continue For So Long? - The Oath Against Modernism Betrayed - The 'Antichrist Loving' Notre Dame Administration Slaps God In The Face Once Again - Obama Suppressing The Military Vote - Radical Environmentalists Disclaim Responsibility For Eco-Terrorist

Some Very Red Flags Raised In This Op-ed, But Not The Ones That The Author Intended

Stephen Hawking's Junk Science Atheism - In The Dogmatically Blind Worlds Of Liberalism And Environmentalism, The Truth Is Irrelevant - Obama's New Plan To Cut Taxes On All But Those Most Likely To Create Jobs Is A Communist Exercise In Class Warfare - Soros Watch: $45 Million To Sabotage America's Judiciary - The Side Effects Of Obamacare As More Bad News For Those Who Like Their Current Coverage

The Forgotten Man - Sorry, Barack, GOD FEARING AMERICANS Who Love Their Country Aren't About To Accommodate The Communist Likes Of You - Vetting Sarah Palin With A Report On The GOP Establishment And Their Pathetic Press Who Want To Destroy Her - America's Sexual Revolution: Engineered By Pedophiles - Union Bosses Blow Pension Funds On Politicians Who Now Want Government Bailout - Stimulating Poverty - Warning! U.S Economy 'Just Like Argentina' As Commie Dems Working On Value Added Tax, Nationalization Of Retirement Dollars - Not A New START, But A Bad START - The Obamacare And Obama Tax Hike Double Whammy On Seniors - Another Soros Scheme To Put Citizens Under Control Of Elites

With The Survival Of The Republic At Stake, The Likes Of Krauthammer And Rove Are Not Suffered Lightly - Wake Up; Obama's A Communist - Army General Advocate For Sexual Perversion Is A Disgrace To The Service - The Very Disturbing Revelations In The Woodward Book About The Dysfunctional Obama Administration Putting Our Troops At Extreme Risk For Political Gain - Gov. Palin Exposes Lies, Damned Lies Of Obamacare 6 Months Later - Nagging Birth Questions Won't Go Away - The Grave Ramifications Of Perverting What God Has Ordained

One Example Of The Lawlessness Of The Corrupt Obama Administration Which Begs The Obvious Question, "How Much More Do We Not Know About In Regard To This Tyrannical Regime?" - Obamacare: America's Pain Is Just Beginning

Gold Star Mother Rebukes Obama - Of late, The Radical Left Racist, Leonard Pitts Jr., Has Taken To Portraying Himself And His Ilk As Moderates, And All Those Who Dare To Disagree As Extremists; Lest We Forget, Here Are Some Examples Of The Warped World Of Self-Styled 'Reasonable Moderate' Leonard Pitts Jr. - Gambling With Our Security For Special Rights For Those Inclined To Homosexuality Is Nuts - Court Brief: Prop 8 Judge Plain Wrong - The Injustice Dept Under The Tyrannical Obama Regime

A Great Thomist is Gone - The Aquinas School of Philosophy Is A Treasure Of And For The Church With Its Abandonment THE Reason That An Antichrist Now Masquerades As President Thanks Primarily To Catholic Frauds - Politics And The American Person: A Hard Hitting Piece That Tells The Pure Unadulterated Truth Re Obama's Destructive Policies Starting With The Trashing Of The Moral Order Of The Natural Law Of God - Notre Dame Official Will Now Testify In ND 88 Case - Bishop Vasa Sends A Shot Over The Bow Of The USCCB - A Tale Of Two Bishops, An Apostate And A Catholic

Ann Coulter & Co. Have No Credibility As Those Who Are Unable To See That The Destruction Of The Moral Order Invariably Precedes Societal Collapse Are Owed No Respect Whatsoever - Ominous Clouds Of Informed Reason Are Darkening The Skies Over The Environmental Camp - New Narcissus - Good News As Dems Vow To Run On Sorry Record, Bring In 'Draft Dodging, Dope Smoking, Lying, Fornicating, Philandering Adulterer' To Save The Day - Your Insane Energy Department - UN Always Ready To Make Things Worse

The Direct Correlation Between Homosexuality And Pedophilia As NAMBLA Pedophiles Find Social Networking Home On Facebook - The 'Gay Deathstyle' - Obama's Lawless INJUSTICE Dept - Regulation Of Gold In Obamacare; What Else Is In it? - Class Warfare Is Only Used By Politicians To Control And Restrict Our Access To Liberty And Freedom - What's A Narcissist To Do? - Will The Truth Catch Up To Bill Ayers And His Comrades? - How Much More Can They Get Wrong About Obamacare? - Education Reform's Kryptonite

It Is Diabolic To Say That The Teachings Of Jesus Christ Spoke To Me, Then Incredibly Defend Baby Killing Because Jesus Said To Bring The Little Children To Him, Not Kill Them

There Is A Reason Why The Notre Dame Football Program Is A Shadow Of Its Former Self - This Lady Is The REAL DEAL - Big Brother Watch - Kill Obamacare Before IT KILLS US - America Has One Last Chance To Win This Game - China's Sea Power, Among Other Powers - Beware Of Marxist Global Governance - Colorado Government 'Biased' Toward Abortion - Compare And Contrast: Karl Marx' 10 Point Program Of Communism And The Democrat Agenda - Lawless Obama DOJ NOT Committed To Race Neutral Law Enforcement - Obama Uses FBI To Advance His Pro-Baby Killing Agenda As Pro-Lifers Targeted

Exposing The Repeated Lies Of The Obamunist Green-Goblin Crowd Who Are RED To The Core

Apostate Students Masquerading As Catholic Threaten Mom-Blogger - Militant Homosexual Lobby Attack On The Military - New IPS Stem Cell 'Breakthrough' Is Not A Pro-Life Victory - Questions For Congressional Candidates - Communism In America - Palin Fighting For Culture Of Life Over Culture Of Death - Obamacare Compels More Employers To Dump Coverage - Giving Hospices And Nursing Homes A License To Kill - You Can't Tax The Rich Enough To Close The Deficit - Refuting The Ongoing Global Warming Lies - How Crazy Is Obama's Marxist Fed Government? - Greatest Fraud Ever - Kiss It Goodbye: Tax Hikes Crack Senior Nest Eggs - Obama Admits That He's A Pathological Liar - You Can Tell A Lot By A Person's Eyes

ATTENTION GOP 'Leadership': You Don't Compromise With Communists Who Are Destroying Your Country From Within - It's Mandatory For Congress To Address 'Un-American Activities' At The Highest Levels Of Government - Military Not A Place For Social Experiments - Michigan State University Joins NOAA In Satellitegate Cover Up - Soros Trying To Prop Up Sinking Obama - New START's Inflated Promises - 'Separation Of Church And State' Is NOT In The First Amendment - Obama Omits 'Creator' From Declaration Rights Language Again - Anyone Who Says That Obamacare Doesn't Fund Abortion Is A BALD-FACED LIAR

Renewable Electricity Standards Kill Jobs Too As Renewable Energy Is NOT Cost Competitive, Hence The Need For Tyrannical Government Coercion To FORCE The American People To Buy It

A Plea From The Mother Of A Marine As To What's At Stake In The Nov 2, 2010 Election - 'Call Me Senator': Let This Video Be My Apology For Once Supporting Sen. Boxer - Catholic Apostates Useful Dupes For Obama - Irrefutable Proof That Joe Sestak Has Consistently Supported Baby Killing To Include His Vote For Obamacare Despite His Denials To The Contrary - Dems Demagoguing Entitlement Programs - Obamacare Strengthens Compliance-Based Medicine - You Must NOT Compromise With Communists - Obama's Gaffe About Shovel Ready Jobs - Obama's Boss, Soros, Buys NPR - The Abortion Giant Is On A Deadly Roll Under Obama - Taking Back America From Marxists - The Real Stimulus Story: Cities Crushed By Unemployment, Except In Government Jobs, As Obama Destroys Private Sector

When It Comes To Comic Relief, Leonard Pitts, Jr. Never Disappoints

Obamacare: The Facts On Abortion - Does The Military Not Have The Right To Choose Who Will Serve Since There Is No Blanket Right In The Constitution To Serve In the Armed Forces? - Obama To Cut Deductions Wiping Out Middle Class Entirely To Pay For His Communist Social Engineering Agenda - Time To Hold Environmental And Climate Doomsayers To Account - How Many Vacations Does That Now Total For Our Dictator-In-Chief? - The UN's Socialist Nations' Land Redistribution Scheme - Palin Defends Military Vet Against Smear By Desperate Murkowski - Thug Trumka Encourages Violence - Obama's Electric Car 'A Fraud'

Obama Foments Civil War To Stay In Power - Returning The People's House To The People - The Left's War On The Economy - Energy Claims And Realities - NAACP Attack On The Tea Party Is Destroyed - Watch For Phony Obama Spending Conversion - The Prospects For Ending Obamacare: Learning From Health Policy History - Time To End The Ethanol Rip-Off - 'Illegal Alien, And I Vote' - Red Tape Rising: Obama's Torrent Of New Regulation

Catholics Can't Vote For Pro-Abort Politicians: Cardinal-Designate Burke - The Choice That Liberals Hate -The Rationing Component Inherent In Obamacare - Communist Party USA Tells The American People And Unions To Vote Democrat - Time To Reunite Church And State

Your Catholic Money Is Going To Support Communism - One More Reason To Like Sarah Palin Who Accurately Describes PRAVDA USA As Murkowski Censoring All Opposition - Anatomy Of A Bolshevik - Goodbye Global Warming, Hello Biodiversity, The NEXT Big Lie - Obama Justice Dept. Denies Military Vote - George Soros, Obama's Puppet Master, AMERICA'S PUBLIC ENEMY #1 - Left Wing Lunatic Sestak Says We Didn't Go Far Enough In Destroying The Country ASAP - Obama Degraded The Office With Liberal Stewart's Help - Military Advocates Don't Want Judges Making Pentagon Rules As Serving In The Military Is A Privilege, NOT A Right

The Danger To America Is Not Barack Obama But A Citizenry Capable Of Entrusting A Man Like Him With The Presidency - Obama Administration Threatens Independence of Catholic Colleges - GOP Must Stand Firm On Conservative Principles - It's Too Late For The Antagonist-In-Chief To Paper Over Two Years Of Relentless Democratic Incivility And Hate Toward His Domestic "Enemies" - Public Finally Sees True Motives Of The Socialists-Marxists-Communists - Obama's Hollow Jobs Boast - States Gutting Obamacare As Priority Is Get To Work On Taking America Back From Communists - Iowa Voters Tell 3 Pro-Sodomite Supreme Court Justices: You're Fired - Family Fares Well In PA 2010 Elections - Major Security Concerns About Delusional Obama

District Pays Up For Slamming Student's Rosary With Decision Called 'Compelling Victory For The 1st Amendment'

The Sorry Signs Of The Centre Daily Times Of State College Pennsylvania, Which Printed The 'Proud' Announcement Of The Oxymoronic 'Wedding Of Lesbians' - MEMO To The CDT: You Cannot Legitimize That Which Can NEVER Be Legitimate By Simply Printing It Because Militant Homosexual Agitprop Is NOT News

ENOUGH With Cowering To The Insane Demands Of Sodomites Who Want Us All To Go To Hell With Them Which We're Not Obliged To Do For The Sake Of The Common Good Leading To A Supernatural Good In A Kingdom NOT OF THIS WORLD

New Death Panel/POLST Legislation + Text Of Raleigh Life Conference Speech "Repackaging Death As Life - The Third Path To Imposed Death," Courtesy Of George Soros And His Ilk Who Worship The Reflection In Their Mirrors

What Happened Off Of The California Coast DEMANDS An Explanation For National Security Reasons

Lest We Forget, The Hidden Soros Agenda: Drugs, Money, the Media, and Political Power

Our National Insecurity Under Obama As The New START Treaty, If Ratified, Poses A Tremendous Threat To U.S. Defense - What Obama Is Doing To America Is CRIMINAL - Don't Give A Penny To The Catholic Campaign For Human Development As It Enables Saul Alinsky Communist Organizations - Palin Blasts Obama For Driving The Dollar Down - Weapons Expert Says Mysterious Contrail Off CA Coast Was A Missile

Veterans Day 2010, The Tale Of A Resident Who Hates America And A President Who Loved America - Missile Contrail Was 3 Years To The Day Since Chinese Sub Surfaced In The Midst Of A US Carrier Battle Group

An Open Letter To Republican Freshmen Members Of Congress - Obama Claiming More Power Over Americans Than King George III - Obama & Soros America's Clearest And Present Danger - Obama Hits The Trifecta Of Failure In Seoul

Obama's INTENTIONAL Destruction Of Our Military MUST BE STOPPED - National Security Shouldn't Be For Sale

Beware The Preposterous Claims Of Human Caused Climate Change - Repealing Obamacare And Getting Health Care Right

We Are Getting What's Expected When An Administration's Handbook Is Dedicated To Lucifer

The Private Opinions Of Popes Do NOT Catholic Dogma Make

If Climatologists Were Doctors They Would Be Quacks - UN IPCC Official Admits To Redistribution Of World's Wealth By Climate Policy

Catholic Apologists Must Take The Gloves Off And Realize That We're In A Spiritual War Manifesting Itself In The Natural Plane For All The Marbles, i.e., ETERNITY

When Does A Soldier Become Expendable? - Time To Resurrect Star Wars In View Of The Missile Off The California Coast - Only Peace Through Strength Makes the U.S. More Secure - Obama START Treaty Weakens Us - Are Obama's Perversions Becoming Even More Pronounced? - Fraud Climate Conferences Supported By The RED Green Goblins Are Always Preceded By Fraud Claims For Need Of Same In PRAVDA USA - The New Myths Of New START - Democrats Lied, Your Job Died

