Archaeological Sites of the Southwest 

Cliff Palace, the largest site in Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado



This is a catalog of prehistoric archaeological sites in the "Four-Corners" states (Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico) of the American Southwest that are on public land and are legally open to visitation.

The listings include a brief description of the ruins, as well as information on how to visit them (including how to get more information), and in some cases, photographs and other links.

Please make sure to read about the cultural backgrounds of the prehistoric peoples who made these sites. They are much more interesting and educational when placed in the proper context. Also, we must emphasize that these sites are very fragile and easily destroyed. Please avoid touching and climbing on walls. Remember, these sites are at least 600 years old! If visitors are responsible, they can last another 600 years and fascinate millions of visitors just as you are fascinated. With this in mind, remember not to remove or disturb anything in a site. All of these sites still contain useful archaeological data. Once an artifact has been moved from its original precise location, most of its useful information has been destroyed!

Archaeologists are glad to share their sites with us....please return the favor by taking nothing but pictures and leaving nothing but footprints.



The sale of artifacts, from both legal and illicit sources, has resulted in increasing numbers of irreplacable archaeological sites being mined for artifacts and destroyed rather than being scientifically excavated.

Please help eliminate the demand for artifacts, and the resulting pillaging of sites, by refusing to buy or sell any prehistoric artifacts!!

Only with your help can we continue to understand the past through archaeology.

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Please Help!  "The historic ruins here and at many sites in the Southwest are falling victim to time and neglect. Problems include weather damage to Anasazi structures and archaeological sites, inadequate preservation, neglected maintenance,tourism impacts, vandalism and looting, and potential resource development on adjacent lands."

This is symptomatic of the plight our National Parks face. OUR NATIONAL PARKS NEED OUR HELP!!! For information on what you can do, please contact the National Parks and Conservation Association.

Help preserve archaeological sites in the Southwest...and across America! Support the Archaeological Conservency! The Archaeological Conservancy is a national, non-profit organization established in 1980 to identify, acquire and permanently preserve the most significant archaeological sites in the United States. (plus, they have a VERY interesting and high-quality publication!) 

If linking, please set your link to this page. Thank you.

General information about the prehistoric cultures

Listing of the prehistoric archaeological sites

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