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Course Overview

1     1/12        Introduction

Manufacturing Strategy

2.    1/14        Ward, Bickford, and Leong, "Configurations of Manufacturing Strategy, Business Strategy, Environment, and Structure"
3.    1/19       
Case #1:  Industrie Pininfarina: The New Customer Decision
4.    1/21        Pagell, Melnyk, and Handfield, "Do Trade-offs Exist in Operations Strategy?"
5.    1/26        Case #2.  U.S. Robotics, Inc.
6.    1/28       
Womack and Jones, "Beyond Toyota: How to Root out Waste and Pursue Perfection"            
7.    2/2
          Cusumano, "The Limits of 'Lean'"
                      Levy, "Lean Production in an International Supply Chain"    
8.    2/4          Case #3, Injex Industries, Inc

Field Study Kickoff

9.    2/9          Briefing and Organization for Field Study

Supply-Chain Management

10    2/11        Dyer, “How Chrysler Created an American Keiretsu”
11    2/16        MacDuffie and Helper, "Creating Lean Suppliers: Diffusing Lean Production Through the Supply Chain"
12    2/18        Carbett, Blackburn, and Wassenhove, "Case Study Partnerships to Improve Supply Chains"

13    2/23        Case #4  Johnson Controls, Inc."Automotive Systems Group, The Georgetown, Kentucky Plant"
14    2/25        Fisher, "What Is the Right Supply-Chain for Your Products?"
15    3/1          Case #5   Sport Obermeyer, Ltd.

Field Study Progress Report

16    3/3        Field Study Progress Report #1 Due

*******************************SPRING BREAK************************

Product/Market Strategies

17.    3/15    Clark and Baldwin, “Managing in an Age of Modularity
18     3/17    Gilmore and Pine, “The Four Faces of Mass-Customization
                   Lee, Feitzinger, and Billington, “Getting Ahead of Your Competition Through Design for Mass Customization
19.    3/22    Case # 6  Xerox: Design for the Environment
                   Green Manufacturing Audit
20     3/24    Cooper and Chew, "Control Tomorrow's Costs Through Today's Designs"
21     3/29    Case #7    Olympus Optical Company, Ltd. (A)

Competitive Dynamics (Integration)

22.    3/31    Fine, Clockspeed, Ch. 1: “Evolution or Extinction: Competition in the Age of Temporary Advantage”
Fine, Clockspeed, Ch. 2: “What Fruit Flies Teach Us About Business:   The Insights of Clockspeed"

23    4/5       Field Study Progress Report  #2 Due

24    4/7       Fine, ClockspeedCh. 3, “Survival of the Fittest: The Temporary Natureof Advantage”
                    Fine, Clockspeed, Ch. 4, “The Secret of Life: Harnessing the Power of the Double Helix”
25.   4/12     Fine, Clockspeed, Ch. 5, “The Primacy of Chains: Capability Chains Make a Business”
                    Fine, Clockspeed, Ch. 6, “Laws of Nature: The Dynamics of the Extended Enterprise”

26    4/14     Goodson, "Read a Plant--Fast"

27    4/15-    Spring Field Trip

28.   4/19     Fine, Clockspeed, Ch. 8, “Cloning in Three Dimensions” 
.   4/21     Fine, Clockspeed, Ch. 9, “Enriching the Gene Pool: What to Make, What to Buy”
                    Fine, Clockspeed, Ch. 12, "Back to the Fruit Flies”               

Field Study

30    4/26    Draft of Field Study Final Report Due no later than 12 noon

31    4/28    Teams meet with instructor

32    4/30    Field Study Presentations in 201 Keller (8:00 AM - 2 P.M.)