Warning In Regard To Radical Changes Detrimental To Our National Security If Congress Repeals Military Homosexual Ban To Accommodate A Radical Minority Who Selfishly DEMAND That Society Make Them Comfortable With Their Vices Under Force Of Unjust Law, Damn The Common Good And The Good Of The Service

U.S. Deems Polar Bear Habitat Critical, Despite Proof To The Contrary, Posing Issue For Shell - Make No Mistake About It, The Goal Here For The Communists In Power Is To Wreck Our Energy Industry - Climate Deception Is A Crime Against Humanity

Media Ignore Sodomite Source For WikiLeaks, So Much For The Good Of The Service And Our National Security

Our Security Can't Afford These Defense Cuts - Memo To The Obamunists: We're Not Buying Into Your Agitprop For Turning America Into A Totalitarian State - Voluntary Euthanasia Quickly Becoming Involuntary Euthanasia Is Just Around The Corner Under The Obamunists - The Apostate Governor Of Illinois Deserves Formal Excommunication - MEMO To The Brain Dead GOP Out There: We Elected You To STOP Obama From Destroying Our Country, NOT Work With Him

The Lunatic Left's Never Ending Climate Lie Story

Remembering Pearl Harbor At The Boalsburg Pennsylvania Military Shrine Under The BIG GUNS Of The USS Pennsylvania

Remembering A Friend, Professor Phil Skell, RIP

The Communist Obama And His Handlers Want To Unilaterally Disarm As New START Leaves America Vulnerable - Exposing The Un-American Activities Of The Obamunists - DREAM Act Jeopardizes Freedom - Climate Change Not A Political Issue Anymore Except For PRAVDA USA - Obama's Ceaseless Class Warfare To Destroy America From Within

Behold The Not So Safe World Of Obama - Slaying The Sky Dragon - Why So Many Boy Victims Of Pedophilia? - Proposed Tax Bill Is Now Horrendous Thanks To Spineless GOP - Death Of The Greenhouse Gas Theory

Judge Deals Blow To The Monstrosity Called Obamacare - How Dare Militant Sodomites Dictate To The Catholic Church - Tyrannical Ruling Elites Wage War On Morality - More Climate Distortions - Comrade Michelle Puts State Above Parents

NO STAND-ALONE AMENDMENT ON DON'T ASK DON'T TELL - Marine General Speaks Out Against A Repeal Of DADT In His Strongest Language Yet - What Communism Feels Like - Putting The Ridiculous Auto Insurance Canard Analogy For Obamacare In The Trash Where It Belongs Once And For All - The Biggest National Security Risk Is Obama - The U.S. Should Halt All Funding For U.N.'s Global Warming Scam - Damn The Common Good As Obama Promotes The Entirety Of A Culture-Of-ETERNAL-Death

Where Is The Leadership Of The Catholic Church In Decrying The Abomination Of The Attempted Sodomization Of Our Military By Militant Sexual Perverts? - A HUGE RED FLAG Raised On Toomey Of PA, Who Evidently Has Spent Too Much Time With "Benedict Arlen" Specter

Our Military Has Been Betrayed By Disgraceful Benedict Arnold Leaders Who Are Being Put On Notice That The American People Will NOT Allow This Travesty To Stand - The Historically Corrupt, Traitorous, 111th US Congress - THE QUEERING OF OUR MILITARY AND GOD'S WRATH

Communists Masquerading As Democrats Continue To Pound Final Nails Into USA Coffin - USCCB AWOL On Issues Of Eternal Life And Death - Palin KOs Obama In Tale Of The Tape - Global Warming Policies And The Perverse Incentives They Create - Taxpayer Funded Crimes Against Humanity - Latest Assault On The Faith By The Apostate Administration Of Notre Dame

People Like Donald Wuerl See Nothing Wrong With The Sodomization Of The Military Because They've Enabled The Sodomization Of The Church - Fraudulent Methods Used In Survey Cited To Support Sexual Perversion Of Military - Obama's Death Panels - Good Riddance To Pro-Sodomite CPAC

Bad Bishops Turning Catholic Dioceses Into Wastelands - Obamacare Repeal DOESN'T Increase The Deficit, Contrary To The Lies Of The Communist Dems And Their PRAVDA USA Enablers

Christians In More Than Name Only Understand That It's The Supernatural That Is Jesus' Priority, A Fact Missed In PRAVDA Central PA's Clergy Column - Manning Up For Marxism By Understanding Your Enemy - Officer Refusing Homosexual Training Program Receives Broad Support From Fellow Officers, Commanders - The Obama Administration's Bullying Agenda - In Regard To Arizona Shooting, Liberal Bloggers Couldn't Care Less Who They Slander As All Opposition Must Be Pilloried - Congress Waking Up To Hazards Of CFLs - Raising Children Away From The Culture's Debauchery

State College Borough Council Radical Leftists Welcomes Communist Government Funding Church World Service To Central PA, An Organization Which Promotes Every Wacko Left Wing Cause In The Known Universe Hypocritically Masked As The Work Of God Using A Marxist Socialist Vocabulary To Brainwash The Drones Under Its Control

Statement By Deal Hudson On The Abomination Of The DADT Repeal Is Preposterous As Hudson Has NO Catholic Credibility In Encouraging Our Bishops To Be AWOL On Matters Of Eternal Life And Death

Liberal Nut Case Sheriff's Comments Spark Backlash As Killer Not Exactly Right Wing - Arizona Massacre Prompts Political Cheap Shots By Communist Dems - By Contrast, Father Of Nine Year Old Killed Shows Dignity, Grace, Courage, Patriotism - PRAVDA USA Covering Up Killer's Liberal Leanings In Shameless Attempt To Make Political Points Of A Tragedy

Steve Lachman, Radical Liberal Extraordinaire, In The Mold Of His Padded Cell Mate, Paul Krugman, Strikes Again - Governor Palin On America's Enduring Strength - Fox News Report Blaming Right For Shootings Officially Debunked - Soros-Funded Dope Lobby In Damage Control Over Shootings - The Worst Sheriff In America, A Man Who's A Disgrace To Law Enforcement - Why Liberals Are Sick - And Now The Truth About Those Bogus Job Saved Numbers - China Test Flies Stealth Fighter That Obama Discontinued While Unilaterally Disarming And Sodomizing Military

Are We All Gramscians Now? - Gramsci's Influence On The Academia And Media

Big Labor's 2011 Wish List As Payback From Obama

The Effect Of The Unconstitutional Moral Atrocity That Is Obamacare As RIP Your Private Doctor-Patient Relationship, And RIP Seniors Who Will Soon Expire At The Dictate Of The State - Why The Female Left Hates Palin - Rahm Emanuel Admits That Taxpayer-Funded Baby Killing Thrives In Diabolic Obamacare - 35,000 Forced Abortions Per Day In Obama's New Ally Communist China - We Are Losing The Cold War With China By Pretending It Doesn't Exist - Pro-Family Groups Urge Appeals To Overturn Ruling That Struck Down DOMA

'America's Top Ethicist' Is About As Ethical As A Cockroach - PDF File For The Philadelphia Horror Grand Jury Report - Communist China, Our New Ally, And Iran: A Clinton-Obama Shakedown - Why Christie Of New Jersey Will NEVER GET MY SUPPORT - The Conjectured Candidacy Of RINO Romney Is A Pathetic Joke - On The Anniversary Of Roe v Wade - Obama Doubles Down On His Agenda To Destroy America From Within, To Heck With The Election Results - The Opinions Of The Forever Conned Peggy Noonan Are Worthless - Crony Capitalism At Its Worst As GE Sells Out To Obama Who's Destroying The Best Health Care System In The World - Penn State Needlessly Wasting Money To Accommodate The Pathological Lying Pouting Green Goblins

Comrade Obama's Latest In A Litany Of Worthless Speeches Designed To Con The Drones - The Medicaid Monster - Obamacare A 'FALSE' PROMISE Says Medicare Official - Beyond The Philadelphia Horror And Only Silence From Obama - The 2011 March For Life 300,000 Strong Unreported By PRAVDA USA - America Has No Foreign Policy Under Obama Other Than To Cater To Dictators

How Dare The Obamunists Dictate To The Chaplain Corps Changes To Their Jobs - Obama Is Kidding No One About His Feigned Concern For 'Private Family Matters' - Cheers For The Repeal Of Obamacare - What's New As PRAVDA Central PA Sings Praises Of Obama With Truth The First Casualty - The Fraud That Is The Pathological Lying Obama Presidency Increasingly Exposed - Professional 'Anti-Hate' Group Goes To Bed With Reds - Constitutional Contempt - On Sputnik vs. Spudnut - Why Socialists Hate America's Founders - Cold Truth About Electric Cars In Icy Weather, Power Outages - The Intentional Ignorance Of THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM In Regard To The Social Security Problem - Scientists Find Glaciers Growing, Not Shrinking - Sarah Palin Decodes Obama's Hogwash, Read His State Of The Soviet Union - Some Final Thoughts On Catholics Served A Steady Diet Of Peace And Social Justice Pablum Ad Nauseam

Debunking The Global Warming Science Lies Of Obama's Propaganda Arm in Central PA

We Live In A Republic, Not A Dictatorship, Which Would Be News To Comrade Obama Who Trashes Any Law That He Doesn't Like - Democracy Of Cannibals - There Is No Conservatism Without God Based Morality - Obama Drops H-Bomb On Military As America's Warriors Fight Back - Obama, Not Egypt, Is Biggest Threat To U.S. Energy Prices - Where's Obama's CIA Director? - The Fetal Solution: Victims Of American Hedonism Counted In Millions Of Unborn - Slaughterhouse Live, Meanwhile WOMEN AND BABIES DIE

The Success Of The Gramscian Cultural Assault To Nonviolently Turn America Into A Communist State Uses The Abolition Of The Death Penalty That Is Enabled By Useful Dupe Clergy As A Necessary Cog

Robert Gates' Destruction Of The Military - Remembering President Ronald Reagan, A Man Who Loved America, As Opposed To The Despots In Power Who, In Hating America, Want Control Over Every Aspect Of Our Lives - Obama Gives UK's Nuclear Secrets To The Russians - The Disaster Encouraged By The Obamunists That Could Be Egypt

Ambiguity On Social Issues Is The Death Knell Of Political Careers For Those Claiming To Be Conservative - Grilling To Get Tough Over Sodomites In The Ranks - GOP House Can Stop DADT Repeal Dead In Its Tracks: Defund RIT - Obama's Trumpeted Super Intelligence Is Strictly A Myth - Obama's "Tough Budget Cuts" In Pictures - Why Are We Still Debating The Void, Unconstitutional Obamacare Law? - Cronyism Isn't Capitalism - The Obama Regime's Three Stooges In The Egypt Crisis - Defiant Obama Must Be Stopped By Congress

Heroes To Congress: Stop Destroying Military - Why Marxism Lives On - "A Black Man, The Progressive's Perfect Trojan Horse," Written By A Black Man - Memo To Vatican Gun Controllers: Catholic Doctrine Supports The Right Of Self-Defense - CBO Director Confirms The Unconstitutional Health Law Would Cause A Reduction Of 800,000 Workers - Obama Tries To Make Deal With The Devil In Egypt

Nothing Like Destabilizing An Already Volatile Region Of The World By An Order-Of-Magnitude Via Encouraging The Mob - How Political Correctness Gave America A Con-Man President - Obamacare And The States: Freedom To Do What Sebelius Tells Them To Do - The Morality Of The Growing Public Debt

To Infer That There Is Moral Virtue In Baby Killing Is Diabolical - Big Sodomite Brother Comes To School Big Time - Behold 'Il Duce' Obama, A Communist, Who Is Willfully Destroying The United States Of America From Within - Obama Leaving Us Defenseless In The Face Of Our Enemies - How Obama Is Lying About Job Statistics - Egyptian Citizens Won't Praise Pharaoh Obama Despite Best Efforts By PRAVDA USA

So Why Can't Those Who Don't Want Their Children To Be Indoctrinated Via The Public Schools Use Their Hard Earned Tax Money To Subsidize The Education Of Their Choice? - There Is NO Gay Gene - Sodomiteville's Hate Of Religion Taken To SCOTUS - AZ Sheriff Scoffs At Suggestion To Tone Down Rhetoric In Refusing To Be Intimidated By The Obamunists - The Damage That Obama Has Done - Harvard Professor Blasts Obama Handling Of Egypt, Calls Him 'Amateur' - SEIU, Teachers' Unions Attempt State Hijacking Over Needed Cuts For Fiscal Sanity's Sake - Taboo Transgressions In Transplantation Medicine As Vital Organ Transplantation Opens Up A New House Of Horrors

Is This Program Worth Bankrupting My Child? - Taxpayers Are Not Going To Pay More Than They Can Afford In These Tough Economic Times To Placate Obama's Union Rent-A-Mobs - New Presidential And FCC Powers Provide Rationale For Paranoia - The True Barack Obama: Pedestrian Political Hack - Telling The Truth About The Castro Regime In Cuba Is Not An Assignment That PBS Wants To Take On - House Education And Workforce Committee: Obamacare Is A Job Killer

Why Live Action Did Right And Why We All Should Know That - A Tale Of An American And A Communist - Apocalypse Now: Wisconsin vs. Big Labor As Governor Will Not Be Intimidated Or Bullied By Union Thugs - Culture Of Contempt: Interior Department Spanked Yet Again

Urge Congress To Do What Obama Won't - Who Is Arrogant CAIR To Be Dictating To Our Police? - Pro-Life Kansas AG Shames Inquisitors - Daniels Of IN Is A Judas Turncoat Against American Taxpayers, Caving In To The Unions - Like A Mafia Don, Dem Lawmaker Tells Unions "Get A Little Bloody When Necessary" - Communists Behind WI Protests - Flat Earth, No Growth, Marxist Soros Bottom Feeders Hire Top Obama Aide - 10 Things You Need To Know About High Gas Prices And Obama's Oil Policy - Obama To Create Armed Forces Full Of Corporal Klingers - The Lawless Obama Regime - Individual Mandate Creates A National Police Power - Concerned Citizens Providing The National Security That The Obamunists Couldn't Care Less About - Obama's Spineless Response To Gaddafi's Reign Of Terror - In Cuba, Obama's Friend, Castro, Marks Anniversary By Unleashing The Hounds

What Planet Is CERTIFIABLE LOON Huckabee Living On In Preposterously Defending Obama's Claim Of Being Christian? - Traitorous Teachers, Union Whiners, And Democratic Fleebaggers - WI Republicans Take First Step In Freeing The People From Criminal Theft By The Joint Efforts Of Democrats And Public Unions - Radicals Bringing Campaign For Shariah To White House - Delusional Obama Not Just Above The Law, He Is The Law In His Warped Mind - Landmark Exposes Teachers' Union Tax Abuse

The Unholy Marriage Between BIG ABORTION And BIG HOMOSEXUALITY Is Alive And Well In The NYC And Chicago City Councils - Pro-Sodomite Romney Exposed - What's The Difference Between A Wisconsin Public Employee And A Somali Pirate? - Memo To Ann Coulter: You Are Not A Conservative Without Social Issues As Your Priority, Given The Historical Account Of Societal Collapse Starting With Their Moral Disintegration

The Unconscionable Sodomizing Of Our Military DEMANDS Action From Congress - You DON'T NEGOTIATE With TYRANTS, GOP Leadership; You STOP THEM IN THEIR TRACKS - Court Case Warns EPA Could Own Your Land - Defunding Planned Parenthood Vote Exposes Anti-Life Bile - The Truth About Obama For Those, Incredibly, Still In Denial - An Orthodox Catholic Voice MUST RESPOND To The Environmentalist Movement, One Of The Greatest Threats To Society And The Church Today

That David Brooks Is The Local Paper's Idea Of An Alternative View Is The Biggest Joke Since The Obama Presidency - Sebelius Is A Great Fit For The Lawless Obama Regime - Pathological Lying Obama's Flexibility With His Unconstitutional Farce Of A Health Care Program Is A Back Door For Getting A Single-Payer Only Option - Reality Hits The Unions As Taxpayers Are Fed Up With Being Robbed - "Educate, Collaborate, AGITATE!": Alinsky's Teacher Corps - Obama, The Great Preacher Of Civility, Hypocritically Silent As His Union Goons And Dem Apparatchiks Terrorize His Opposition - GM's Volt Doesn't Really Make A Lot Of Sense As The Real Aim Of Obama's Environmental Wackos Is To Stop Electricity Itself - Hate And Violence Comes From The Left - Congress MUST Defend DOMA - One Measly Deepwater Drilling Permit While Americans Are Going Under Due To Obama's INTENTIONAL DESTRUCTION Of Our Energy Industry

The Reason Why The Truth About What The TRAITOR Manning Did Is NEVER Reported - Obama: The Rights Of The Many Denied By The Tyranny Of The Few - Congress Needs To Be Exorcized Of RINOS - Teachers' Unions 101: "A" Is For "Agitation" - Commissar Sunstein: The Sinister Obama Official Who Wants To Punish People Who Dare To Disagree With The Obamunists

Federal Judge Cleans Obama's Clock - A Provision In The Obamacare Bill Appropriates $105 Billion Towards Its Funding Which Is A Complete And Fraudulent Circumvention Of The Legislative Process - Border Agents Given Bean Bags To Fight AK-47s - Sodomites Want To Legitimize Pedophilia And Destroy All Who Dare Oppose Them - Muslims Equate Criticism With Hate - Cost Of Borrowing Includes National Security - Law Professor Blasts Obama's Dereliction Of Duties - Liberals And Violence: The Pot Calling The Kettle Black - Who Is Advocating For Abolition Of The Death Penalty And Why - Obama's "Start-Up America" Initiative: Stalling Entrepreneurs - Enemies Arming To The Teeth While Obama Sodomizes Military - How Obama Is Making Gas Prices Higher - WI Governor Will Not Cave In To The Mob

And The Devils All Laughed At The New Rite Of Exorcism With The Old Rite Badly Needed In The Obama White House - The Diabolic Legitimization Of Pedophilia - Dorothy Day's Catholic Worker Movement Was A Communist Society - The Real Jobless Numbers As Fed Docs Contradict 8.9% Hyped By PRAVDA USA - Obama Wants Higher Gas Prices - Judge Vinson Challenges Regime - Obama's Reckless, Quixotic Fantasies - The Racism Of Eric Holder

The Communist Tendencies Of The Apostate Post Vatican II Church Marching To The Utopian Lie Master - Prosecute 'Planned Promiscuity' - PRAVDA USA Claims Of Obama Progress On Unemployment Rate Is A Pathetic Joke - The Unions' Culture Of Force - This Is What The Pro-Sodomite NEA DEMS Are Teaching To Your Children And The World - Obama Only Knows How To DESTROY US ENERGY, Not Develop It, To Further His Fantasy RED Green Goblin Goals - The President We Need Is NOT YOU, MITT - New UN Treaty In The Making With US Sovereignty Taking Another Big Hit

Do We Choose The False Security Of Dishonest Tyrants, Or Real Liberty For Freeborn People? - The Brainwashing Of America Through Progressive, Read Communist, Indoctrination Masquerading As Education - The Economic Counterrevolution Of The Environmentalists

KGB Subversion, A Blueprint For What The Obamunists Are Doing To America Thanks To Communist Indoctrination Masquerading As Education - Apostate Catholics Back Maryland's War On Christian Marriage - Obama INTENTIONALLY Keeping Gas Prices High - Rep. Bachmann Helps Expose Secret Stash Of Obamacare Cash - Teacher Training Provides An Education On Government Waste - High-Schoolers Not High On Obama

Qualifications No Longer Important For Military Service, Per Liberal Diversity Loons Whose Goal Is To Destroy The Military - Defund Obamacare's Secret Stash - Hey, Unions: There's No Free Lunch - New Curriculum Glorifies Communist Who Called For 'Resistance' Against Cops - Another Whopper From The Obama White House On The Budget - Obama Won't Ease Drilling Restrictions Because He's A Communist Ideologue

White House Bullying Summit Bullies American Children And Families, As, For the Record, Linda Harvey Tells It Like It Is In Regard To Barack Hussein Obama Who, In Promoting The ENTIRETY Of A Culture-Of-ETERNAL-Death Under Unjust Law, The Common Good Be Damned, IS OF THE DEVIL!

God Bless Some Very Dear Special Friends Of Mine Who Passed On Recently, And Who Will Be Missed Very Much By My Family And My Son's Family, Beloved Sheltie, Shasta, And German Shepherd, Zoey - We Will Never Forget What Wonderful Gifts From God You Were!

Every American Who Cares About The Future Of His Country Needs To Listen To Congressman King's Special Order In Its Entirety To See The Modus Operandi Of The Obamunists' Destruction Of America From Within, And HOW TO STOP IT

Sorry GOP Leadership In Not Supporting Mandate Of House Landslide - Obama Nominates Pro-Baby Killing Sebelius' Protege For Federal Appeals Court - Put Krugman In A Padded Cell ASAP And Throw Away The Keys - The Molech Paradigm - America Owes A Debt Of Gratitude To The Union Thug Leadership Of This Country For Showing Who They Really Are - Detroit In RUINS, An Example Of What Liberalism Did To A Formerly Great City - Losing Sight Of The BIG PICTURE As To What 'JUST RIGHTS' Entail - An Islamist's Crocodile Tears - Higher Gas Prices Obama's Explicit Policy Goal - Global Warming, R.I.P. - Outraged Lawmaker Is Gunning For ATF - You Can Leave The Military But It Never Leaves You - Here's Whom To Thank For High Gas Prices - Some Little Girls Show How The National Anthem Should Be Sung

USCCB Apostates Co-opt The Church To Enable The RED Green Goblin Pathological Lying Obamunists To Destroy The Country From Within

Wake Up, Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy & Co, As Obamacare Is The Lynchpin For The Communist Takeover Of America Which Is Why It Must Be Stopped In Its Tracks ASAP - Ridiculous Poll Questions From Environmental NAZIS Don't Deserve The Time Of Day

Paul VI Beatified? By Father Luigi Villa Th.D., A Very Disturbing Book Reviewed By Randy Engel - Shoveling It By The Truckload At The Bishops' Conference

An Open Letter To John Boehner And The GOP From The American Taxpayer - Obama Refuses Negotiations With GOP, No Surprise As Communists Dictate, Not Negotiate - The Post-American Liberal Culture - Daniels Worse Than Romney On Health Care - Food Prices Jump Most Since 1974 - The EPA Is Fueling Nonsense - Palin Blasts The $4-Per-Gallon President - Fear The Media Meltdown, Not The Nuclear One - Obama Dithers While American Credibility Burns - Maryland Teachers Union Demands More Taxpayer Money for NOT Working

Obama Asks U.S. Regulators To Review Reactor Safety - TRANSLATION: Stop Nuclear Energy ASAP, Use Every Lie In The Book To Do So Because I DEMAND IT; I'M OBAMA AND YOU'RE NOT - Obama's Visions Of China, Why Obama Thinks America Stinks - Reagan And Thatcher Fighting Socialism's Destruction Of Society - Obama Picks Brackets On ESPN While World Falls Apart At The Seams - Trillions Wasted In The War On Poverty

Obama's War In Libya Is Illegal And Unconstitutional As U.S.-Led Airstrikes To Help Al-Qaida - Pray For Our Military As They Are In The Hands Of Despots Who Want Its Destruction - Obama, As Red As It Gets - The Union Boss Robber Barons - Wind Won't Keep Us Warm - Obama Seeks To Grow Brazilian Economy While Concurrently Destroying America's In The Process - Only 9% Believe Obama Has Documented Eligibility - U.S. Headed For 'Great Collapse' - Republican Budget Revolt Grows - The Latest Cha-Cha Chapters Of Good Time Barry - Boehner Letting Us Down By Taking Obama Off The Spending Hook - Obama's Scrubbing Christian Heritage 'Intentional'

Threatening The Chaplain Corps With "Get Out If You Can't Accept The Irrational Demands Of The Militant Homosexual Lobby In Demanding The Approval Of Aberrant Behavior Under Force Of Unjust Law," Which Is A Sin Crying Out To Heaven For Vengeance, Per Sacred Scripture, Is NOT A LAWFUL ORDER, As It Is An Egregious Unconstitutional Violation Of The Freedom Of Religion Of The Chaplain Corps, And All Those Under Their Charge - After One Year, The Effects Of Obamacare Are Grim - A Voodoo Baseline Won't Reduce The Deficit

The Nightmare That Is The Springtime Of Vatican II, A Damning Indictment Of Heterodox Catholic Catechesis That Is A Slap In The Face To Jesus Christ

Enough With The Lies Of The Gore Green Goblins In Central PA - Costly State Mandate Targets Children For Perverse Sexual Brainwashing - Obama To Push Public Debt Above $20 Trillion By 2021 As He Suppresses Inspectors General In All-Assault On The U.S. Middle Class - Doctors Give The Practice Of Medicine Under Obamacare A Grim Prognosis - The "Religion Of Peace" At Work As Muslim Extremists Torch Ethiopian Churches - Obama's Betrayals And Mysterious Libya Agenda

The Intentional Weakening Of America By Obama, Who Has A 'Deficit Of Character,' Which Is The Mother Of All Understatements, Puts Our National Security At Extreme Risk - America Has More Recoverable Fossil Fuel Resources Than Any Other Country - Combating U.N. Inspired Land Use Restrictions

Soros Assault On America - What Would Democrats Cut? - Does GOP Understand? - PP's Birth Control Program Cause Of Breakdown Of Family, Sexual Morality - The Hate Of Militant Pro-Sodomites On Display

Repeal Of Obamacare MUST BE TOP PRIORITY - Protecting Children By Empowering Parents, Not The UN - Justice Loses Its Stars And Stripes In Favor Of Hammer And Sickle - Obama's America Destroying Budget Policy Dampens Charity Giving - Keystone Cops Foreign Policy As Qaddafi Had To Like Obama's Libya Speech - Libya And The Soros Doctrine - The Obama Doctrine: 2012 Or Bust - Obama Spending Millions To Hide His Past - Obama Trips Over His Own 'Audacity' - Education 'Investments' Won't Create Jobs

Death Panels Already In Place - The Fight Against Obamacare Is Far From Over - HHS Official Acknowledges Incentives For Employers To Dump Coverage Under Obamacare - The Problems With Obama: From NBC To Overt Support Of Terrorists - Palin Blasts Obama's Failed Energy Policy - Get Ready For 'Iron-Fisted Slave State' Once Marxist Designs Are Realized - Obama Doesn't Have A Clue Or A Plan In Libya - Project Gunrunner: Obama's Stimulus-Funded Border Nightmare - Marxist Dems Take Aim At American Families

Heretical Violations Of The First Commandment Of Almighty God On An Altar Of Marxist Socialist "Peace And Social Justice" Drivel With The Supernatural Trashed In Favor Of An Earthly Utopia That Is A Lie Of The "Father Of Lies"

The USCCB's New Lies For Old - Santo Non Ancora

An April Fools' Joke In PRAVDA Central PA That Is Not Funny - The Claim That Pathological Lying Obama's Job Numbers Are A Sign Of The Economy's Strength Is Beyond Farcical - Group Asks Congressmen To Defend The Military - Oxymoronic "Pro-Sodomite Safe Schools Czar" Needs To Be COMPLETELY DEFUNDED And Prosecuted For Shamelessly Promoting A Morally Bankrupt Sexually Perverse Social Engineering Agenda Contrary To The Common Good Which Is Supposed To Be The State's Highest Priority

The Handwriting On The Wall Is Crystal Clear In Regard To "Who Is To Blame" For All Who Have Eyes To See And Ears To Hear - Top 10 Reasons George Soros, Who Is Obama's Teleprompter, Is Dangerous - Stand Up To The Communists In The Obama Administration

Two Purported News Reports That Conveniently Ignore "The Elephant In The Room" As Obama Doubles Down On His Morally And Fiscally Bankrupt Fantasy Energy Policies - End Taxpayer Funding Of America's Sleaze Factory - The Armed Forces America Needs And What They Will Cost - Diversity Perversity - Ryan Budget Fights Moral Decline, And Not A Penny For Obamacare - Sebelius Overstepping Her Authority - Indoctrination In Today's Colleges - Congress MUST Understand Dire Fiscal Situation - "Hey Michelle, Isn't It Time For Another One Of Those Elections?" - Soros Event In New Hampshire Aims To Remake Global System In Soros' Warped Image - The Emperor Has No Birth Certificate - The Tea Party Is Not Going Away Despite Obamunists' Temper Tantrums

You Don't Negotiate With Communists But Rather Stop Them In Their Tracks - Marching In Lockstep With A Radical Agenda - HOMOSEXODUS As Dems 'Flush Public Schools Farther Down The Toilet' - Obama Government Lies About Inflation - Rein In The EPA - How Legislators And Governors Nationwide Are Challenging The Tyrant Masquerading As President - Planned Parenthood's Millions Still Missing - New Analysis Reveals Obamacare Will Cost More Than Expected - BEWARE Under The Radar Gun Control By The Obamunists

AXIOM: Anyone Supporting The Biggest Pro-Baby Killing Organization On The Planet Is More Than Capable Of Supporting Any Moral Atrocity

Obama Is Beyond Despicable In Refusing To Pay The Military In Case Of A Government Shutdown - Excommunicate Catholic Politicians Who Support Planned Parenthood - Kinsey 10% Sodomite Lie Exposed - Catholic Children Used As "Human Shields" To Promote Controversial Treaty That Usurps Parental Rights - New European Convention INSANELY Defines "Gender" as Social Construct - Soros' Name Repeatedly Surfaces When All Goes Bad - Arrogant Obama Laughingly Blames You For Higher Gas Prices - Stop The INSANE Spending Driving The Country To Economic Collapse - Premium Support In Medicare: What It Is And What It Isn't - Wind Farms Are A Lot Of Hot Air - Obama Stumbles In Formulating And Discussing His Own Energy Policy - The Left's Childish Response To Sarah Palin - Obama's Hidden Past Catching Up To Him BIG TIME - What Happens When Everyone Works For Government? - Duh, Obama Just Might Be A Socialist

Why Is The Morally Bankrupt Obama Government Still 'Open For Business?' - Abortion Quotas At Planned Parenthood - More Snake Oil From The NYT - The Trouble With Trillions - Who Can Adopt Children? - Liberal Media Not Interested In Soros' Plans To Reinvent The World In His Warped Image - Congress Told A BALD-FACED LIE By Pro-Sodomite Commanders, Damn The Good Of The Service

The Report Of Boehner's "Winning" Is A Pathetic Joke, Making His "Losing" A Scary Prospect Indeed, As What's Next, Caving To The Obamunists By Unconscionably Raising The Debt Limit With Boehner Basically Nullifying The Results Of The 2010 Election That Made Him Speaker? - GOP Leaders With Spines Can Take Washington Back, NOW - Wisconsin Court Race Won't Be Certified Without Probe As Trumkaites Incensed Mob Rule Didn't Prevail - Russia Wants Red Button Rights To US Missile Defense System, Which Used To Be Called Treason - The A-Z Of Eugenic Killing

Two Obama Officials Implicated In Seditious Plot To Dismantle The Constitution - Not Raising Debt Limit Doesn't Mean Economic Collapse - Obama Spending More On Communist Indoctrination Masquerading As Education - Boehner's Boner - Blind Leftist Devotion To Obama Results From Marxist Critical Theory - War Without End In Libya - The A-Z Of Eugenic Killing, Part II

The Founders Didn't Put Social Issues On The Backburner In The Declaration Of Independence - Boehner Has Betrayed Those Who Made Him Speaker - Obama To Blame For High Oil Prices - Soros Calling Shots In Obama's Willful Destruction Of America - Republicans Disastrous Victory - Waging War, Union Style, In WI - POLST: "Self-Determination" Or Imposed Death?

Lunatics At UN Want To Give Bugs, Trees, Same Rights As Humans - Song-And-Dance GOP Throws Unborn Under The Bus - Out Of Control Deficit Rockets 16% In First Half Of Year With Obama To INSANELY Call For More Taxes - Chocolate Milk Next Target For The Obamunists - Obama's Arrogance Is Unbounded - Lawmakers Rethink Health Care Law's Medicare Cuts - How High Will Gas Go?

A Flat Earth No Growth Marxist Column In PRAVDA Central PA Is So Disingenuous As To Defy Description - China Arming To The Teeth While Traitorous Obama Unilaterally Disarms America And Sodomizes Our Military - Obama Administration: "Gangster Government In Action" - Boehner's Creative Accounting Used False Figure For Budget Cuts - An Open Letter To John Boehner - Obama Wants To Steal From You To Pay For His Morally Bankrupt Skyrocketing Debt - Obama's Ineligibility: Beyond Arrogance And Ignorance - Support For Obamacare Tanking - Obama More Loser Than Leader

Worthless USCCB At It Again As CCHD Continues To Fund Alinsky Organizing With Your Donations - Regarding The "Birther Issue," You Don't Take Arrows Out Of Your Quiver When Fighting For The Survival Of Your Country - Obama's Green Energy Plans Are DOOM for America - Despicable RINO Aide Compares Budget Dissenters Who Are Trying To Save America To Hanoi Jane - Boehner Unconscionably Nullifying The Results Of The 2010 Election - Obama Speech "Most Dishonest In Decades" - Percent Of Americans Working Lowest Since Reagan - Soros Plays Major Role In Crafting Of WH Policy - Pentagon Warns On Costs Of Obama's Unilaterally Disarming America

The Testimony From A Former Planned Parenthood Director Reveals Who The Real Liars Are With One Of The Biggest Being The Reflection In Leonard Pitts, Jr.'s Mirror - Planned Parenthood To Expand Abortion Business Thanks To Obama - Obama Keeps Czars Despite Budget Deal That Eliminated Them - Three Debt Ceiling Lies Exposed, As Raise The Debt Ceiling And Lose Your Job - Don't Cook The Medicare Books As Ryan's Plan Stops Obama's Raid On Medicare - Palin: WI Gov Doing The Right Thing With Unions - Obama Unilaterally Disarming America In The Face Of Its Enemies Of Which HE'S THE BIGGEST - Sodomite Judge Direct Beneficiary Of Ruling - BEWARE OF TRUMP Who's Out For Himself Before Anything Else - Earth Day And Environmental Insanity

Renewable Energy Exposed As Unreliable And Inefficient Doesn't Stop Green Goblin Ideologues Who Couldn't Care Less - They Haven't Shut Up Sarah Palin Who Loves America - Boehner The Enabler - Obama's Medicare Plan Is A Trojan Horse To Ration Health Care - The American Dream Is In Jeopardy - Border Agents Confirm Orders Not To Arrest Illegals As Obama Getting Out The Vote - Obama Continues Fight To End American Prosperity While He Golfs And Vacations Like All Good Politburo Members - Debt Beyond Belief - Obama Gets Testy With Reporter NOT From PRAVDA USA - Another Union Pay Chart Of The Day - Prop. 8 Ruling Must Be Vacated As Sodomite Judge Has Absolute Conflict Of Interest - Obama Displayed 'A Dark Psychopathy' During Budget Talk

Lest We Forget Who Bernardin Was, What He Did, And Was Directly Responsible For ...

Lie Again Mr. Boehner And Prep Your Resume - Obama Stimulates Nothing But More Debt, Per Palin - How Obama Czar Uses His Executive Authority - HHS Initiatives Fail To Offer States Meaningful Flexibility - IPAB: The Death Panels - The False Choice Between Existing Medicare And Ryan's Proposal - Sodomites Unhappy With AZ Adoption Law Having Children As Priority - Progressive Media And The War On The Unborn - The Despicable Attack On Gov. Palin's Son With Down Syndrome - We Now Have The Media Of A One Party Totalitarian State - Ten Fracking Things Everyone Should Know To Debunk The Lies Of The Environmental Nazis - The Enactment Of An Economically Crippling Energy Agenda - What Greens Really Believe - Academic Rot

Death Panels Crop Up Again As Obama Mentions IPAB In Medicare - The Declaration Of Independence Is Not Going To Be Revised To Accommodate The Godless - Town Hallers Ask Obama: Where Are The Jobs? - Obama IS The Problem With Higher Gas Prices - To Retire Our National Debt, Retire Obama - Radical Lesbian Nominated For Mass. Supreme Judicial Court

Hypocritical Pelosi Gets Fiscal Religion Over Boehner Hiring Attorney To Defend Oxymoronic Sodomite Marriage Ban - Obama's Teleprompter, Soros, Lays Out His Plan To Take Down US Currency - IPAB Is An Acronym For 'Death Panel' - Hang On As 'Don't Ask' Repeal Faces Fresh Fire - Americans Don't Want Debt Hike By 2 to 1 Ratio - Sodomite Hater Of Christians Given GLAAD Award - Gas Prices Keep Going Up While Obama Uses Thousands Of Gallons Of Fuel To Fly All Over The Country On Our Tax Dollars - WI School Employee Makes Threatening Phone Call To Business For Selling Gas To GOPer - U.N.'s Agenda 21 Is In Your Community As Ubiquity Of Global Restrictions On The People's Land Is Highlighted

U.N. Socialists Concoct Another Fleece, The 'Mother Earth Rights Treaty' - Obama's Politburo Death Panel - Insane Hollywood Calls For 5 And 1/2 More Years Of Obama - Obama Policies Push Nations Toward Iran - Petition To Redistribute GPA Scores Teaches Economics Lesson

Obama Says Will Take More Than One Term To Destroy USA - Insider's View Of Homosexuality In Military - Barack "Necessarily Skyrocket" Obama Baffled by Rising Gas Prices - Blame At The Pump As Obama's Failing Energy Policies Blasted - Hyperbole, Gross Exaggeration And Outright Lies From Obama On A Scale That Would Make Most Politicians Blush - What The Communist, Obama, Has Intentionally Wrought: IMF Bombshell, Age Of America Nears End - Our Expanding Welfare Empire

Shell-Shocked: Gas Prices Soar As IRRATIONAL EPA DRACONIAN Rules Force SHELL To Abandon Oil Drilling Plans Off Alaska After EPA Ruling, Leaving 27B Barrels In Limbo - All This Because Of The Emissions Of An Ice Breaker In One Of The Most Remote Areas Of The Country - Just What We Don't need, More Advice From The Bushites Who Set The Table For Obama

Good News As Tennessee May Ban Teaching Homosexuality In Schools Which Should Be A No Brainer For The Sake Of The Common Good - Gov. Palin Gives No Quarter As Explanations Demanded From Obamunists - Boehner Sounds More Like A DEM Every Day - Raise The Debt Ceiling And Tender Your Resignation - Leftist Media's Gas Distortions Advance Obama's Green Agenda - The General Motors Debacle - Baseball's Greatest Play, 35 Years Later - Obama Wants More 'Death Panel' Power - Motion To Ask Court To Toss Prop 8 Ruling Of Sodomite Judge - The Patent Bill Is Unconstitutional - Encouragement Of Promiscuous Sex Shipped Right To Your Child's Door

In The Matter Of The Questions About Barack Hussein Obama's Birth Certificate, There Is One Thing That Has Already Been Proven Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt In Regard To The Man

Communist Obama Admits To Working On Gun Control Under The Radar - International Energy Dependence (Obama) Vs. National Energy Independence (Palin) - The Liars Lost, Who Won? - AGs Blast Union Inspired NLRB Assault On States - Meet Kim Jong Il's Answer To Baghdad Bob, Pyongyang Jimmy - Who Obama Really Is - The Only People Using The Word "Recovery" Are The Obamunists Specializing In Agitprop For The Regime

The Politicization Of The Death Of Usama Bin Laden By A Hypocrite Masquerading As President

Because Satan Is Alive And Well In The World Today Waging A Spiritual War For Our Souls That Is Manifested In The Natural Plane, As Evinced By The Daily News, The Power To Stop Satan Must Also Be Alive And Well In The World

No Thanks Are Owed For Anything To "The Destroyer Of America" Currently Occupying The Oval Office

More Proof That The Centre Daily Times Of State College Is NOT A Newspaper, But Rather Central Pennsylvania's Propaganda Arm For The Obama Regime's Talking Points Ad Nauseam

FOX News Op-ed Says That "Bin Laden's Dead And We Must Give Obama His Due" - REAL Americans Can Handle That So Here's What Obama Is Due

SEIU Drops Mask, Goes Full Commie As Union Walks Arm-In-Arm With Red-Flag-Waving Marxists In May Day Parade - Behold, The REAL Obama Who Has A Hatred For Anything And Everything American - Going Green But At Whose Expense? - Radical Leftists' Attack On Mothers - National Histrionic Hates People

Navy Chaplains Unconscionably Coerced To Officiate At Oxymoronic 'Sodomite Marriages' By A Totalitarian State That Trashes Our Unalienable God-Given Rights That Were The Foundation Upon Which America Was Built - An 'In Your Face, America,' As Michelle Obama To Host Rapper At WH Who Talks Of Killing Cops, Burning Bush - Starving Defense Now Starves America Tomorrow - Obama's Attack On Private Industry Causing Unemployment Rate To Skyrocket - AZ Fighting Obama To Protect Our Borders - Affirmation Of Obamacare Means 'Federal Power Is Unlimited' - Bombshell: U.S. Government Questioned Obama Citizenship - Sorry Ruling Class Washington, The Tea Party And Reagan Are Alive And Well With Conservatism On The Rise - How Bin Laden Really Lived

An 'In Your Face' To America, In Particular, To All Those In Law Enforcement And Their Families, From The Obamas Who Invite A Rapper Talking Of Killing Cops, And Burning President Bush, To A White House 'Poetry Reading'

HIV Is Still A Disease Primarily Associated With Those Inclined To Homosexual Acts: Latest Statistics - Tactics Of The Homosexual Movement

How PRAVDA USA Lies For Obama Via Extremely Biased Polling

Only The Democrats And A Church Unrecognizable As Catholic Still Believe The Global Warming Hype

No Truce On Social Issues Because Without God's Blessing, America Is Doomed - Devout Catholics Stand Up For Their Faith - Pentagon 'Confused' Over Gender, Needs Help From Congress - Landmark Legal Taking It To Obama - UN's Earth Dogma Abuses Children - Why Don't We Hear About America Hater Soros' Ties To Over 30 Major News Orgs? - There Is Nothing So Cunning As The Unimpeded Cunning Of The Marxists Now Populating The Halls Of Congress - Navy SEALs Want To Protect Identities Following Bin Laden Kill But The Obamunists Couldn't Care Less - 3 Myths About The Oil And Gas Industry - Washington Post Chairman, A Former Police Officer, Incredibly Had No Comment On WH Hosting A Rapper Who Praises A Convicted Cop-Killer - Oil Execs Not Bullied By Commie Dems - Health Care Providers Discover That Obamacare Is A Total Disaster

The Right To Liberty In The Declaration Of Independence Is Not An Anarchist's Dream - Soros Group Behind Attack On Boehner's Catholicism - Obama Oil Policy Threatens Alaska Pipeline's Existence - The Truth Behind Oil Subsidies - Middle Class Will Be Crushed Within 5 Years - New Birth Certificate Anomalies Inexplicable - We're All Communists Now, Part 3

Beware Of Centrists Like Newt Gingrich Who Stand For Nothing - The Irrational Animus Against Gov. Sarah Palin - Lunatic Left Wants To Tell GOP Who To Run Against Their Hero Obama Who Uses Power To Destroy With Rants, Lies, Subsidies And Job-Killing Policies In His Plan For 'America's Fraud President-Assisted Suicide' - Pro-Abortion Planned Parenthood Has Unprecedented Access To White House - Geithner 'Flat Out Lying' About Debt Limit Debate - Taxing The Rich Hurts Us All - Bad Patent Bill A Major Threat To National Security - State Supported Youth Pride Day In Boston, A Day Of Adult-Led Depravity With Vulnerable Children - Exposing The Lie Of Obama's 'Fairy Tale' Recovery - Waivers Are More Dangerous Than Obamacare - How Obama Will Ration Healthcare - Book Proves Obama Ineligible

USCCB Ignores Elephant In The Room Regarding The Oxymoronic Concept Of 'Homosexually Inclined Priests' - Randy Engel On New Order of Barbarians

Species Extinction Rates Grossly Overestimated - Americans, Seeing Through The "Gutsy Call" Hype, Are Not As Stupid As Obama Thinks They Are - Obama Hits The Links Rather Than Honor Police Dead - The Very Red Flags Regarding George Soros, Obama's Teleprompter - National Magazine Telling Lies As The Obamunists In Panic Mode Regarding Obama's Ineligibility To Be President - Chinese To View Sensitive U.S. Sites, Which Pre-Comrade Obama Used To Be Called TREASON,  As Russians Warn Of New Cold War, And Taxpayer-Supported GM Sponsors Chinese Communist Film - Understanding The Warped Liberal Vision - Education Department Violates Law, And States Say "No" To National Standards

The Sleazy History Of GLSEN - Transparency? Decency? Not On Your Life With This Parent-Avoiding Group - Sodomite Admits That He Wants To Indoctrinate Your Children

This Is Why The Fraud Pro-Lifer, Bob Casey, Jr. of PA, Is An Unmitigated Disaster For Pennsylvania And America

Beware Of Polls Reported On FOX News That Are Becoming Increasingly Indistinguishable From The Obama Agitprop Reported By PRAVDA USA

Obama's Attempt To Overwhelm Educational System With Agenda To Create 'Good Little Communists' - Enough With Huntsman And His Ilk Whose Candidacy Is That Of A RINO Mole For The Obamunists - Obama Publicly Exposed As A Pure Unadulterated Fraud - Scottish Wind Farms Paid To Shut Down Generation - Obama Faction Marxists Attempt Market Crash - America's Iconic Marxist Historian - US Must NOT Bend To Russian Missile Demands

A Column Of Catholic Orientation In An Age Where Much Masquerades For Catholicism - Fr. Stravinskas Is DEAD WRONG Regarding His Unwarranted Attack On Catholic Homeschooling - Changing The Mentality Of Catholics By Fixing A Church That Wasn't Broken But Rather Thriving 

What Happened In Joplin Missouri Really Hit Home - Tyrannical Government Wants In Your Back Yard - A Critical Look At Monaghan's 'City Of God' And A PS Of The Last Dance Of The Morally And Ethically Challenged Jackson Lab - The Truth Regarding Who Ended Medicare As We Know It - Myths About The 'Poverty-Stricken' With The Goal Being To Create Dependency - Obama's Desire For Data On Your Child

'Illegal' Babies Abducted By Chinese Population Control Officials, And This Is The Country That Obama Wants Us To Emulate - Paul Ryan Is Telling The Truth, Which Is A Word Not In The Radical Left's Vocabulary

In A Word, This Pro Man-Made Global Warming Article In PRAVDA Central PA Is 'Rubbish' - Medvedev Uncorks A Stunner On U.S. Missile Defense Shield As Obama Is Leaving America Defenseless In The Face Of Its Enemies Who Have No Respect Whatsoever For This Fraud Masquerading As President - Behold The Work Of 'Obama The Destroyer' - New Study Shows Higher Health Care Costs Under Obamacare - Groups Ask PA Governor Corbett To Remove Militant Pro-Homosexual Stephen Glassman As Chair Of The PA Human Relations Commission - American Ignorance On Socialism And Communism - Trouble In Obama's Paradise - Soros Steps Up War On Any Who Dare To Disagree With His Puppet, Obama, Who's Throwing Taiwan Under The Bus, And Working On Gun Control Under The Radar

Dinner At Quantico - Something To Think About As The Memorial Day Weekend 2011 Begins

Obama MUST Be A One Termer - The Biggest Security Breach We Have Is The Sham Obama Presidency - Where's The Money Coming From To Help Joplin, Missouri? - The Major Problems With Solar Power And Who's Really Killing Medicare - You Don't Negotiate With Someone Whose Clear Intent Is To Destroy The Country From Within - The Disintegration Of The Moral Order Gives You Anthony Weiners - More From Those Wonderful Communist Chinese Whom Obama Wants Us To Emulate - Obama's Disrespect For Our Military On Memorial Day - The Sustainable Communists - SSM Architects Seek To Silence Christians - Gender Nonsense In The Classroom - Our First Lady: Bitter Harridan - Incensed Voters Repudiate Obama's Leadership - Where Are The Catholic Contributions To Resisting The Green Dragon? - The Owner Of Big Oil Is YOU - Judge To University: Release Climate Researcher's Mann's Papers

Pathetic Boehner Wants To Play Golf With A Tyrant - Palin Proving Her Worth - No One Has A Bigger Stake In Obama Than Soros Who's Obama's Teleprompter - No Matter How The Media Spins It, Obama Owns This Economic Crisis - The Naivete Of People Like Gates Is Going To Be The Death Knell Of America's National Security - Romney And Obama Have A Lot In Common; Both Are FRAUDS - Sexual Perverts Using Children As Pawns

A Prophetic Warning In Regard To The Consequences Of Diluting The One True Faith Through An Ecu-mania - Notre Dame's Ever Deepening Descent Into The Abyss Prepared For The Devil And His Angels - New Numbers, Same Old Population Lies - Some Food For Thought On The 67th Anniversary Of D-Day On America Needing God's Help To Survive

Comrade Obama Is No More Interested In Improving The Economy Than The Shameless Weiner Is In Bringing Respect To The House Of Representatives - Obamacare Was NEVER, Repeat, NEVER About Health Care But Rather Was The Lynchpin Of A Communist Ideologue To Transform The Country Into A Marxist Socialist State - PRAVDA USA Couldn't Care Less About Romney's Negatives Anymore Than They Do Obama's As The Two Are Basically Indistinguishable - Gov. Palin Set A Trap For Her Critics By Exposing Them For The Biased Frauds That They Are - How The Local Paper Manages The News In Favor Of Obama By Censored Reporting On DADT - Where Is A "Right To Baby Killing," Let Alone At Taxpayer Expense, In The Constitution?

ATTENTION Euthanasia Advocates: There Is NO Basic Human Right To Die Because Rights Without Duties Are No Rights At All, And What God Has Given, Man Can NEVER Take Away

Diabolical Obama To Destroy Coal Industry With Hundreds Of Thousands Of Jobs Lost And Electricity Prices To Skyrocket, All Based On The PROVEN LIES Of The Gore Green Goblins Who Are Driving America Into The Ground -  When Is It Going To Register With The Brain-Dead GOP Leadership That THE Reason There Isn't A Credible Plan To Manage Down The Debt And Deficit In This Country Is Because Comrade Obama Is A Marxist Socialist Ideologue Who Couldn't Care Less? - Gov. Palin Calling Obama Out On His America Destroying Policies

A Typical Day In A Presidency Composed Of Leninists, Trotskyites, And Stalinists - Obama Keeps Promise To Kill Coal - The Coming Crash Of 2013 With National Security Implications - The Earth Is Full Of Hypocritical Eco-Blowhards Like NYT Thomas Friedman - Communist Loving Unions Could Give Obama Excuse For Declaring Martial Law - Globalist, CO2 Activist Commerce Secretary Pick Founded Group That Works With Terrorist, Slew Of Notorious Radicals - Muslim Congressman Defends Renamed ACORN - Obama's Ex-Employer Supports Hacking, Violence, Political Murder - CIA Director Linked To Spies Through Communist Friend

What If Some Other Behavior Cost 25 Million Lives As Campaign Chief Says Actions Linked To Terminal AIDS Largely Ignored?

Sarah Palin's E-Mail From God Is Why She Is Despised By The Disciples Of The Devil - It Is A Bald-Faced Lie To Say That Public Funding For Abortion Is Prohibited In Obamacare - Pathetic GOP Leadership De Facto Treating Obama And Biden As Honorable Men - Telling It Like It Is In Regard To The Communists In Control Of The Country And Their RINO Mole Enablers - Remembering Santorum's Treachery In 2004 - PRAVDA Central PA Prints More Lies, Per NYT Friedman's Column On Earth's Resources Stretched To The Limit Which Is Communist To The Core - The Sustainability Crowds Attack On American Sovereignty - Resident Liberal Loon Lachman's Nonsense Refuted By The Facts And Figures Of Reaganomics Vs. Obamanomics - Obama's Inflation - Obama Administration Seeks Sexual Perverts To Adopt Children - The Health Risks Of Homosexual Behavior - The Marxist Philosophy Of The Obamas - Panettagate: A Real Scandal Involving National Security - Obama's War On Oil, Coal, And America

Sarah Palin Will NOT Let PRAVDA USA Destroy Her - Juan Williams Is Goebbels For Obama - Paganism At The Air Force Academy - God-Fearing Leaders Needed For America's Survival - NJ Gov. Christie Cornered On Pro-Homosexual Views - Obamacare's Direct Attack On Your Freedom With Obama Suing To Keep Taxpayer Funded Baby Killing - Judith Reisman Exposes Sexual Pervert Kinsey, Part I - MA School District Should Be Prosecuted For Child Abuse - Hapless Boehner Doesn't Get It Regarding Treasonous Obama - Liberal Twisted Logic Why Gas Is Expensive - Justice In Short Supply At Obama's DOJ As House Panel Slams 'Fast And Furious' Gun Operation Tied To Border Agent's Death - Comrade Obama's DoD Nominee Linked To Cold War Supporters Of Soviets - Driving to Self-Destruction In A Cadillac Via Misguided American Strategy Toward Communist China

Obama Pervert Indoctrination Seeks Larger Audience - What Really Happened In Kansas As Pro-Baby Killers Sebelius And Six Are Obama's Kind Of People - Communist Sympathizer Panetta's War On Reagan's Defense Policies - How Environmentalists Cause War And Repression - Obama Birth Certificate Doctored

There Is A Difference Between The Constitution And An Activist Judiciary's Bastardization Of Same - Obama Is A "Political Animal" In That He Never Says Or Does Anything Unless He Is The Primary Beneficiary - Huntsman Another RINO Obama - Spoken Like A True Communist - The Insanity Of Sustainable Development - Pictures Of America's Fiscal Nightmare - Kill All The Evil CO2 - Massive Windfarm Threatens Eco-disaster - Another Zealot Waiting In ATF Wings - Constitutional Convention: A Dangerous Idea - Country On The Brink And Obama And Boehner Go Golfing - Obama Offering Quasi-Amnesty For Hundreds Of Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants

Some Anti-Military Comments In PRAVDA Central PA That Struck A Nerve - Our National Insecurity Under Obama - No Debt-Ceiling Solution Without Moral Resolution - Truth About Tax Cuts - Congress Refuses To Rein In Communist Obama - Lunatic Gore Wants Fewer Children To Curve Pollution - World Crashing Down On Lying Global Green Goblins As NASA Scientist Used Celeb Status Among Environmental Groups To Enrich Himself - Kinsey A 'Sadomasochistic Pedophile' - The Lies Regarding AIDS Prevention Exposed - Report On Trip To Albany For Oxymoronic SS-Marriage Vote Where No Catholic Priest Could Be Found

Enough With The "Snake Oil Salesmen" Who Would Con Us By Preaching That Obama's Regulatory Policies Are Job Creators - We Can Kiss This Country Goodbye With The Likes Of Boehner Negotiating With A Communist - Poncho Obama's New Tactic For Getting Out The Illegal Alien Vote - There Must Be Some Mistake As The "Religion Of Peace" Couldn't Possibly Be Behind This Plot To Attack A Seattle Military Recruiting Station

To Do The Will Of "The People," Not Of God - America Now Makes Sodom And Gomorrha Look Benign In Comparison, And, Barring Repentance, Will Suffer The Same Consequences - Catholic Congressional Supporters Of Planned Parenthood Should Be Excommunicated

Feds Find Fix Was In On 'Study' Of Homosexuality In Ranks As Inspector General Says Executive Summary Written Before Troops Surveyed - Communist Van Jones Backed By Soros Resurfaces Launching Anti-Tea Party Group - Chicago's Top Cop Is A Coward

The Certifiably Insane Thomas Friedman And His Gang Of Economic Loons At The New York Slimes Want Us To, Once Again, Drink The Kook-Aid Of Taxing And Spending Our Way Out Of An Unsustainable Debt Caused By Those Very Policies

Exposing The Marxist Socialist Agenda Of The Sustainability Communists In PRAVDA Central PA

Beware the Baracktopus - Obamacare Was NEVER About Health Care - The Serial Lying Communist Masquerading As President Who Wants A "Master-Slave" Relationship Between HIS Totalitarian State And The People, i.e., "You Do What I Say Or Else" - Get Ready To Kiss Your Pensions Goodbye In Favor Of Obama Annuities - The REAL Flake Sits In The Oval Office - Environmental Brainwashing In MD - Obama Is Corruption Inc.

Comrade Obama's Marxist Class Warfare Targets Yet Another Industry For Destruction With No Concern Whatsoever For The Jobs Lost - We Are Not Obliged To Give A Collection Of Commie Creeps The Satisfaction That We're Hanging On Their Every Word - Chart Of The Week: National Debt Set To Skyrocket

Speaking Out Against ACLU Dictate Of Promoting Aberrant Behavior Contrary To The Common Good In The SCASD - Since When Did Comrade Obama Care About The Common Good? - The Declaration Of Independence's Relevance Against The Tyranny Of Obama And His Enablers On July 4, 2011 A.D. - Obama Considers Himself Above Any Law Because, In Obama's Warped Narcissistic Megalomaniacal Mind, He IS The Law - You Cannot Talk Of The Importance Of The "Laws Of Nature And Nature's God" While Concurrently Bastardizing Same - There Is No Such Thing As A "PC War" Which Is A Death Warrant For Our Military - No New Deals, Stop The Spending - Refuting The Patently Ridiculous Assertion That Bob Casey, Jr. Of PA, Is Unbeatable - There Is NO Choice Re The Debt Limit; IT MUST NOT BE RAISED - This Is What Happens When The Sorry Likes Of A Communist Agitator And His Cronies Are Given Power - The Tyrant Obama Is About To Tell Us What We Can Drive Based On The Proven Pathological Lies Of The Gore Green Goblins

No Court Of Man On This Planet Can Diabolically Order A Halt To The Natural Law Of God Almighty - Truth Getting Out Regarding "Brain Death" As A Legitimate Diagnosis Of Actual Death Being Increasingly Questioned By Concerned Family Members And Medical Professionals

You Don't Make Deals With A Communist; You Stop Him In His Tracks - Romney For Obama's VP - A Member Of The Ruling Politburo Of The Peoples Republic Of State College, PA Lectures Us On Economics, NOT - The Union Thugocracy Believes That Marxism Works - UN Wants To Green The Whole World At A Cost Of Only $76 Trillion

Judiciary Committee Launches Probe Of Kagan's Involvement In Obamacare - SANE Economists Urging Congress To Just Say No To Increasing The Debt Limit With Higher Taxes NOT The Answer - The Lefts Blatant Attack On The Founding Documents Of America - The Obama Regime Gave 2,500 Guns To Mexican Drug Lords In Attack On The 2nd Amendment

Faith, Family And Fecundity - The Sugar Daddy Has Run Out of Sugar - Boehner Under No Pressure To Deal With A Communist Specializing In Class Warfare - An Economy In Panic With Skyrocketing Unemployment - Debt Boosted By $1 Trillion - The Preposterous Lie That Obama Drones Like Casey Of PA Are Unbeatable - Obama The Destroyer Takes Aim At Coal Industry With No Concern For Jobs Lost - Three Myths Of The Debt Ceiling Debate - Obama Pal And Terrorist Dohrn Linked To Mexican Killer Case - Air Obama Won't Fly - Obama's Tax On Churches And Charities

House Votes To Halt Oxymoronic Sexually Perverse Unions On Military Bases - Militant Sodomites Want To CRUSH Venerable Adoption Agencies And Religious Liberty - The Insane Redefinition Of Gender - Curbing The Natural Law To Foster The Revolution - A Few Rich Libertarians Help Undermine Freedom - Comrade Obama Admits His Welfare State Creates Dependency - When Did The Fraud Rangle Ever Become Acquainted With Jesus? - Gov. Palin's Consistent Opposition To Debt Ceiling Increase - PRAVDA USA Lobbies For Life Of Killer Rapist - Obama Plan: 'Spike' Energy Costs, Kill 1.4 Million Jobs - Exposing The UN Agenda 21 Of The Communist Disciples Of Sustainability - EPA Set to Implement Economically Ruinous Regulations On Power Plants - Whittaker Chambers, Alger Hiss, And Panettagate - Obama Goes From Hope To Defeatism On Economy

Boehner And McConnell MUST NOT CAVE By Raising The Debt Limit Which Allows Comrade Obama To Continue To Rob Us Blind AS He Reduces U.S. To A European Welfare State - Seven Myths About The Looming Debt-Ceiling "Disaster" - Time To End Fannie And Freddie As Just What Is Poor In America? - For Shame, SCASD Board Of Directors, There Is A Huge Difference Between What's "Legal" In The Eyes Of Man, And What's Right In The Eyes Of God - California Embraces The Vice Of Sodom And Gomorrha - What America Should Do With The Pathological Lying Gore Green Goblins - "Lower Prices" Was A Phrase Not In Former PA Gov. Ed Rendell's Vocabulary

Memo To House GOP Leadership, And Those Who Would Follow Them Into Political Oblivion By Betraying The Voters' Trust: Those Who Put You In Power Are Keeping Score - Obama Couldn't Care Less About Putting Our Border Agents At Unnecessary Risk

A Brief History Of Comrade Obama's Destruction Of American Economy - Sustainable Health Care For Communists

Does It Matter Now? - Debt's Not All, Folks - Pure Unadulterated Crock Coming From A Lack Of GOP Leadership

Man Cannot Overturn The Natural Law Of God - Repeal Of DADT Based On Lie - Palin BLASTS Lame Duck Obama - You Don't Reduce Debt By Adding To It - How A Tyrant Forces You To Buy GREEN CARS That Are Worthless As He Destroys Auto Industry In The Process - One Obama Presser, 36 Obama Lies And Deceptions - Armed Forces Under Stress - Voices Of Reason Are Few In PRAVDA Central PA - Another Obamacare 'Glitch' Will Add Billions To The Deficit - Huge Job Growth If Regulators Allow Gulf Oil Drilling - The Social Justice Cocaine That The Left Is Hooked On - America Meets 90% Of Karl Marx's Demands As Obama Destroys The Country - Leonard "Everyone Is A Racist But Me" Pitts, Jr. Has Long Since Lost Any Credibility Due To His Extreme Radical Left Bias In Being An Unapologetic Shill For Comrade Obama - Allen West's Gentlemanly Behavior In Being An American

Pro-Sodomite Romney's Support Of Sexually Perverse Agenda Exposed - Why Is There, Insanely, A Proposed Need To Negotiate With Obama And Those RINOS Who Would Accommodate Him?

Everything Obama Has Done Must Be Held In Abeyance - Memo To Gov. Perry: The Natural Law Of God Is NOT Trumped On Any Local, State, Or Federal Level, PERIOD - Vatican Cardinal Says Divine Judgment Will Fall On Priests Who Do Not Oppose Abortion, Homosexuality - Push For Obamacare To Cover Chemical Baby Killing - Obamacare Designed To Ultimately Force All Of Obama's Serfs Into A Single Payer System By Destroying The Insurance Companies - Cut The Spending NOW, NO NEW TAXES - Boehner Is Really Good At Giving Cover To Those He Wants To Cave Later - When The Dictator Speaks We Must Listen Or Else With Congress Establishing The US' First Politburo - The Manchurian Candidate Is Grinding America Down - President Of The Lie - Only 'Theft' Would Detour Social Security Checks - Onward Obama's Lawless Thugocracy As ATF Intimidating Witnesses In Gun Probe

The Confusion Of The "Father-Of-Lies" As Evinced By The "The Hermeneutic Of Rupture" Reported Here Is Due To Apostates At The Highest Levels Of The Church Which Is Increasingly Unrecognizable As Catholic

We're Living In Perilous Times Where "Business As Usual In Congress" Is Not Going To Cut It, Mr. Boehner - USCCB Encourages Communists In Power To Raise Our Taxes - Staff Sergeant May Lose Career Over Refusal Of Sodomite Brainwashing As "Hope And Change" Is Now "Homo And Change" - Contrary To The Lies Of Comrade Obama, Social Security Checks Are Not At Risk - Facts PRAVDA USA Is Not Telling You About The Debt Debate - Environmental NAZIS Telling Us How Many Children To Have

Courageous Members Of The House Are Not Letting Themselves Be Beaten Down By The Likes Of Establishment RINO Boehner Who Needs To Be Replaced - A Not So Subtle Message To Congressional Freshmen, Who Are Ready To Cave Following Boehner's Sorry Example, From Gov. Sarah Palin - More Green Lies To Destroy Energy And Car Industries - UN Climate Models Full Of Hot Air - Homeschoolers, Booming And Successful

The Evolution Of The Debt Ceiling Default Lie As We're In The Process Of Watching "Snake Oil Salesmen All" Sell The Future Of Our Children, Grandchildren, And Generations Yet Unborn, Down The River Of An Unsustainable Debt Leading To Monetary Collapse - Our Money Wasted As Anemic GDP Growth In Q2; Q1 Growth Revised Down To 0.4% As Comrade Obama Continues To Destroy Our Economy - Military Recruiters Asked To Target Sexual Perverts - Outrage As Feds Give Grant To GLSEN To Endanger Our Children - Rebutting A Baseless Column Regurgitating The Proven Lies Of The Shameless Pathological Lying Man-Made Global Warming Green Goblin Environmental NAZIS - EPA To Destroy The Auto Industry - Radical Environmentalists' Continuing Campaign Against Economic Freedom

Deal's Big Secret: Tax Hikes Possible Despite Lies To The Contrary - The Debt Deal And The Threat To America's National Security - 'Deal Would Have To Get Better For It Just To Be A Disaster' - Obama Administration Orders Insurers To Pay For Contraception In Complete Ignorance That Pregnancy Is NOT A Disease

The Lies Of Debt Crisis Politics Exposed - Welcome To Agenda 21's 'Walkability' - Arguing Against Nanny State Regulation Of Light Bulbs, Toilets, Dishwashers - Onward Muslim Soldiers To Blow Up Ft. Hood - Cost Shifting On The Increase Under Obamacare With Care Diminishing And Costs Rising As Predicted

The "Midnight Deadline" Was A BALD-FACED Lie Of The Obamunists, And A Sorry GOP Leadership That Bought Into It, Hook, Line, And Sinker, Allowing Comrade Obama To Double-Down On His Marxist Socialist Agenda, Destroying America From Within, Which Was NEVER About Jobs But Rather An Ever Increasing Totalitarian Government Dole - Three Mandatory Steps For Cutting America's Deficit - The Truth About The Biggest Debt Hike In History

Air Force Being Intimidated By The IGNORANT To Erase God's Moral Order - No News Here As Communist Party USA Endorses Obama For Four More Years Of Destroying America - Palin Defends REAL Americans From Attacks By Soros Funded Obamunists - America Is The Biggest Loser In Debt Deal With The Establishment RINO Sellout Of Boehner And McConnell - Tea Party Hobbits Vs Sauron And His Minions - Welcome To OSA (Formerly USA) - Congress Should Not Waste Money On Test Ban Treaty That Puts U.S. At Strategic Disadvantage - Defending Parents of Deceased Daughter In Recognition That Sexual Perversion Has NO Rights - Evidence Continues To Grow In Exposing Obama The Usurper

The Budget Control Act Of 2011 Violates Constitutional Order - U.S. Debt Now Surpasses 2010 GDP - The White House Does Not Create Jobs - Boehner Is A "Dim Bulb" - Our National Security At Grave Risk With Panetta A Stalking Horse For Obama, As Our Enemies Are Arming While America Unilaterally Disarms

Forcing Our Military To Fight A War With PC Rules Of Engagement Putting Their Lives At Needless Risk Is A TREASONOUS Act - Why Fight U.S. Military When You Can Just Infiltrate It? - Comrade Obama Is Willfully Destroying The Economy Of America With The Help Of His RINO Enablers, And Dares Anyone To Stop Him - Voters Not Drinking Obama-Reid-Boehner-McConnell KOOK-AID - A Vital Part Of The Solution To Our Economic And Employment Crisis Is Right Under Our Feet - Sodomites DEMAND That They Be Able To Give You Their Blood - The Homosexual Colonization Of The AmChurch Began In Religious Orders - Just Who Made The State College Borough Council God In The "People's Republic Of State College, Pennsylvania?" - Financial Crisis, Yet 'Gay' School Promotion Gets Six Figure Annual Grant

Gov. Palin On Conquering The Storm

What Those Analyzing Obama Ad Nauseam Need To Do Right Now - Local Commies Rally At Congressman's Office - The Professional "Bush Blamers" Couldn't Care Less About The $4 Trillion In Debt That Obama Amassed In 30 Months? - As The IFI Is Doing, This Pure Unadulterated Rot Must Be Fought Each And Every Time It Rears Its Ugly Head - Defenders Of Life Are NOT Preaching About Pregnancy; They Are Defending The Natural Law Of God Almighty - Shameless Obama To Exploit SEAL TEAM 6 For Reelection Purposes - Industry Group Hits Back At Anti-Coal Rhetoric From Bloomberg, Sierra Club - Playing The Obama Death-To-The-USA Game

History Unfolding As A Perfect Storm May Be Brewing Making The Elections Of 2012 The Most Important For The Survival Of The Republic - The Makeup Of The Unconstitutional Super Committee - China's Military Buildup A Huge Concern - Another Global Warming Lie Exposed - Last Chance For GOP To Get It Right - Debt Ceiling Up, S&P Rating Down - 500 Billion Reasons To Invalidate Obamacare

A Defense Of The Natural Law Against A Secular Bastardization Of Same

PRAVDA Central PA, Aren't You Just A Little Embarrassed By The Proven Pathological Liar That Leonard Pitts, Jr. Is, And Giving Forums To Local Columnists Who Don't Know What They're Talking About? - Appeals Court Rules That The Foundation Of Obamacare Is Unconstitutional - The "Blame Game" Is Over, Barack, And You Lose - Obama's Worst Judge Yet - Our National Security In Shambles - Gun Rights Require Vigilance - The Direct Link Between Homosexuality And Child Sexual Abuse - Another Judge Rebukes Job-Killing Rogue Interior Department - U.S. Corporate Tax Rate Is Uncompetitive - Obama Lawless Thugocracy Refuses To Comply With House Oversight Subpoena - Obama's Plan To Force Farmers Off Their Land - UN Agenda 21 Marches On In America With The USDA-EPA National Partnership

Compromising The SEALS For Political Gain Is TREASON As "Obama Used Their Heroism To Elevate His Nothingness" - Reagan's Stimulus Vs. Obama's Fiasco - Super Congress Usurps Constitution - Obama's Magical Misery Tour - Generation Vexed: Young Americans Rein In Dreams - Social Degeneration - Oh, How America Has Changed - "Increasingly, People Have Caught On To The Toxic Combination Of Obama's Extreme Leftist Ideology, His Fundamental Incompetence, His Defiant Refusal To Accept Accountability And His Mean-Spirited Partisan Scapegoating" - The Obama Criminal Conspiracy Must Be Exposed - UN's Agenda 21 Forcing Society Back To The Ghetto - The Dream Today: From Hope & Change To Despair & Rage

Something Symbolic Of The Environmental NAZIS Destroying The Country - The Secretary Of Agriculture, And His Ilk, Are Certifiably Insane - We Are Watching The Intentional Unconscionable Demise Of Our Military By People Who Despise The Military - Your Con Is Over, Barack, As No One Is Interested In Anything That A Proven Pathological Liar Has To Say Anymore - Supervisors Get Promoted Amid Gunrunning Scandal

Academic Conference Seeks To Normalize Pedophilia - Those Who Erroneously Believe In The Concept Of An Innate Sexual Orientation To Perverse Acts Can Change Via Therapy Not Leading To An Increase In Suicide Attempts - The Militant Pro-Homosexual Lobby Promoting Anti-Bullying In Our Schools, Hypocritically, Has No Problem With Bullying All Who Dare To Oppose Their Sexually Perverse Agenda - The Truth Behind New Obamacare Rules, As The Obamunists Want To Promote Sexual Promiscuity By Helping COLLEGE GIRLS Get Sterilized, Get On "The Pill," And Get "Emergency Contraception" ASAP

A Comparison Between Caesar Nero And Obama Is Not A Stretch - The Communist "Contract For The American Nightmare" - Obama To Lay Out Another Sham Jobs Plan After Latest Vacation - Reflections on the "Everyone But Me Is To Blame" Bus Tour - Obama's Lawless Thugocracy Moves Ahead With Deportation Rules Congress Rejected - Flawed U.N. Climate Models Grossly Exaggerate Warming Effect In Debunking The "Overwhelming Number Of Scientists Support Man-Made Global Warming" Lie - The Green Subsidy Job Loss Nexus - Americans Take a Regulatory Bleating - Obamacare's Sleight Of Hand - Major Concerns About Vital Organ Transplantation Using Individuals Who Aren't Truly Dead - Birthers Catching Up To Obama - Russia Debuts Stealth Fighter With Serious National Security Implications for the U.S. - Pro-Homosexual 'Equity' Policies Amount To 'Ethical Cleansing'

Obama Killing Energy Industry As Exxon Latest To Feel Dictator's Wrath With No Concern Whatsoever For Jobs Lost While Obama Lives In Luxury - Obama's Fuel Standards To Raise Cost Of Car $11,000+ - More Green Lies From PRAVDA Central PA With Author Belonging In Loony Bin - U.S. Set For Wave Of Power Plant Shutdowns Living The American Nightmare Of U.N. Agenda 21 - Enough With Kowtowing To The Dupes Of The Militant Homosexual Lobby When Government Promotes Immorality - The Push To Normalize Pedophilia - Obama Moving Forward With Amnesty By Fiat In Flouting Congressional Authority - Who Needs Robin Hood When You Can Have Affirmative Action Born Of Class Warfare? - Our National Insecurity Under Obama, As Our Enemies, Now Obama's Friends, See Weakness - Communist China Threatening U.S. Space Superiority - America Can't Wait Any Longer Since It's Time For SCOTUS To Rule, Given Obamacare's Sordid History - New Policy As Anyone Who Disagrees With Obama Is A Terrorist - The Worth Of The RINO Fraud Jon Huntsmans Of The World

Evidence Of The Diabolic At Work With The Push To Normalize Pedophilia - NJ School District Yanks Lesbian Sex Book From Required Summer Reading List - Obama's "Green Jobs" Pipe Dream - Biden Sees Nothing Wrong With Baby Killing In China As Just Who Are The REAL Americans? - Can We Trust Libya's Rebels? - The RINO Fraud That Is Huntsman - Dictator-In-Chief Obama And US Congress Collaborating To Destroy USA - Obama A "Living And Breathing Nightmare" - So That's What Obama Means By Shared Sacrifice

The Next Time Someone Tells You That There Is No Connection Between Homosexuality And Pedophilia, Show Them These Links Quoting The Journal Of Homosexuality - Pedophilia Now "Minor-Attracted Persons" - Homofascist Stalkers Ruin Lives Via Social Media - Air Force Vet Dedicates Future To Exposing Obama - Refuting The Latest UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Communist Rot That Appeared In PRAVDA Central PA - No Excuse For Biden's Slip On China's One Child Policy - China's Military Advancing Rapidly - Shameless Obamas Live In Luxury While Their Serfs Suffer The Consequences Of Their Morally Bankrupt Policies - Obama's Plot To Destroy The Constitution - Where We Are As A Nation As America Is Under Attack - Economy Going From Bad To Worse Just As Comrade Obama Planned

Biden "Fully Understands" China One-Child Policy Because Activist Explained It To Him - Catholic Physicians Fight Back Against Obama Birth Control Mandate - Al Gore's Climatological "Meltdown" - Regulating Us Into Economic Destruction - Faith And Reason Censored As A Response To An Anti-Christian Op-ed In A Chicago Paper Is NOT Published - Obama LIES 7 Times In Under 2 Minutes As Obama Will Cut Deficit In Half Feb 2009 - Gov. Palin On The Future Of Libya Not Seen Through The Blinders Of Obama Agitprop Promoted By PRAVDA USA - The Truth About Our "Rebels" - China Expands Nuke Stockpile While Comrade Obama De Facto Unilaterally Disarms U.S. - Eco-Zealous Feds Destroying Businesses - "Vacation Junkie" Michelle Soaks Taxpayers For $10 Million As Job-Wrecker-In-Chief Trashes The Economy - The States Must Fight Obama's Amnesty Decree - Obama Unconstitutionally Gains Power By Sidestepping Legislators

For The Benefit Of Leonard "All Who Dare To Disagree With Me Are Racists" Pitts, Jr., The Real American Fanatics Are The Morally Bankrupt Communist Critics Of The Tea Party - Gore Is An Irrelevant Serial Pathological Lying Bloviator Whose Con Is Up - Lest We Forget, Obama's Pro-Abortion Record: A Pro-Life Compilation - To NOT Support An Amendment Protecting Our Troops In Time Of War Is TREASON - Shine A Spotlight On The Chopper Crash - Moderation Is Totalitarianism - Stop King Obama's Amnesty Decree

Horrific Movement Promoting Child Sex Abuse Via "Pedophile Rights" Exposed - We Dropped The Ball On Unemployment When A Communist Occupied The Oval Office - You Cannot Divorce An Unsustainable Debt Caused By Unconstitutional Policies From The Destruction Of The Private Sector, And With It Millions Of Jobs While Money Wasted On Green Jobs That Don't Exist - Obama's Latest "Genius" Pick For His Economic Disaster Advisors Wants A $500 Billion VAT Tax To Further Bury The Economy - The Obama Legacy: Debt Of $50,000 Per Second - Dim Bulb Obama Needs 2 Teleprompters For 3 Minute Speech - Obama Wins Best Actor For Worry Wart - Cost Of Irene "Pales In Comparison" To Hurricane Obama

Despicable Euphemism For Pedophilia - There Is Nothing "Gay" About Homosexuality - The Unemployment Empty Promise As Just How Stupid Does Obama Think We Are With His Latest Deja Vu Jobs Con? - Shock Finding For The Pathological Lying Al Gore And His Global Green Goblins: The Sun Has Dominant Control Over Earth's Climate - Agenda 21, Sustainable Living, Mass Transit And The Nanny State - Obamacare's Disregard For Consent Of The Governed - Dictator Obama Doesn't Believe In The Rule Of Law As Holder Reassigns ATF Director Who Cooperated With Gun-Smuggling Probe - Obama's Egypt As Rising Leader Has Astonishing Plans To Include 'Exterminate Christians, Close Pyramids, Sphinx' - Communist Giants Are Tremendous National Security Issues As China Working Overtime To Overtake U.S. Military Capabilities While Media Prepare Russian Treaty Trap for U.S.

The Irrational Glorification Of Sexual Perversion - Militant Sodomites Kill Cash Sources For Christian Charities - The Imperial Sham Presidency Of Comrade Obama Demands An Investigation By Congress Of The Lawbreaker-In-Chief - Hatred Inciting Congressional Black Caucus, Comprised Of Obama Thugs, Calls For Race War To Keep Obama In Power - The Fast And Furious Scandal Continues

Sexual Anarchy As Those Inclined To Sexual Perversion In High Political Office - Gov. Palin Effectively Responds In Iowa To The Effect Of A ZERO Masquerading As President With Obama Doing Exactly What Is Expected Of A Communist - Wind Is Our Least Sustainable Energy Option - Congressmen Ask White House For Documents On Solar Company's Federal Loan - UN's Agenda 21 Equals Organized 'Snitching' - CLOUD Rains On Climate Theory - Coverup After Border Agent's Death - When Teachers Are The Cheaters As NEA Ripped For Ignoring Atlanta Scandal, Pushing Left-Wing Politics - Setting The Record Straight On Federal Disaster Funding

Telling The Time Without Jesus - One Of Obama's Chief Union Thugs Threatens Tea Party - Governor Palin's Speech At The "Restoring America" Tea Party Rally In Iowa - Obama To Once Again Trash The Constitution In His Jobless Speech To Cater To His Union Political Base As Employers Forced To Post "Biased" Pro-Union Posters - We Don't Need America Hater Obama To Tell Us How To Think About 9/11 - Another Obamacare Fable: No, Lack Of Insurance Didn't Kill Jobless Dad With Tooth Infection - PRAVDA USA's Gaddafi Lies

Diabolic Obama Cracks Down On Peaceful Protests At Abortion Clinic - Pentagon Allowing Sodomite Magazine On Bases As Sexual Perverts Demand More From The Military - More Uninsured Since Obamacare Enacted - The Defense Threat Of The "Super Committee" - Complete Videos Of Governor Palin's Speeches In Iowa And New Hampshire As The Palin Nation Is Assessed - Obama Jobbing Americans Into Buying Into His Communist Lies With Pelosi's Image Makeover For The Stupid - Palin Responds To Obama's Union Thug Goon Squads - Palin Driving Lunatic Left Back Into Their Padded Cells - The Office Of The Presidency Deserves Respect, Not A Despot Who Disgraces Same - Obama's "Fast And Furious Debacle"

Official Sept 11 Memorial Called Obama 'Whitewash' Giving All The Wrong 9/11 Lessons - Clear Evidence Of The Fraud That Is The Obama Presidency - The Never Ending Obama Jobs Con With The Continued Tanking Of The American Economy - Comprehensive List Of Obama's Tax Hikes - STOP NLRB's Attack On Right To Work - All It Takes To Slam The Brakes On Obamacare Is One High Court Decision Against It, Which We've Had - Majority Of Physicians Don't See Eye To Eye With AMA On Obamacare With Documents Suggesting Obamacare Tailored To Benefit Labor - Hoffa Marches To Obama's Orders - The Left's Coming Race War - Pro-Sodomite Obama Admin Hates The Catholic Church As It Seeks To Advance The Promotion Of Sexual Perversion In The World - Obama's Green Jobs Scam Continues - Soros Foments Chaos In The World Necessary For Communists To Succeed To Particularly Include His Puppet In The White House - Violating The Natural Law Of God Cripples China's Industry - GOP Debate A Clinic In PRAVDA USA Bias

The Modus Operandi Of A Communist Masquerading As President - Libya's Missiles Coveted By Al Qaeda - Pass What Bill, Obama? - AP: Obama's Latest Porkulus Relies On "Sleight-of-Hand Accounting" - Solyndra Investigation Begins Critical Look At Federally Funded Green Ventures - Medicare Scam Defrauds U.S., Profits Cuba - The Lying Farce Of Obama's "Jobs" Speech Exposed - Barney Frank's Gutter Language And Penchant For Mob Violence Surfaces Again - We Must Return To The Importance Of God's Natural Law As Referenced In The Declaration Of Independence

PRAVDA Central PA Columnist, Comrade Dumas, Shows Where His Sympathies Really Lie - The Only Definitions Of The Word "Job" That Apply To Obama Are Its Usage As A Verb, As In "Pathological Lying Obama JOBS America On A Regular Basis" - How Many Times Can Congressional Members Fold Like Cheap Suits? - Barack Hussein Obama Has No Clothes - Fast And Furious: Obama's Waterloo - "Groundhog Day" Occupant Of White House Schedules Another Rerun - Setting The Tax Record Straight: Clinton Hikes Slowed Growth, Bush Cuts Promoted Recovery

A Picture Of Comrade Obama And President Bush That Speaks 1000 Words - Green Energy That Does NOT Work - Insane Gore-A-Thon, As Al Desperate To Save His Fortune Built On Global Warming Climate Change Lies Causing Untold Misery To Those Losing Their Jobs Because Of Same - The Contemptible Coward Who Is Paul Krugman Accusing President Bush And Others Of "Cashing In" On 9/11 - Little Barry Finally Has Another Sham Jobs Bill To Destroy America From Within - Fast And Furious Update: More Guns, More Stonewall

Armed Services Chairman Says Obama Is Anti-Military With Detailed Proof Provided That This Statement Is UNDENIABLY TRUE - No Coherent Terror Policy Under Obama - The Lies Of Obamacare Which Have Sent Costs Soaring With 1.5 Million Losing Their Health Insurance From Employers - New York's Anti-God Mayor - Record Number Of Americans Living In Poverty As Obama Eviscerates The Middle Class To Pay His Political Base To Keep Him In Power - Congress Must Stop The Out-Of-Control NLRB - "Has Obama Ever Grown Even A Potted Plant, Much Less A Business?"

What Abortion Is - Our Canine Heroes And Islamic Dogophobia - THE OBAMA STASH As Obama's Appointees Told To Account For Vanishing Half-Billion - Comrade Obama Takes MAJOR HIT In Heavily Democratic NY 9th District - Obama's Job Stimulus Or Jobs Act Are Bamboozlements And Tax Rip-offs - Another Back-Room Deal: Obama's Mortgage Refinancing "Stimulus" Plan - Obama Is The Most Successful Enemy Penetration Of The U.S. Government In American History - Obama Campaign Launches Snitch Line Website - ACORN Operative Admits "Voter Fraud"

Obama's "Jobs Bill" Is A Money Laundering Scheme To Keep Obama In Power Just Like The Rest Of His Sorry Unconstitutional Regulations And Legislation - Solyndra Not Sole Firm To Hit Rock Bottom Despite Stimulus Funding - An Enjoyable Link From AMAC, The Association Of Mature American Citizens, The Conservative Alternative To The Communist AARP

Arrogant Radical Leftist, Abraham Foxman, And His Ilk, Would Dictate Catholic Teaching

America Doesn't Need Sustainable Development; America Needs Sustainable Freedom - First Definition For Corruption: Obama Administration With Solyndra The Tip Of The Iceberg As Obama's Very Problematic Past Being Ignored - Alinsky, Obama: Lies, Lies, Lies - Obama Directs Dollars To Abortion Business - Enough Is Enough, Boehner, As It's Long Overdue That You And The Rest Of Our So-Called Republican Leaders In Congress Grow Some Spines - Ryan RIPS Comrade Obama's Class Warfare Tax Plan - Conceited Commie Creep Obama Now Telling GOP Who To Run Against Him - Obama's Latest Propaganda Arm

The Very Problematic Homosexually Inclined Irish Senator David Norris And "The Greek Thing"

A Sign Of The Times As Evinced By This Very Sad Letter From The Former Police Chief Of Louisa, KY - Hitler Would Love News Of Prenatal Down Syndrome Tests - No National Security Under Comrade Obama Who Makes War On Job Creators - Criminal Obama Tears Up The Constitution - Deja Vu In Spades, As The "Creep In The White House," A Good Title For A True Monster Movie - Obama "Jobs Bill" Slashes Top-Tier Charitable Tax Deductions - Elite Team Of 5 Assigned To Seek Truth On Obama - Coldest Summer In 20 Years As "Climategate" Hoax Exposed

In Regard To DADT, Man, In His Arrogance, Can NEVER Repeal The Natural Law Of God - Shock Poll: Palin Pulls Within 5 Points Of Obama Calling Him What He Is, A LIAR - Millionaire Tax Break Another Obama Lie - $1.5 Trillion In New Taxes - House To Probe Obama The Crook On Solyndra And LightSquared - Obama's Global Green Tax - World Atlas Scrambles To Correct What Scientists Call "Incorrect And Misleading" Info About Greenland - Goodbye Private Health Care For Employees As GOP Should Be All Over Obama's Proposed Medicare Cuts - Obama-Backed Rebels Killing Libyan Blacks - Don't Blame Whites; It's The CBC - The Pathological Lying Lecturer-In-Chief - CASA de Maryland: The Illegal's ACORN

IFI Statement On The Repeal Of DADT With Diabolic Obama's Lies About Military Acceptance Of DADT Exposed - China's One-Child Policy Toll Reaches 400 Million - The Comrade Obama Investigations - Time To Tax BIG SPENDERS Who Got Us Into This Mess - Obama's "Fair Share" Lies - CEO To Congress: I Was Fined Because I Hired TOO MANY PEOPLE - Fraud Obama's "Debt Reduction": $1.6 Trillion In Tax Hikes, Almost No Net Spending Reductions - Socialized Medical Care After Communism - CHICAGOLAND: 23 Union Leaders Expected To Collect $56 Million In Lifetimes As Unions Squeezing Employers - High Costs of Green Jobs As Solyndra Execs Renege, Will Take the Fifth At Oversight Hearing With Law Firms Representing Execs Being Major Contributors To Dems In Helping Obama's Political Efforts

There Is Nothing Gay About Being Inclined To Sexually Perverse Acts That Are Contrary To The Natural Law Of God, Understandable From Reason, As So-Called "Gay Ministries" Serve The Homosexual Revolution Being Trojan Horses In The Church

Elderly Priest Suspended For Denouncing Abortion, Homosexual Behavior By Apostate Bishop - Militant Sodomite Lobby Wants To Silence Christians - The INTENTIONED Havoc Wrought By Comrade Obama's Destruction Of The Middle Class In America - AP: Wealthiest Pay A Lot More Taxes Than What's Left Of Middle Class - America Hater Extraordinaire, Soros, Is The Power Behind His Communist Puppet Obama - We Don't Want You To Work With Obama, Boehner; We Want You To Stop Him In His Tracks Before He Completely Destroys The USA - New Strategies In The Fight To Stop Agenda 21 - The Fed's New "Operation" Is Twisted As The Problem Today Isn't Monetary Policy But Rather Government Meddling With Gibson Guitars Being Harassed By Obamunists Proof Positive Of That Seminal Fact - The Latest Obamacare Implosion

The Price Of Kowtowing To Sexual Perverts - Comrade Plouffe Not Happy With Tea Party Exposing Obama The Con Man - Army Becomes Tool For Obama's Money Laundering Schemes - Job Killer Pelosi Hypocritically Accuses GOP Of Not Caring About Jobs - Smear Campaign Against Gov. Palin Ends With A Whimper - Since When Did Der Fuhrer Obama Care One Whit About The Constitutional Bounds Of His Authority? - Worthless "I Want To Work With Obama" Boehner Passes Short-Term CR In Dead Of Night - Obama's Regulation Monster Attacks As Congress Schooled On Obama's Sham Jobs Bill - EPA To Property Owner: "Your Land Is Our Land" - Obama's "Scorched America" Contingency - Solyndra Takes The 5th Regarding Government Loans To Nowhere - UN Agenda 21 Tenements In Eastern Europe - New Obama Czar Moonlighting For America Hater Soros - Obamacare's CLASS Clown - OBAMASCARE: Longer Waits, Higher Costs - EPA Wants To Add 230,000 MORE Bureaucrats And Ban Asthma Inhalers As Needless Tighter Ozone Standards Will Strangle Economic Recovery - Obama Wants Complete Federal Control Of Schools - Senate Must Stop Obama Internet Takeover - Obama's HUD Execs Deliver $730,000 To ACORN Spinoffs With Another $15 Billion Proposed For Alinsky-Inspired Groups

We Didn't Ask But They're Telling Anyway As Homosexual Celebration Violates Tenet Of Service Before Self - Demand GOP Prosecute The Obama Thugocracy - UN Global Control Of Our Economy, Our Country, Our Lives, Our Freedom Via Agenda 21 - Peak Oil Scam Is Based Upon Ideological, Fact-Blind Liberalism - Solyndra On Steroids As Obama Commerce Pick Awarded $1.37 Billion In "Stimulus Funds" For Another Risky Solar Plant - According To The Obamunist, Elizabeth Warren, Private Property Is A False Construct - Obamacare Is An Obscenity

Thanks for NOTHING, Barack, As 20,000 Heat-Seeking Missiles Reportedly Feared Missing From Libyan Warehouse - Could America Prevent The Next Attack If Defense Is Cut Again? - Obama's Department Of INJUSTICE, One Of The Most Brazenly Corrupt Federal Agencies In American History

Perverse Civil Unions Are A Bastardization By An Order Of Magnitude Of What Was Intended By God Almighty To Be Something Holy - Comrade Obama To Keynote Event For Sexual Perverts - Obama Wants To Rebuild, In His Warped Communist Image, An America That He's INTENTIONALLY Destroying - Dodd-Frank "Reform" Leads Banks To Hike Debit Card Fee - The Regime's Obamacare Strategy - Obama's "Arab Spring" As Muslims Burn Coptic Church In Egypt - Operation Fast And Furious: The Scandal That Can No Longer Be Denied - Warning: The Threat Of Suspended Elections Is Real Under The Tyrant Obama - 3 Liberal Fascists - Here Comes The Durbin Tax

We Don't Need The Likes Of Cain And McCain Doing Their Best Imitation Of Pathological Lying Obama - Another Vintage Rant Completely Devoid Of Fact From Comrade "Everyone Is A Racist But Me" Pitts, Jr. - Obama Administration Filled With Activists For Globalism - Obama's Abortion Absolutism - Obama's COMMIE-CON Is OVER - Is Congress Refusing To Stop The Obama Syndicate Crimes? - UN Agenda 21, Sustainable Development Power And Control - America Hater Soros Sympathizes With Anarchists - Obama Unilaterally DISARMING U.S. By Sweeping Defense Cuts - The Debit Card Tax Proving That Everything Obama Touches Turns To Garbage - Race Hustlers Of A Feather: Obama And The New Black Panther Party - Take Good Care Of Your Health Care Records Or the Government Will

Comrade Juan Williams Loves Class Warfare - Obama NEVER Wanted A Recovery In Order To Populate His Government Dole Of Dependent Voters - Return Of Van Jones And Marxist Street Protests - Beware Of Fraud Conservative Groups - America's Slow Turning From Freedomphobia - Solydra Et Al Are MONEY LAUNDERING SCHEMES For Obama's Reelection - Fast And Furious Scandal Deepens - Obama Marched With New Black Panther Thugs - Obama Jobs Bill A Campaign Gimmick - Court Eunuchs Of The Media As Due Diligence Never Done On Obama - Top Dem Calls For Run On Bank To Cover His Own Mistake With No Concern For Consequences In Terms Of Jobs Lost - Buying Counterfeit Chips From China Puts Our National Security At Grave Risk

When Trumpets Give An Uncertain Sound, As Bishop Cordileone Puts His Lot In With Schexnayder's Mob Of Homosexual Collaborators - 2010-2011 CCHD Report With BOTTOM LINE Being That Arrogant USCCB Allowing More Money Than Ever To Go To Decidedly UN-CATHOLIC CAUSES IN THE EXTREME